1 Enoch 2

1 Enoch 2 Author George W. E. Nickelsburg
ISBN-10 0800698371
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 618
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1 Enoch presents complex puzzles concerning wisdom, apocalyptic, and astronomical traditions in early Judaism, as well as the bewildering history of the book's composition and transmission in different languages. Offering masterful judgments in lucid and accessible style, 1 Enoch 2 will be the definitive resource for decades to come.

Complete Books of Enoch

Complete Books of Enoch Author Ann Nyland
ISBN-10 1453890297
Release 2010-10-16
Pages 262
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This is a NEW (2010) easy-to-read translation by ancient languages scholar Dr. A. Nyland and is NOT one of the many Public Domain translations of Enoch NOR IS IT A REWORDED PUBLIC DOMAIN VERSION of Enoch. Great advances which have been made in ancient word meaning in the last twenty years were unknown to the translators of the public domain versions of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There are copious background notes and cross references to Bible verses.This book is an easy to read translation with cross references and notes.Despite the current trend for non-translators to reproduce public domain versions (both as is and disguised by slight rewording) as a commercial venture, be aware that such public domain versions do not take advantage of recent scholarship in word meaning or any corrections in translation.This new translation by Dr. A. Nyland contains all three books of Enoch:1 Enoch (Also called The Ethiopic Book of Enoch)2 Enoch (Also called The Slavonic Book of Enoch, The Secrets of Enoch). This volume contains the extended version of 2 Enoch, The Exaltation of Melchizedek.3 Enoch (Also called The Hebrew Book of Enoch)Note that this is Dr. Nyland's translation and NOT a public domain work.1 Enoch tells of the Watchers, a class of angel, who taught humans weapons, spell potions, root cuttings, astrology, astronomy, and alchemies. The Watchers also slept with human women and produced the Nephilim. For this, they were imprisoned and cast into Tartarus. This is also mentioned in the New Testament. In 2 Enoch, two angels take Enoch through the 7 heavens. This volume contains the extended version of 2 Enoch, The Exaltation of Melchizedek.In 3 Enoch, Enoch ascends to heaven and is transformed into the angel Metatron. This is about the Merkabah and is of interest to Kabbalists. People interested in Theosophy and Rosicrucianism will find this book invaluable. The Complete Books of Enoch is also an invaluable reference for those interested in Theology and it is also a valuable Christian reference.Dr. A. Nyland is an ancient language scholar and lexicographer who served as Faculty at the University of New England, Australia. Dr. Nyland is also the translator of "The Source New Testament with Extensive Notes on Greek Word Meaning," "The Book of Jubilees," "The Gospel of Thomas," the ancient Hittite "Kikkuli Text," and "The Psalms: Translation with Notes."

A Study of the Geography of 1 Enoch 17 19

A Study of the Geography of 1 Enoch 17 19 Author Kelley Coblentz Bautch
ISBN-10 9004131035
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 332
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Clarifying the text and geography of one of the oldest apocalypses, this study examines the travels of the patriarch Enoch. Coblentz Bautch also explores comparable and perhaps influential traditions from the ancient Near East, Hebrew Bible, and world of Hellenism.

The Books of Enoch

The Books of Enoch Author Edward Hammond, Dr.
ISBN-10 1466344245
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 184
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The First Book of Enoch was lost for centuries to the western world although it was kept by the Ethiopian church. In 1773 the Scottish explorer James Bruce heard that the Book of Enoch may have been in Ethiopia so traveled there and procured three copies. In 1821 Richard Laurence, a professor of Hebrew at Oxford, produced the first English translation. Fragments of ten Enoch manuscripts were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is quoted by New Testament Book of Jude. This book contains all sections of The First Book of Enoch: The Book of the Watchers The Book of Parables of Enoch The Astronomical Book The Book of Dream Visions The Epistle of Enoch It is of particular interest to anyone with an interest in angels and demons, or Bible history in general. The Books of Enoch: The Complete Set also contains 2 Enoch (also known as The Slavonic Enoch, or The Secrets of Enoch) and contains the Extended Version; and 3 Enoch (also known as The Hebrew Book of Enoch.)

1 Enoch

1 Enoch Author
ISBN-10 9781451424379
Release 2012
Pages 184
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Created in conjunction with an exhaustive critical commentary, this is an English translation of '1 Enoch' taking into consideration all of the textual data now available the Ethiopic version, the Greek texts and the Dead Sea Aramaic fragments.

