Faith and Fiction

Faith and Fiction Author Anita Gandolfo
ISBN-10 0275991962
Release 2007
Pages 192
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Examines the current phenomenon of "Christian Literature" from The Da Vinci Code to the Left Behind series to reveal what these trends say about our culture, our faith, and our religious experiences.

Faith Fiction

Faith   Fiction Author Robert M. Solomon
ISBN-10 9814138673
Release 2006
Pages 92
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Faith Fiction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Faith Fiction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Faith Fiction book for free.

Faith and fiction

Faith and fiction Author Philip Stratford
ISBN-10 UOM:39015012400217
Release 1964
Pages 346
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Faith and fiction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Faith and fiction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Faith and fiction book for free.

Faith and Fiction

Faith and Fiction Author Barbara Pell
ISBN-10 9780889206489
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 150
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Is it possible to write an artistically respectable and theoretically convincing religious novel in a non-religious age? Up to now, there has been no substantial application of theological criticism to the works of Hugh MacLennan and Morley Callaghan, the two most important Canadian novelists before 1960. Yet both were religious writers during the period when Canada entered the modern, non-religious era, and both greatly influenced the development of our literature. MacLennan’s journey from Calvinism to Christian existentialism is documented in his essays and seven novels, most fully in The Watch that Ends the Night. Callaghan’s fourteen novels are marked by tensions in his theology of Catholic humanism, with his later novels defining his theological themes in increasingly secular terms. This tension between narrative and metanarrative has produced both the artistic strengths and the moral ambiguities that characterize his work. Faith and Fiction: A Theological Critique of the Narrative Strategies of Hugh MacLennan and Morley Callaghan is a significant contribution to the relatively new field studying the relation between religion and literature in Canada.

Faith in Fiction

Faith in Fiction Author David S. Reynolds
ISBN-10 UOM:39015002148784
Release 1981-01-01
Pages 269
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The first full-length study of early religious fiction from the Revolution to the Civil War, this book explores a long forgotten genre of writing. Ranging over the fiction of some 250 American writers, Reynolds provides an overview of the bestsellers of their time and the popular culture of the period. The literary movement he traces began as a cautiously allegorical one, and he finds that it evolved into a fairly realistic genre by the mid-nineteenth century. This shift from the metaphysical to the earthly was abetted by the authors' uses of a variety of appealing modes: the oriental and visionary tale, historical fiction on biblical themes, and the domestic novel. Reynolds' study addresses several questions: When did religion first appear in American fiction, and why was the novel increasingly chosen as the appropriate literary mode of popular inspiration? How could theology become entertainment? In what sense does the rhetorical strategy of this fiction reflect changing ways of religious discussion? How can the sermons, essays, or memoirs of the early writers help us to understand the themes and techniques of their fiction?


Dostoevsky Author Rowan Williams
ISBN-10 9781441175120
Release 2008-04-09
Pages 304
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When an Archbishop of Canterbury takes time off to write a book about Dostoevsky, this is a sign of great hope and encouragement for The Church of England and for all those who seek God. The current rash of books hostile to religious faith will one day be an interesting subject for some sociological analysis. But to counter such work, is a book of the profoundest kind about the nature and purpose of religious belief. Terrorism, child abuse, absent fathers and the fragmentation of the family, the secularisation and the sexualisation of culture, the future of liberal democracy, the clash of cultures and the nature of national identity - so many of the anxieties that we think of as being quintessentially features of the early twenty first century and on, are present in the work of Dostoevsky - in his letters, his journalism and above all in his fiction. The world we inhabit as readers of his novels is one in which the question of what human beings owe to each other is left painfully and shockingly open and there is no place to stand from which we can construct a clear moral landscape. But the novels of Dostoevsky continually press home what else might be possible if we - characters and readers - saw the world in another light, the light provided by faith. In order to respond to such a challenge the novels invite us to imagine precisely those extremes of failure, suffering and desolation. There is an unresolved tension in Dostoevsky's novels- a tension between believing and not believing in the existence of God. In The Brothers Karamazov, we can all receive Ivan with a terrible kind of delight. Ivan's picture of himself we immediately recognise as self-portrait. The god that is dead for him is dead for us. This Karamazov God of tension and terror is often the only one we are able to find. This extraordinary book will speak to our generation like few others.

