Best of My Love

Best of My Love Author Susan Mallery
ISBN-10 9780373789191
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 384
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To overcome her painful past, baker Shelby Gilmore goes on the hunt for a friend - a male friend - to convince her stubborn psyche that men can be trusted. But where in a town as small as Fool's Gold will the petite blonde find a guy willing to not date her? Dark, charming Aidan Mitchell puts the "adventure" in Mitchell Adventure Tours ... and into the beds of his many willing female tourists. Until he realizes he's inadvertently become that guy - the one-night Casanova - and worse, everyone in town knows it. Maybe Shelby's boy/girl experiment will help him see women as more than just conquests so he can change his ways and win back his self-respect.

Big Daddy Sinatra 3 the Best of My Love

Big Daddy Sinatra 3  the Best of My Love Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 0692375341
Release 2015-01-25
Pages 330
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Charles Sinatra sits at the head of a family and a business empire that causes many men to envy him and many more to fear him. But when his past comes back to haunt him and threatens to bring down the very foundation of the family and empire he loves, he strikes back. With the love and support of his beloved and gorgeous African-American wife, Jenay, and his grown sons that adore him, no weapon is able to bring him down. In the latest installment of the Sinatras of Jericho County series, The Best of My Love is a love story between a man and his woman, a man and his children, and a family holding together against all odds.

The best of my love

The best of my love Author Aaron Kiely
ISBN-10 UOM:39015063339751
Release 2005-01
Pages 44
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Poetry. "Aaron Kiely's poems take the right risks. They explore repetition and variation with gorgeous grace. They astonish and challenge us to live up to the meaning of our nimble believing. This is a wonderful book"--Joseph Lease. Aaron Kiely was raised in Boston and lives in New York. This is his first book of poems.

Best Of My Love O Neill Brothers

Best Of My Love  O   Neill Brothers Author Virna DePaul
Release 2016-06-15
Pages 228
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Irish charmer Riley O’Neill never thought he’d fall for one woman so soon after moving to America. After all, his brothers were all about love and commitment these days, and someone had to keep the ladies satisfied. However, after months of keeping Erica Underwood in the friend-zone, Riley has a decision to make—continue to enjoy variety, get back together with his ex-girlfriend in Ireland who’s wanting a second chance, or finally make his move on Erica, the one woman he can’t get out of his mind. After a short holiday in Ireland, Riley returns to California wine country and suddenly he’s treating Erica different. Teasing glances and lingering touches indicate he’s ready to be more than friends, but Erica’s worked hard to get over her crush on Riley. She’s started seeing another man and when Riley finally declares his feelings, she’s convinced he’s only attracted to the challenge she now represents. But Riley’s not giving up on Erica, and he sets out on a mission to prove they’re perfect for one another, in bed and out. Soon, they’re inseparable, and their passion burns wild and hot. Until a phone call from Riley’s ex Lucy threatens to destroy everything… Will Riley and Erica crumble in the face of unexpected challenges, or will their love bring out the best in both of them and lead them to happily ever after?

Mein Weg zu dir

Mein Weg zu dir Author Nicholas Sparks
ISBN-10 9783641073688
Release 2012-04-23
Pages 416
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Kann Liebe die Vergangenheit überwinden? Amanda und Dawson sind erst siebzehn, als sie sich unsterblich ineinander verlieben. Doch ihre Familien bekämpfen die Beziehung, und widrige Umstände trennen sie schließlich endgültig. Fünfundzwanzig Jahre später kehren die beiden in ihr Heimatstädtchen zurück. Sie empfinden noch genauso tief füreinander wie damals. Aber beide sind von Schicksalsschlägen gezeichnet, und die Kluft zwischen ihnen scheint größer denn je zu sein ...

