Everyday s an Adventure

Everyday s an Adventure Author Dennis L. Siluk
ISBN-10 9780595231935
Release 2002-09-01
Pages 252
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This book is a collection of haunting and enticing short stories, or tales, that will capture the imagination and throw you into a vortex of images. The author exposes many sides of himself in this book. He conjures up images of the old west in his, Arizona Blue-Gunfighter adventures; and stretches reality with a series of tales of Troy Burroghs-Surrealist Traveler, and adds some spice to the book by putting in a children’s play, and some poetry of his that was published in a local newspaper years ago, along with other stories of angelic forces and demigod giants. Something for everyone you could say. Also he adds letters, or epistles on current events. This is a book that has many continents to cross. It will haunt you and entice you at the same time.

1 001 Ways to Live Wild

1 001 Ways to Live Wild Author Barbara Ann Kipfer
ISBN-10 9781426216664
Release 2016-03-29
Pages 384
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"Filled with light-hearted quick hits of inspiration to stir a recent graduate or anyone looking for a jolt of "get out there and live" in their lives. Short entries--musings, things to do, and inspirational quotes--are paired with whimsical, colorful spot art. Presented as one continuous list, and broken up by occasional top ten lists and quotes, the text touches on many and varied themes such as: following your passions, staying curious, appreciating nature, traveling, trying new things, and living life with courage. Sprinkled throughout are spreads presenting service-oriented top ten lists, such as: 10 Places to Travel That Will Change your Life, 10 Spiciest Foods on the Planet, 10 Plants You Can Eat in the Forest, 10 Animals to See in Person before You Die, and more."

Teddy s Day

Teddy s Day Author Peter Nicholas Liptak
ISBN-10 9780980197495
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 36
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"Teddy's first explorations out into the world"


Outrageous Author Aaron Tredway
ISBN-10 9781493405510
Release 2016-10-18
Pages 208
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Awaken to a Faith That Has No Bounds All over the country, people are waking up from the American Dream. More than a house, a car, and 2.5 kids, what people truly yearn for is a life of possibility, potential, and adventure. We believe God is able to do more than we hope or imagine, but we're stuck living in the tension between our ordinary life and the extraordinary adventures that might be just around the corner. In this energizing book, globe-trotting former athlete Aaron Tredway offers liberation from a life without purpose, calling readers to pursue lives of unexpected opportunity amid their everyday circumstances. Entertaining, engaging, and often unconventional, Outrageous challenges us to wake up and embrace a faith that can move us, shape us, and propel us to love God and others with greater significance. Each chapter unfolds a new true-life adventure fueled by faith and the extraordinary life Jesus promised to those who believe.


Relish Author Daphne Oz
ISBN-10 9780062196880
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 352
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Relish by Daphne Oz – bestselling author of The Dorm Room Diet, cohost of the hit daytime talk show The Chew, and daughter of Dr. Mehmet Oz – offers simple, practical, and personal advice to help you live your better life right now. Daphne Oz made a splash by sharing her secrets for avoiding the dreaded Freshman Fifteen in the perennial bestseller The Dorm Room Diet. Now, this lifestyle guru shares essential advice on how to relish your food, your home, and your life in order to maximize health and happiness. Illustrated in full color with beautiful food and recipe photos, images of real-world and aspirational decor examples, and lots of creative lifestyle ideas, Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun will help you envision a life that’s highly desirable and eminently achievable.

Everyday Adventures

Everyday Adventures Author Samuel Scoville
Release 1920
Pages 241
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Everyday Adventures has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Everyday Adventures also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Everyday Adventures book for free.

The Prayer of Jesus Journal

The Prayer of Jesus Journal Author Kenneth S. Hemphill
ISBN-10 0805426663
Release 2002-09-01
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The Prayer of Jesus has been out for less than a year, and thousands of people have already used it to discover a new, daily relevance to the Lord's Prayer. -- They've realized the privilege of calling God Father. -- They've discovered the thrill of participating in God's kingdom activity. -- They've begun praising God for daily bread, debts forgiven, and deliverance from evil.Now they can take their commitment to Christ even deeper, reflecting each day on their own striking discoveries about God and His nature, and chronicling the meaningful details of living in moment-by-moment fellowship with the Father.Thoughtful questions drive each of these journaling experiences, not really seeking right answers as much as encouraging readers to keep the Lord's Prayer in mind throughout the day -- to be watching, to be listening, to be constantly about the Father's business. -- Nearly 50 different journaling spreads featuring Scripture, devotional thoughts, and related questions -- Adaptable for personal use, small groups and classes, as well as mentors and accountability partners -- Also includes weekly two-page essays on prayer, contentment, the attributes of God, and more -- Highly practical, spiritually powerful, enticingly inexpensive

