The Eight

The Eight Author Katherine Neville
ISBN-10 9781504013673
Release 2015-07-21
Pages 549
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The riveting #1 international bestselling novel about the quest across centuries by two intrepid women in different eras to reunite the pieces of a powerful, ancient chess set A fabulous, bejeweled chess set that belonged to Charlemagne has been buried in a Pyrenees abbey for a thousand years. As the bloody French Revolution rages in Paris, the nuns dig it up and scatter its pieces across the globe because, when united, the set contains a secret power that could topple civilizations. To keep the set from falling into the wrong hands, two novices, Valentine and Mireille, embark on an adventure that begins in the streets of Paris and leads to Russia, Egypt, Corsica, and into the heart of the Algerian Sahara. Two hundred years later, while on assignment in Algeria, computer expert Catherine Velis finds herself drawn unwillingly into the deadly “Game” still swirling around the legendary chess set—a game that will require her to risk her life and match wits with diabolical forces. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Katherine Neville including rare images from her life and travels.

The Eight

The Eight Author Katherine Neville
ISBN-10 0345514610
Release 2008-10-28
Pages 608
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New York City, 1972—A dabbler in mathematics and chess, Catherine Velis is also a computer expert for a Big Eight accounting firm. Before heading off to a new assignment in Algeria, Cat has her palm read by a fortune-teller. The woman warns Cat of danger. Then an antiques dealer approaches Cat with a mysterious offer: He has an anonymous client who is trying to collect the pieces of an ancient chess service, purported to be in Algeria. If Cat can bring the pieces back, there will be a generous reward. The South of France, 1790—Mireille de Remy and her cousin Valentine are young novices at the fortresslike Montglane Abbey. With France aflame in revolution, the two girls burn to rebel against constricted convent life—and their means of escape is at hand. Buried deep within the abbey are pieces of the Montglane Chess Service, once owned by Charlemagne. Whoever reassembles the pieces can play a game of unlimited power. But to keep the Game a secret from those who would abuse it, the two young women must scatter the pieces throughout the world. . . . From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Eight

The Eight Author Katherine Neville
ISBN-10 9780552154673
Release 2006-05-03
Pages 732
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There is one game which has challenged the most brilliant minds. Played by the famous across the centuries, by artists and politicians, by mathematicians and musicians, and by philosophers and nuns, The Game has brought about the death of kings and changed the course of history. The Game is played for the ultimate power: for the secret of The Eight. With France aflame in revolution, and the power of her king checked, the nuns of Montglane Abbey are forced to unearth a secret buried for a thousand years within their fortress walls. As the women scatter across the world they take with them the pieces of a mystical chess set given to Charlemagne by eight mysterious Moors. Embedded in each piece of chess service is a code. Whomever resassembles the pieces can play a game of unlimited power - a game that will bring about the end of all kings. A daring and compulsive whiplash race through time where whomever wins the game will hold the answer to the greatest riddle of all time.

The Eight

The Eight Author Susan Saint Sing
ISBN-10 9781429928700
Release 2010-03-16
Pages 336
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A fascinating look at the 2008 Harvard Varsity Crew Team and the university's legendary history of accomplished rowers The Eight is a thrilling, behind-the-scenes look at a group of young men who have given up nearly everything to transform themselves into the best team possible at arguably the world's most venerable rowing institution, Harvard crew. Through a blend of journalistic writing and historical narrative, Saint Sing highlights their struggles and triumphs as she follows them through the spring season of 2008. This exclusive, competitive world is illuminated as never before as the athletes race for the collegiate national championship and one former member achieves a historic first for Harvard: a gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games. What these men go through physically to earn a seat in the Harvard first eight is just the beginning. The real test of their mettle is the inner athlete called upon to make their dreams a reality in this very tense and dramatic world. The Eight chronicles the drama of a full season of elite college racing, including the bitter personal struggles and the team's pursuit of excellence.