1 Enoch 91 108

1 Enoch 91 108 Author Loren T. Stuckenbruck
ISBN-10 9783110204131
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 869
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The volume is a commentary on 1 Enoch chapters 91–108 that begins with the Ethiopic text tradition but also takes the Greek and Aramaic (Dead Sea Scrolls) evidence into account. This section of 1 Enoch, most of which contains material from documents composed during the 2nd century BCE, provides a window into the early stages of the reception of the earliest Enoch tradition as it was being negotiated in relation to elitist religious opponents and in relation to other Jewish traditions that were flourishing at the time.

Enoch Levi and Jubilees on Sexuality

Enoch  Levi  and Jubilees on Sexuality Author William Loader
ISBN-10 9780802825834
Release 2007-06-15
Pages 350
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Enoch, Levi, and Jubilees on Sexuality marks a first stage in William Loader's research on attitudes toward sexuality in Judaism and Christianity of the Hellenistic Greco-Roman era. Loader first discusses the early Enoch literature relevant to the theme, focusing on the impact of an ancient myth on the writings and examining how sexual deeds are not here concerned with sexual wrongdoing. He then examines the weight of such wrongdoing in the priestly instruction of the fragmentary Aramaic Levi Document as a whole. He finally considers Jubilees as a cumulative work, building on both the Enoch tradition and the instruction of Levi, and reveals a range of devices warning against sexual depravity. Loader's aim throughout is to interpret the works from within, examining literary form, context, sequence, and tradition and redaction, reflecting engagement with current research in this area.

Fallen Angels and the History of Judaism and Christianity

Fallen Angels and the History of Judaism and Christianity Author Annette Yoshiko Reed
ISBN-10 9781139446877
Release 2005-11-28
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This book considers the early history of Jewish-Christian relations focussing on traditions about the fallen angels. In the Book of the Watchers, an Enochic apocalypse from the third century BCE, the 'sons of God' of Gen 6:1–4 are accused of corrupting humankind through their teachings of metalworking, cosmetology, magic, and divination. By tracing the transformations of this motif in Second Temple, Rabbinic, and early medieval Judaism and early, late antique, and Byzantine Christianity, this book sheds light on the history of interpretation of Genesis, the changing status of Enochic literature, and the place of parabiblical texts and traditions in the interchange between Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages. In the process, it explores issues such as the role of text-selection in the delineation of community boundaries and the development of early Jewish and Christian ideas about the origins of evil on the earth.

New Perspectives on 2 Enoch

New Perspectives on 2 Enoch Author Andrei Orlov
ISBN-10 9789004230132
Release 2012-05-25
Pages 478
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This book presents a collection of papers from the fifth conference of the Enoch Seminar. The conference re-examined 2 Enoch, an early Jewish apocalyptic text previously known to scholars only in its Slavonic translation, in light of recently identified Coptic fragments.

A Study on the Book of the Watchers 1 Enoch 1 36

A Study on the Book of the Watchers  1 Enoch 1 36 Author Christopher Fredrickson
ISBN-10 9781105897443
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A Study on the Book of the Watchers 1 Enoch 1 36 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Study on the Book of the Watchers 1 Enoch 1 36 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Study on the Book of the Watchers 1 Enoch 1 36 book for free.

A New Reading of the Animal Apocalypse of 1 Enoch

A New Reading of the Animal Apocalypse of 1 Enoch Author Daniel Olson
ISBN-10 9789004247789
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 308
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A New Reading of the Animal Apocalypse of 1 Enoch offers a full theological analysis of this second-century BCE allegory and uses this as the basis for a new commentary on the text, presented in a fresh translation.

Enoch and the Messiah Son of Man

Enoch and the Messiah Son of Man Author Gabriele Boccaccini
ISBN-10 9780802803771
Release 2007
Pages 539
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Distinguished in the field of Enochic studies, Gabriele Boccaccini led the way in June 2005 at the Third Enoch Seminar, entirely devoted to the Book of Parables in light of Second Temple Judaism and Christian origins. The unusual and compelling collection of essays found here reflects the spirit of sharing and dialogue that has made these seminars so popular and intriguing to scholars throughout the world.This third collection of essays from these historic meetings contains the observations and contemplations of forty-four scholars, includes a helpful introduction by Boccaccini detailing the history of the movement, and ends with likely prospects for future research and an extensive bibliography compiled by associate editor Jason von Ehrenkrook for further study.Enoch and the Messiah Son of Man will be a significant contribution for the understanding and discussion of ancient Judaism.