Keep It Pithy

Keep It Pithy Author Bill O'Reilly
ISBN-10 9780385346634
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 160
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From the bestselling author of Killing Lincoln and host of Fox News' top show The O'Reilly Factor, the best of Bill O’Reilly’s provocative writing—reflecting his ideas, wisdom, and core values Bill O’Reilly is one of the most recognized and talked-about journalists of our time. With an unparalleled track record as an author and with the #1-rated Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly has become a veritable institution of political insight and keen advice. In Keep It Pithy, O’Reilly offers a classic collection of the most memorable writings from his bestselling books, and looks back at how his opinions and ideas have been proven right or wrong by the passage of time. With his trademark candor and no-nonsense approach, each chapter focuses on a core theme as it gathers O’Reilly’s thoughts on the most compelling issues of our time and provides readers an illuminating guide to the American cultural landscape. A spirited and personal book, Keep It Pithy is the perfect addition to an O’Reilly fan’s library, or the best introduction for the few left uninitiated. From the Hardcover edition.


Serenflipity Author
ISBN-10 1452161666
Release 2017
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Serenflipity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Serenflipity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Serenflipity book for free.

Pharmacy Technician Laboratory Manual

Pharmacy Technician Laboratory Manual Author Pharmacy Technician Instructor Sandeep Bansal
ISBN-10 9781449617936
Release 2010-10-22
Pages 288
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Pharmacy Technician Laboratory Manual provides pharmacy technician students with opportunities for the practical application of theory by supplying different scenarios one might encounter working in a pharmacy. This manual will give students and educators alike different lab exercises that range from prescriptions, anatomy and physiology, law and ethics, HIPPA, compounding and infectious disease. Each chapter of this manual will provide a brief refresher on theory while focusing on lab exercises. Each chapter also includes questions and answers relating to the exercises, and a teachers manual is provided.

Family Bucket Lists

Family Bucket Lists Author Lara Krupicka
ISBN-10 9780991262700
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 74
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Do you have a list of “someday” things – a list of what you’d like to do or see, famous people you’d like to meet, roles you’d like to fill? A bucket list of goals for your lifetime? What if you combined that “someday” list with today’s list of things “to do”? If you’re thinking it sounds too expensive or would take too much time, think again. When you allow your bucket list to converge with everyday life, you’ll find a whole host of benefits unfold in your life. And when you bring your family along... well, let’s just say your life will never be the same. Family Bucket Lists offers a guided approach to planning individual and shared bucket lists that take parents, kids, and families beyond stereotypical exotic destinations and extravagant escapades. You’ll learn how to create a personalized, meaningful list for how you want to spend the 18 years you have with each of your kids – and longer. Tips for troubleshooting your family’s list, along with suggestions on how to incorporate your bucket lists into everyday family life, and ideas for commemorating accomplishments, make this a great companion for every family’s adventures. Family Bucket Lists gives families a chance to: • dream together of what they want to do before the children are grown. • set off on adventures, big and small, together and individually. • enliven weekends and vacations with plans that match what they want most from life. • discover new things about one another as each person unearths and shares their dreams and aspirations. • find simple ways to incorporate life goals into everyday living. • make the most of the years they have together. Parents who read Family Bucket Lists will be encouraged to: • honor themselves and their own their life goals now, even in the midst of raising children. • support their children in taking appropriate risks and trying new ventures. • let go of the desire to steer their children’s paths and enjoy watching their children carve a path to the future. • Define family fun according to their crew’s unique bent. Why not start your family's adventures today?

Where the Birds Don t Sing

Where the Birds Don t Sing Author Dennis Siluk
ISBN-10 9780595281800
Release 2003-06-01
Pages 124
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Within a forty-two month period, the author concludes his trilogy, starting with Romancing San Francisco, to A Romance in Augsburg, to this last book, Where the Birds don't Sing, which includes sketches of the Vietnam War and Australia in 1971. All three novels are transformed into historical fiction, where in each sentence resides truth and in each paragraph wonders freely the genius of the author's ability to express what is on his mind. One might conclude this is a suitable ending to a decade of challenges and changes that plagued the world over. Perhaps many, who read this, will see Vietnam in a different view from the infamous infantry perspective. One that allows the other side of a soldiers life to emerge, the everyday life of a support unit; yet there still remains the drugs issues, the soldiers fighting comrades, and the never-ending threat of bombardment by the enemy.