Eight Author Ella Hickson
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105124130233
Release 2009
Pages 53
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Eight compelling monologues offering a state-of-the-nation group portrait for the stage. Edinburgh Fringe First Award 2008 Carol Tambor 'Best of Edinburgh' Award From Millie, the jolly-hockey-sticks prostitute who mourns the loss of the good old British class system, to Miles, a 7/7 survivor, and Danny, an ex-squaddie who makes friends in morgues, Eight looks at what has happened to a generation that has grown up in a world where everything has become acceptable. In its original performances, each audience voted for four of the eight monologues that they wished to see, resulting in a different line-up at every performance. A ninth unperformed monologue is included in this edition. The monologues are ideal for performance by student and amateur groups; any number and any combination can be performed. They also provide excellent opportunities for actors looking for audition material. 'a huge writing talent... a truly impressive and exciting hour of theatre, you're blown away' Scotsman 'One of the most self-assured, startlingly well-written and moving pieces of theatre around' Herald

Tent Number Eight

Tent Number Eight Author Gloyd McCoy
ISBN-10 9781617776328
Release 2011-09
Pages 334
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An account of the criminal investigation and prosecution of Gene Leroy Hart who was charged with the murder of three Oklahoma Girl Scouts in 1977.

The Eight New Rules of Real Estate

The Eight New Rules of Real Estate Author John A. Tuccillo
ISBN-10 0793131669
Release 1999
Pages 200
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The rules of the game are changing. The explosion of listings available on the on the Internet, the widespread consolidation of brokerages and the encroachment of lenders and insurance companies into the front end of the real estate transaction are only a few of the manifestations of a new era in real estate. To stay ahead of your many competitors, you need a new strategy. To create a winning strategy, you must know: -- how to think content; -- how to mine your bits; -- how to sell the experience, not the product; -- how to feed the OODA loop, -- and much more. As a nationally-recognized economist and a consultant to the National Association of REALTORS "RM," John Tuccillo's business forecasting skills have earned him the respect of the most widely-recognized names in the real estate industry. His wry observations on economic and demographic trends and how these and other elements will affect real estate commerce make him one of the most sought-after speakers in the country. John Tuccillo's The 8 New Rules of Real Estate can bring you to the forefront of your profession and keep you there well into the 21st century!

Dinner for Eight

Dinner for Eight Author Denise Landis
ISBN-10 0312325819
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 282
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A New York Times recipe tester presents a range of seasonally organized dinner party menus that provide for every course and enable a cook to attend the gathering, in a volume that includes such options as Bourbon-Marinated Roast Pork, Lamb Chops with Mint Butter, and Seafood and Chicken and Sausage Paella.

Inclusive Play

Inclusive Play Author Theresa Casey
ISBN-10 1446247759
Release 2010-04-20
Pages 136
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This extremely practical and child-focused book gives you the tools you need to make sure all the children in your care are included and involved in the play opportunities of your setting. Inside the second edition, new content includes: - consideration of the early years curricula across the whole of the UK - a new chapter on risk and challenge in play - new case studies - international perspectives - full coverage of the Birth to Eight age range - consideration of inclusive play from a children's rights perspective A key book for those in practice, and underpinned by sound theory, this book will help you encourage and support inclusive play throughout your setting; it is packed with activities for you to try, ideas for small changes to make that can have a big impact and clear guidance on writing a play policy. With a focus on appreciating children as individuals, this book is essential for all early years practitioners and those studying early years at any level. Theresa Casey is a freelance consultant based in Scotland, and President of the International Play Association. Specialising in play and children's rights, inclusion and children's environments, Theresa Casey Consultancy provides tailor-made services for organisations working for and with children. Visit SEN Magazine website: here

Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight Author Edwin Vieira
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105119738081
Release 2002
Pages 1722
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Pieces of Eight has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pieces of Eight also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pieces of Eight book for free.

Building Blocks of Personality Type

Building Blocks of Personality Type Author Leona Haas
ISBN-10 097193262X
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 230
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Building Blocks of Personality Type has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Building Blocks of Personality Type also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Building Blocks of Personality Type book for free.

Eight Twentieth century Russian Plays

Eight Twentieth century Russian Plays Author Timothy Langen
ISBN-10 0810113732
Release 2000
Pages 354
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Russia produced more notable dramas in the twentieth century than at any other time in its history, yet many of the plays from this period have been only sporadically available in English, and others have never been translated before. For each of these eight works, Timothy Langen and Justin Weir provide an insightful introduction to the literary, cultural, and political contexts in which the plays first appeared, considering the influence that various literary movements had on the development of Russian drama and exploring the effect of the increasingly politicized climate of the new Soviet state. Included in this volume: Sacred Blood, by Zinaida Gippius; The Unknown Woman, by Alexander Blok; Vladimir Mayakovsky, by Vladimir Mayakosky; The Case of the Entry Room, by Victor Ardov; Squaring the Circle, by Valentin Kataev; Elizaveta Bam, by Daniil Kharms; Grain, by Vladimir Kirshon; and The Guests, by Leonid Zorin.