Book of Enoch

Book of Enoch Author Robert Henry Charles
ISBN-10 OCLC:637308960
Release 1970
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Book of Enoch has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Book of Enoch also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Book of Enoch book for free.

Jude and the Relatives of Jesus in the Early Church

Jude and the Relatives of Jesus in the Early Church Author Richard Bauckham
ISBN-10 9781474230476
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 448
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This volume is an original and important contribution to the study of the earliest Palestinian Jewish Christianity. For the first time all the evidence for the role which relatives of Jesus played in the early church is assembled and assessed. Dr. Bauckham discusses a wide range of evidence, not only from the New Testament but also from the Church Fathers, the New Testament Apocrypha, rabbinic literature and Palestinian archaeology. The letter of Jude, in particular, proves to have much to teach us about the theology of the brothers of Jesus and their circle. It illuminates their exegetical methods and their Christology and shows both to have been influential contributions to the development of early Christianity. This study shows that this neglected New Testament book is far more important for the study of early Christianity than has hitherto been recognized. By setting the letter of Jude within the context of the evidence for the role of relatives of Jesus in the early church, new insights can be revealed into the letter and early Jewish Christianity.

The Blessing of Enoch

The Blessing of Enoch Author Philip F. Esler
ISBN-10 9781532614248
Release 2017-06-09
Pages 244
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In recent decades the ancient apocalyptic work 1 Enoch has been intensively explored for its historical meaning and its contribution to Israelite and Christ-movement thought and identity. Yet its theological meaning, what it can contribute to understanding of the divine-human interface today, has been neglected by scholarship. This is surprising given that 1 Enoch is Scripture for the Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox churches and has been a major influence on Christian theology, experience, and art in Ethiopia since the fifth and sixth centuries CE. This book inaugurates a project in Western scholarship to bring 1 Enoch into theological discussion. It contains a number of essays delivered at meetings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Cheltenham, England, involving scholars from Ethiopia, Germany, the UK, and the USA. The papers cover topics such as the appropriate theological response to a text that is Scripture for only some Christians; the role of 1 Enoch in Ethiopian ecclesial and theological tradition; the theological potential of 1 Enoch in areas such as the environment, politics, social justice, Christology, persecution, the problem of evil and how 1 Enoch stimulates artistic expression today. The Blessing of Enoch aims to launch a wider discussion on 1 Enoch and contemporary theology.

Snatched Into Paradise 2 Cor 12 1 10

Snatched Into Paradise  2 Cor 12 1 10 Author James Buchanan Wallace
ISBN-10 9783110247848
Release 2011
Pages 391
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In 2 Corinthians 12:1 10, Paul claims to have been snatched into paradise but then tells how he received a thorn in the flesh . Many recent scholars contend that Paul belittles ecstatic experiences such as the ascent to paradise. This monograph places 2 Corinthians 12:1 10 in the contexts of ancient ascent traditions as well as other accounts of extraordinary religious experience in Paul s letters, and it engages premodern interpretation of the ascent. This study argues that for Paul, extraordinary experiences such as the ascent enable self-transcending love for God and neighbors."

Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels

Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels Author Loren T. Stuckenbruck
ISBN-10 9780884141181
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 460
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Essential research for students and scholars of Second Temple Judaism and the New Testament Since Richard Laurence published the first English translation of 1 Enoch in 1821, its importance for an understanding of early Christianity has been generally recognized. The present volume is the first book of essays contributed by international specialists in Second Temple Judaism devoted to the significance of traditions found in 1 Enoch for the interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels in the New Testament. Areas covered by the contributions include demonology, Christology, angelology, cosmology, birth narratives, forgiveness of sins, veneration, wisdom, and priestly tradition. The contributors are Joseph L. Angel, Daniel Assefa, Leslie Baynes, Gabriele Boccaccini, Kelley Coblentz Bautch, Henryk Drawnel, André Gagné, Lester L. Grabbe, Daniel M. Gurtner, Andrei A. Orlov, Anders Klostergaard Petersen, Amy E. Richter, Loren T. Stuckenbruck, Benjamin Wold, and Archie T. Wright. Features: Multiple approaches to thinking about the relationship between 1 Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels Exploration of the common socio-cultural and religious framework within which the traditions concerning Enoch and Jesus developed Articles presented at the Seventh Enoch Seminar in 2013