Growing Up With God

Growing Up With God Author Shawn Bolz
ISBN-10 9780997267228
Release 2016-11-21
Pages 108
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Growing Up with God is the story of Maria and Lucas, two best friends who are on the journey of discovering themselves in the very normal, but also epic journey of hearing from God’s heart. Maria has a life-changing moment at Summer Camp when she hears from God for the first time. He tells her something beyond belief, that she is going to be an actor! And not in 20 years as an adult, she can pursue her acting career now! The problem is, with every step, something seems to stand in her way. The problem is, with every step, something seems to stand in her way. Lucas is a boy with a one-track mind: Soccer is life. The only thing more important than that is his relationship with God. Lucas is learning to listen to God’s heart, even if that means befriending the weird new kid in school. Maria and Lucas find themselves on a true adventure that causes them to grow in their connection to God, each other, and make new friends along the way. It’s a journey of doubt and frustration followed by joy in the very real pursuit of learning what it is to walk in relationship with Jesus. From Shawn Bolz, author of Translating God, comes an emotionally intelligent and spiritually relevant story that equips youth of all ages to tap into God’s heart and hear His voice in their lives. Shawn has taken his gift of teaching on the prophetic and presents it in a way that children of all ages can experience how God is not limited by our age. When He speaks, everyone gets to hear Him and see powerful and wonderful things happen through their faith. This book was created to work alongside the Growing Up with God Workbook, which can be used by individuals or Sunday school groups.


Sirens Author Dennis Siluk
ISBN-10 9780595305247
Release 2004-01
Pages 160
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This book has been in the makings for 24-years, since his last book of poetry, which was originally his first published work in l980. The author was asked to define his poems in this book, he remarked: "This book of poems is about real life, death, the times, I suppose my times, God; --places and travel. It tells it: whispers it: yells it! It has craft, and paradox, anxiety, expediency and calmness--; it is a fortress of strength, and a ruins. It is a mountain; a crow waking up for a second flight, possible its last. It is a story of stories, emotions, and thoughts [in timeless space, just drifting, drifting, and waiting for something], put together by evidence, observations that say: --'I am, I was, I will be, '--written over six-decades, around the world, it says just that...no more, no less." Dennis L. Siluk, Author

Everyday Adventures Journal

Everyday Adventures Journal Author Tammy Strobel
ISBN-10 1544217951
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 156
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Everyday Adventures: Tiny Quests to Spark Your Creative Life is an interactive journal. It includes twelve tiny quests that will enable readers to explore what their community has to offer, document their adventures, enjoy tiny beautiful moments, and find beauty and magic anywhere. Photographer and writer Tammy Strobel encourages journalers to record observations about their daily adventures with words, photos, drawings, watercolors, and more. Readers discover that their adventures can be tiny, yet extraordinary!

Home Away

Home   Away Author Hannah Fettig
ISBN-10 0692368167
Release 2015-04-27
Pages 96
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Modeled in the beautiful backdrop of Georgetown, Maine, are the results of nine essential wardrobe patterns. Each sweater pattern includes two sets of instructions that allow the advanced knitter to choose to knit with seams or without. Included within this book are pattern guides and information on gauge, fit, yarn substitution, and more. Full of beautiful photography and must-have sweater patterns, this knitter s book is sure to be an inspiration for all would-be and longtime knitters."

The Ignatian Adventure

The Ignatian Adventure Author Kevin O'Brien
ISBN-10 9780829435788
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 300
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Third Place, Prayers & Spirituality category ACP Excellence in Publishing Awards, 2012 There is no better guide than St. Ignatius Loyola if one desires to discover how faith and everyday life can thrive together. In The Ignatian Adventure, Kevin O’Brien, SJ, follows St. Ignatius’s lead and offers today’s time-strapped individual a unique way of “making” the Spiritual Exercises in daily life.The first part of O’Brien’s book provides helpful background information, including a brief history of St. Ignatius, an explanation of the Spiritual Exercises and their purpose, and a description of different ways to make the Exercises. The book’s core offers 32 weeks of prayer and meditations to draw participants into a deeper encounter with God.But what truly sets this book apart from other 19th annotations is how O’Brien has woven throughout the chapters his own personal accounts of living out the Exercises in everyday life. Through his deeply moving stories, readers discover how the Exercises intersect with the real world.The Ignatian Adventure is an ideal resource for spiritual directors, but its user-friendly, down-to-earth style also makes it perfect for any individual seeking a deeper life of prayer.