A Matter of Trust (Montana Rescue)

Author Susan May Warren ISBN-10 0800727452 ISBN-13 9780800727451 Year 2017-07-04 Pages 336 Language English Publisher Revell Download Link Click Here Champion backcountry snowboarder Gage Watson has left the limelight behind after the death of one of his fans After being sued for negligence and stripped of his sponsorships he s remade his life as a ski patrol in Montana s rugged mountains as well as serving on the PEAK Rescue team But he can t seem to find his footing or forget the woman he loved who betrayed him Senator and former attorney Ella Blair spends much of her time in the limelight as the second youngest senator in the country But she has a secret one that cost Gage his career More than anything she wants to atone for her betrayal of him in the courtroom and find a way to help him put his career back on track When Ella s brother goes missing on one of Glacier National Park s most dangerous peaks Gage and his team are called in for the rescue But Gage isn t so sure he wants to help the woman who destroyed his life More when she insists on joining the search…

Rick Steves Germany 2017

Author Rick Steves ISBN-10 163121439X ISBN-13 9781631214394 Year 2017-01-10 Pages 943 Language English Publisher Rick Steves Download Link Click Here You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Germany This guidebook takes you from fairy tale castles alpine forests and quaint villages to the energetic Germany of today Get the details on cruising the romantic Rhine or summiting the Zugspitze Have a relaxing soak at a Black Forest mineral spa or take an exhilarating summer bobsled ride in the Bavarian Alps Flash back to Berlin s turbulent past at Checkpoint Charlie then celebrate the rebirth of Dresden and its glorious Frauenkirche Rick s candid humorous advice will guide you to good value hotels and restaurants He ll help you plan where to go and what to see depending on the length of your trip You ll learn which sights are worth your time and money and how to get around Germany by train bus and car More than just reviews and directions a Rick Steves guidebook is a tour guide in your pocket

Theory of Fun for Game Design

Author Raph Koster ISBN-10 1449363210 ISBN-13 9781449363215 Year 2013-12-02 Pages 300 Language English Publisher O’Reilly Media Download Link Click Here Now in full color the 10th anniversary edition of this classic book takes you deep into the influences that underlie modern video games and examines the elements they share with traditional games such as checkers At the heart of his exploration veteran game designer Raph Koster takes a close look at the concept of fun and why its the most vital element in any game Why do some games become boring quickly while others remain fun for years How do games serve as fundamental and powerful learning tools Whether youre a game developer dedicated gamer or curious observer this illustrated fully updated edition helps you understand what drives this major cultural force and inspires you to take it further Youll discover that Games play into our innate ability to seek patterns and solve puzzlesMost successful games are built upon the same elementsSlightly more females than males now play gamesMany games still teach primitive survival skillsFictional dressing for modern games is more developed than the conceptual elementsTruly creative designers seldom use other games for inspirationGames are beginning to evolve beyond their…

Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics

Author Richard H. Thaler ISBN-10 039335279X ISBN-13 9780393352795 Year 2016-06-14 Pages 432 Language English Publisher W. W. Norton & Company Download Link Click Here Get ready to change the way you think about economics Richard H Thaler has spent his career studying the radical notion that the central agents in the economy are humanspredictable error prone individuals Misbehaving is his arresting frequently hilarious account of the struggle to bring an academic discipline back down to earthand change the way we think about economics ourselves and our world Traditional economics assumes rational actors Early in his research Thaler realized these Spock like automatons were nothing like real people Whether buying a clock radio selling basketball tickets or applying for a mortgage we all succumb to biases and make decisions that deviate from the standards of rationality assumed by economists In other words we misbehave More importantly our misbehavior has serious consequences Dismissed at first by economists as an amusing sideshow the study of human miscalculations and their effects on markets now drives efforts to make better decisions in our lives our businesses and our governments Coupling recent discoveries in human psychology with a practical understanding of incentives and market behavior Thaler…

The Go Programming Language (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)

Author Alan A. A. Donovan ISBN-10 0134190440 ISBN-13 9780134190440 Year 2015-11-05 Pages 400 Language English Publisher Addison-Wesley Professional Download Link Click Here The Go Programming Language is the authoritative resource for any programmer who wants to learn Go It shows how to write clear and idiomatic Go to solve real world problems The book does not assume prior knowledge of Go nor experience with any specific language so youll find it accessible whether youre most comfortable with JavaScript Ruby Python Java or C The first chapter is a tutorial on the basic concepts of Go introduced through programs for file I O and text processing simple graphics and web clients and servers Early chapters cover the structural elements of Go programs syntax control flow data types and the organization of a program into packages files and functions The examples illustrate many packages from the standard library and show how to create new ones of your own Later chapters explain the package mechanism in more detail and how to build test and maintain projects using the go tool The chapters on methods and interfaces introduce Gos unconventional approach to object oriented programming in which methods can be declared on any type…

Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Author Jim Pojar ISBN-10 1772130087 ISBN-13 9781772130089 Year 2004-12-06 Pages 528 Language English Publisher Partners Publishing Download Link Click Here This classic bestselling field guide features 794 species of plants commonly found along the Pacific coast from Oregon to Alaska including trees shrubs wildflowers aquatic plants grasses ferns mosses and lichens Areas covered are the coastal region from shoreline to alpine including the western Cascades from tide pools to rain forests and meadows Included in this massive indispensable guide are 1100 color photographs more than 1000 line drawings and silhouettes clear species descriptions and keys to groups descriptions of each plant s habitat and range 794 range maps in color indexes glossary and bibliography Rich and engaging notes on each species describe aboriginal and other local uses of plants for food medicine and implements along with unique characteristics of the plants and the origins of their names For both amateurs and professionals this is the best and most accessible guide of its kind

It’s Tough to Be Gentle: A Dragon’s Tale

Author Cindy R Lee ISBN-10 1505961890 ISBN-13 9781505961898 Year 2015-01-29 Pages 34 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here Dex has the sweetest heart and the roughest touch He breaks his toys has difficulty with personal space and has an energy level that idles on high Dex deeply desires to play with a family of baby birds but his request is denied until he can learn to be gentle and kind Join this misunderstood dragon as he creatively learns how to have a gentle touch Its Tough to Be Gentle A Dragons Tale helps children understand the gentle and kind concept and the Teaching Tips for Parents provides parents with information on how they can empathize with a child similar to Dex Its Tough to Be Gentle A Dragons Tale is one of eight childrens books designed to teach Trust Based Relational Intervention TBRI principles developed by Dr Karyn Purvis and Dr David Cross at the Institute of Child Development Other titles by Cindy R Lee include Baby Owl Lost Her Whoo Doggie Doesnt Know No Proceeds from the books are being donated to HALO Project OKC and the Institute of Child Development

Dangerous Behavior

Author Nancy Bush ISBN-10 1420142895 ISBN-13 9781420142891 Year 2017-04-25 Pages 384 Language English Publisher Zebra Download Link Click Here SOME COUPLESJust one look and its clear theyre perfect together Its in the way they touch talk and kiss They share the same interests The same twisted passions They do everything together Even killARE TOO GOODJulia St James Ford has washed up on a beach near her home in Seaside Oregon with no memory of how she got there or how her husband Joe died The police rule the case an accident But Joes brother SamJules rescuer and her first lovesuspects otherwise While Sam tries to piece the facts together Jules fears someone is watching determined to find out how much she knows TO BE TRUEBehind closed doors behind Jules neighbors smiles are terrifying secrets A string of sordid thrill killsand one survivor who never should have got away And as she and Sam close in on the events of one tragic night and the truth comes flooding back remembering a killers face may be the last thing Jules ever doesPraise for Nancy Bushs You Cant EscapeOne thrilling read RT Book Reviews

The Ketogenic Kitchen: Low carb. High fat. Extraordinary health.

Author Domini Kemp ISBN-10 160358692X ISBN-13 9781603586924 Year 2016-09-02 Pages 464 Language English Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing Download Link Click Here Cancer survivors Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly offer the first comprehensive ketogenic cookbook based on the most exciting new research on nutritional approaches to the prevention and management of cancer For decades the ketogenic dietwhich shifts the bodys metabolism from burning glucose to burning fat lowering blood sugar and insulin and resulting in a metabolic state known as ketosishas been used to successfully manage pediatric epilepsy More recently it has been used by the Paleo community as a weight loss strategy Now emerging research suggests that a ketogenic diet in conjunction with conventional treatments also offers new hope for those coping with cancer and other serious disease With endorsements from leading researchers and oncologists such as Dr Thomas Seyfried Cancer as a Metabolic Disease The Ketogenic Kitchen offers more than 250 recipes as well as meal plans and comprehensive scientific information about the benefits of a ketogenic diet with sensible advice to help readers through periods of illness recovery and treatment This North American paperback edition has been updated to include U S customary units of measure appearing side…

Dark Water Rising

Author Marian Hale ISBN-10 0312629087 ISBN-13 9780312629083 Year 2010-10-12 Pages 256 Language English Publisher Square Fish Download Link Click Here I looked and saw water rushing in from Galveston Bay on one side and from the gulf on the other The two seas met in the middle of Broadway swirling over the wooden paving blocks and I couldn t help but shudder at the sight All of Galveston appeared to be under water Galveston Texas may be the booming city of the brand new twentieth century but to Seth it is the end of a dream He longs to be a carpenter like his father but his family has moved to Galveston so he can go to a good school Still the last few weeks of summer might not be so bad Seth has a real job as a builder and the beach is within walking distance Things seem to be looking up until a storm warning is raised one sweltering afternoon No one could have imagined anything like this Giant walls of water crash in from the sea Shingles and bricks are deadly missiles flying through the air People not hit by flying debris are swept away by rushing…