Michelangelo Red Antonioni Blue

Michelangelo Red Antonioni Blue Author Murray Pomerance
ISBN-10 9780520948303
Release 2011-03-15
Pages 320
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Michelangelo Antonioni, who died in 2007, was one of cinema’s greatest modernist filmmakers. The films in his black and white trilogy of the early 1960s—L’avventura, La Notte, L‘eclisse—are justly celebrated for their influential, gorgeously austere style. But in this book, Murray Pomerance demonstrates why the color films that followed are, in fact, Antonioni’s greatest works. Writing in an accessible style that evokes Antonioni’s expansive use of space, Pomerance discusses The Red Desert, Blow-Up, Professione: Reporter (The Passenger), Zabriskie Point, Identification of a Woman, The Mystery of Oberwald, Beyond the Clouds, and The Dangerous Thread of Things to analyze the director’s subtle and complex use of color. Infusing his open-ended inquiry with both scholarly and personal reflection, Pomerance evokes the full range of sensation, nuance, and equivocation that became Antonioni’s signature.

Eight Minute Meditation

Eight Minute Meditation Author Victor N. Davich
ISBN-10 0399529950
Release 2004
Pages 191
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A practical introduction to the art of meditation explains how to utilize the fundamental principles of meditation to help reduce stress, increase focus, and promote physical and mental health. Original.

Eight Is Enough

Eight Is Enough Author Tom Braden
ISBN-10 9781504045353
Release 2017-06-20
Pages 173
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The true story behind the classic TV show: A father’s delightful account of raising eight free-spirited children in 1970s America. Tom Braden had a colorful career: He parachuted into Nazi-occupied France, directed the CIA’s covert operations program during the early years of the Cold War, ran for public office, owned a newspaper, served as executive secretary for the Museum of Modern Art, and cohosted the CNN show Crossfire. He counted among his friends David Brinkley, Robert Frost, Kirk Douglas, and Nelson Rockefeller. But Braden considered fatherhood both his most important job and his biggest adventure. No wonder; he and his wife, Joan, a State Department official and Washington society hostess, raised eight children during one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. In this diverting family memoir, Braden shares a treasure trove of amusing anecdotes—from the time his youngest daughter’s pet sheep interrupted a dinner party with a Supreme Court justice to the telegram US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy sent after the birth of the Bradens’ eighth child: “Congratulations. I surrender.” (The Kennedys had seven children at the time). With wit and wisdom, Braden also addresses some of the most serious issues, including drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex, faced by parents in an era of deep distrust between generations. When ABC proposed adapting Eight Is Enough for television, Braden found the idea so preposterous he sold the rights for one dollar. The award-winning series starring Dick Van Patten and Betty Buckley ran for five seasons and launched the Hollywood careers of many young actors, including Willie Aames and Ralph Macchio. A celebration of the joys and tribulations of fatherhood, Eight Is Enough speaks with warmth, humor, and compassion to parents and children everywhere.

Eight Who Wrestled Death

Eight Who Wrestled Death Author Ned Gold
ISBN-10 0817215549
Release 1980-02
Pages 47
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Eddie Richenbacker and his crew struggle to survive when their plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean while on their way to deliver a top secret message to General MacArthur.

The Birth of Politics

The Birth of Politics Author Melissa Lane
ISBN-10 9781400865543
Release 2015-02-22
Pages 400
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In The Birth of Politics, Melissa Lane introduces the reader to the foundations of Western political thought, from the Greeks, who invented democracy, to the Romans, who created a republic and then transformed it into an empire. Tracing the origins of our political concepts from Socrates to Plutarch to Cicero, Lane reminds us that the birth of politics was a story as much of individuals as ideas. Scouring the speeches of lawyers alongside the speculations of philosophers, and the reflections of ex-slaves next to the popular comedies and tragedies of the Greek and Roman stages, this book brings ancient ideas to life in unexpected ways. Lane shows how the Greeks and Romans defined politics with distinctive concepts, vocabulary, and practices—all of which continue to influence politics and political aspirations around the world today. She focuses on eight political ideas from the Greco-Roman world that are especially influential today: justice, virtue, constitution, democracy, citizenship, cosmopolitanism, republic, and sovereignty. Lane also describes how the ancient formulations of these ideas often challenge widely held modern assumptions—for example, that it is possible to have political equality despite great economic inequality, or that political regimes can be indifferent to the moral character of their citizens. A stimulating introduction to the origins of our political ideas and ideals, The Birth of Politics demonstrates how much we still have to learn from the political genius of the Greeks and Romans.