Thus saith the Lord or Words of divine love

Thus saith the Lord  or  Words of divine love Author Octavius Winslow
ISBN-10 OXFORD:591064101
Release 1872
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Thus saith the Lord or Words of divine love has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Thus saith the Lord or Words of divine love also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Thus saith the Lord or Words of divine love book for free.

milk and honey milch und honig

milk and honey   milch und honig Author Rupi Kaur
ISBN-10 9783957620880
Release 2017-04-10
Pages 208
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Überleben ist das große Thema von milk and honey - milch und honig. Die lyrischen und prosaischen Texte im Mega-Bestseller aus den USA drehen sich um die Erfahrungen, die Frauen mit Gewalt, Verlust, Missbrauch, Liebe und Feminismus gemacht haben. Jedes der vier Kapitel dient einem anderen Zweck, beschäftigt sich mit einem anderen Schmerz, heilt eine andere Wunde. milk and honey - milch und honig führt seine Leser durch die bittersten Momente im Leben einer Frau und gibt Trost. Denn Trost lässt sich überall finden, wenn man es nur zulässt.

Return Of The Busby Babes

Return Of The Busby Babes Author Des Dillon
ISBN-10 9781471009280
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Return Of The Busby Babes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Return Of The Busby Babes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Return Of The Busby Babes book for free.

Good Better Best an Autobiography

Good Better Best   an Autobiography Author Michael A. Straight
ISBN-10 9781469156149
Release 2012-03-16
Pages 150
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December, 1985 Dear Father, Thank you, Father, for helping me through what has been both a challenge and a struggle. Writing by hand has been difficult for me and for those who have helped me translate my writing to book form. Because of problems with my speech, it has been hard to deal with the many details of editing and printing. Thank you also, Father, for allowing my employment to continue, for helping me to overcome the daily problems of working and living, and for allowing me to find some pleasures, too, even some girls and their love. Thank you for the many friends you have helped me make, in my church and in others, in high school, in college, at work—and for the help they have given me. And finally, thank you for my wonderful family, and for the strength you have given them in helping me survive. Mike Straight’s diary spans seven and one-half years. It is a story of early teens, triumphs in football, tragedy, and striving to become whole again after an automobile accident at age 16. While it was a tremendous blow to be denied his beloved sport of football, he fought his way upward to many accomplishments though confined, for the most part, to a wheelchair. Since his accident he has learned how to drive again, owned several cars, bought (and sold) his own home, gone to three colleges, and has held a manufacturing assembly job for the last several years. Now, in addition to his job, he lifts weights, exercises daily, and goes “dancing.” Mike has had, for him, great success (that most of us enjoy as normal). Yet love has eluded him; not having the true love of a woman returned to him has been his ongoing trial, as his diary will tell you. Only through a deep love for God, and a sometimes wavering and often challenged faith in Him, has Michael sustained his determination to be good, better, best. That he has been able to write and publish this book is a tremendous tribute to both his faith and his determination, as you will see.

Best of Eagles

Best of Eagles Author Eagles
ISBN-10 1576237427
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 36
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All books are compatible with each other and playable in any combination. Includes: Already Gone * The Best of My Love * Desperado * Heartache Tonight * Hotel California * Life In the Fast Lane * Lyin' Eyes * New Kid in Town * One of These Nights * Peaceful Easy Feeling * Take It Easy * Take It to the Limit * Tequila Sunrise * Witchy Woman.

Zuckerkuss und Mistelzweig

Zuckerkuss und Mistelzweig Author Susan Mallery
ISBN-10 9783955767365
Release 2017-10-09
Pages 304
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Eine Weihnachtshochzeit zu organisieren klingt für Madeline wie die reinste Freude - bis sie herausfindet, dass sie eng mit dem sexy Bruder der Braut zusammenarbeiten muss. Jonny Blaze, der Hollywoodstar, für den sie schon so lange schwärmt. Wie soll ein Kleinstadtmädchen wie sie sich dagegen wappnen, sich in diesen heißen Traumtypen zu verlieben? Vor allem, wenn an jeder Ecke Mistelzweige hängen, unter denen man sich einfach küssen muss? "Großartige Charaktere in einer liebevollen Gemeinschaft ... ein glanzvoller Ausflug nach Fool's Gold." Publishers Weekly

Move Out

Move Out Author Ron Luce
ISBN-10 0781444640
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 126
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Move Out: Warriors on a Mission is a curriculum that, over the course of an intense weekend retreat or spread out over several weeks, prepares teens for the mission field.

The Inner Self Soul Control

The Inner Self Soul Control Author Shirley Ann Jenkins
ISBN-10 1456822926
Release 2010-11-23
Pages 92
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The Inner Self Soul Control has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Inner Self Soul Control also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Inner Self Soul Control book for free.

Believe It Be It

Believe It  Be It Author Ali Vincent
ISBN-10 9781605295480
Release 2009-11-10
Pages 192
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A first woman winner of The Biggest Loser recounts her weight-loss journey and personal transformation, describing her commitment to achieving a healthy life that enabled her to overcome stress and self-esteem issues and lose more than 100 pounds.

Modern Romance

Modern Romance Author Aziz Ansari
ISBN-10 9783641182632
Release 2016-06-19
Pages 352
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Der New-York-Times-Bestseller über die Liebe in Modernen Zeiten Noch nie zuvor hatten wir in der Liebe so viele Optionen – denn romantische Begegnungen sind in Zeiten von Online-Dating, Facebook, Tinder & Co. häufig nur einen Mausklick entfernt. Doch ist das für Singles ein Segen oder ein Fluch? Der weltbekannte amerikanische Schauspieler und Comedian Aziz Ansari begibt sich mit dem Soziologen Eric Klinenberg auf die lehrreiche und äußerst unterhaltsame Suche nach einer Antwort auf diese Frage.

Staying Alive The Life and Times of an American Baby Boomer

Staying Alive   The Life and Times of an American Baby Boomer Author Gene Baumgaertner
ISBN-10 9781466902572
Release 2011-12-02
Pages 348
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Staying Alive is the sequel to An Innocent Man—The Life and Times of an American Baby Boomer. The first book explored growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. Staying Alive continues the adventure into the serendipitous 1970s. The same characters we enjoyed so much in An Innocent Man return and try to take the great leap from late adolescence into early adulthood. Follow our baby boomers as they struggle to survive college, avoid or cope with the Vietnam War, and eventually join mainstream society. Watch these reckless students try to turn themselves into budding professionals; struggle with marriage, child-rearing, and divorce; and try to survive the ups and downs of the volatile 1970s. Totally submerged in their own lives and interests, they still can’t avoid the impacts of multiple wars, two oil embargos, rampant inflation, on-again off-again recession, and other world and life-changing events. Follow Ed Baker’s efforts to just keep “staying alive,” John Fitzmorris’s transition from Vietnam to “a normal life,” Johnny Latella’s desire to keep scoring—on and off the athletic field, Jerry Prinz’s simple desire to succeed in business, and Jack Fitzhugh’s tenacious struggle to turn bad luck into good. Will they survive the gyrating 1970s, and can they do it alone, or does friendship really make a difference?

Whispers from Heaven

Whispers from Heaven Author Liz Carthy
ISBN-10 9781452576794
Release 2013-07
Pages 164
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The hope of tomorrow ... When I first started writing my feelings down, I was doing it just for me. I felt like if I didn't get this brutal pain out of me, I was going to just die. Time after time, I tried to express to myself this terrible pain that was consuming my life. Before my son Ryan's death, I was always the kind of person who chose to always see the hope in tomorrow. In the very beginning of my grief journey, when I was living and breathing the pain to the point I couldn't even catch my breath, the tomorrows came and I did not even know it. And to tell you the truth I did not want or care to know it. But tomorrow has a funny way of doing that. I hated tomorrows and wanted no part of them. And all I wanted to do was to stay in the pain of losing my child. Well, I am happy to admit I no longer see it that way at all. I love tomorrows now, and I can actually feel the joy tomorrow brings. This feeling did not happen overnight, and it was a long road to get to this place called tomorrow. I do not know if it will happen for you. I do know this--it can happen. And when it does happen, it will be in the way you choose to view it and that, my friend, is for every person to make the choice. After a few years of writing down my feelings, I realized I was actually writing a book of my pain and sorrow over Ryan's death. Whenever I went to go buy a book to try to see myself in it, I had a hard time finding the one that said it just right for me. So I wrote the book that I wanted to read--the kind of book that said it without prettying it up with fancy words to make it more palatable for the world to see. I just wanted to write a book I would read. I wanted my book to be real and to express the many different sides of grief. And in doing that I expressed the many different sides, allowing everyone who is grieving a child to find their self-validation no matter where they choose to look.