Faith and fiction

Faith and fiction Author Robert Detweiler
ISBN-10 0802817378
Release 1979
Pages 314
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Faith and fiction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Faith and fiction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Faith and fiction book for free.

Caroline Cooney

Caroline Cooney Author Pamela S. Carroll
ISBN-10 0810840685
Release 2001
Pages 129
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Cooney's large body of work for adolescents defies easy classification. She has written award-winning adventure, suspense, romance, family, mystery, and historical fiction, as well as action-driven horror stories and a time-travel trilogy. Her purpose in some books, most notably horror like The Perfume, is just to encourage reluctant readers to enjoy literature. However, in her most serious and artistic books, Cooney relies on a source that is likely to surprise her readers: biblical stories and parables. For example, readers can find the seed of the idea that eventually became Whatever Happened to Janie in the story of King Solomon's wisdom when he was asked to decide which of two women, both of whom claimed to be mother of an infant, should be recognized as the true mother. The parable of the Good Samaritan provides a backdrop in several of Cooney's most successful novels. Cooney's understated use of biblical stories, and the way her Christian faith subtly informs her fiction, are explored in the book. The organization of the text reflects Cooney's major fiction categories: the "Janie" mysteries, romances, catastrophe novels, horror and suspense novels, the time travel trilogy, and her historical fiction. Representative books are discussed in detail within each chapter. Although most of the text is devoted to critical analysis of her literary work, and of the intersection of fiction and faith in her novels, Cooney's biography is also presented within the frame of her life as a single mother of grown children. The influences of her talents as an organist who played regularly for her church, the lessons she has learned from her children when they were teenagers, and life experiences that have led her to consider issues of race and gender, are examples of issues that are discussed. For children's and YA libraries and students of children's literature.

Faith Force and Fiction in Medieval Baptismal Debates

Faith  Force and Fiction in Medieval Baptismal Debates Author Marcia L. Colish
ISBN-10 9780813226118
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 384
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Drawing on a wide and interdisciplinary range of sources that goes well beyond the writings of theologians and canonists to include liturgical texts and practices, the rulings of popes and church councils, saints' lives, chronicles, imaginative literature, and poetry, Faith, Fiction and Force in Medieval Baptismal Debates illuminates the emergence and fortunes of these three controversies and the historical contexts that situate their development. Each debate has its own story line, its own turning points, and its own seminal figures whose positions informed its course. The thinkers involved in each case were, and regarded one another as being, members of the orthodox western Christian communion. Thus, another finding of this book is that Christian orthodoxy in the Middle Ages was able to encompass and accept disagreements both wide and deep on a sacrament seen as fundamental to Christian identity, faith and practice.

The Clown in the Belfry

The Clown in the Belfry Author Frederick Buechner
ISBN-10 UOM:39015022268711
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 171
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Essays, sermons, and addresses discuss the Bible from a writers point of view, describing what faith and fiction have in common

A Stay Against Confusion

A Stay Against Confusion Author Ron Hansen
ISBN-10 9780061978340
Release 2014-11-25
Pages 288
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In the tradition of Flannery O'Connor and Andre Dubus, A Stay Against Confusion explores the role that religious belief and literature play in one writer's life. All creative writing is, in the words of Robert Frost, "a stay against confusion." It tries to find a harmony and order that we only fleetingly detect beneath the chaos of everyday life, and to point out motivations and causalities in what seem to be random and often meaningless acts. Religion has also functioned in this way for Ron Hansen, and it shares with literature both a reverence for mystery and the use of metaphor to communicate another order that we will never fully perceive or comprehend. In this rich and deeply felt collection of essays, Hansen talks about his novels, his childhood and family, and about such mentors as John Gardner. He explores prayer, stigmata, twentieth-century martyrs, and the Eucharist. A profile of his grandfather, a "tough-as-nails, brook-no-guff Colorado rancher," finds a place alongside a wonderfully informative portrait of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. A brilliant reading of a story by Leo Tolstoy follows an appreciation of the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. A surprisingly intimate book, A Stay Against Confusion brings together the literary and religious impulses that inform the life of one of our most gifted fiction writers.

Invented Religions

Invented Religions Author Carole M. Cusack
ISBN-10 9781317113256
Release 2016-05-06
Pages 186
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Utilizing contemporary scholarship on secularization, individualism, and consumer capitalism, this book explores religious movements founded in the West which are intentionally fictional: Discordianism, the Church of All Worlds, the Church of the SubGenius, and Jediism. Their continued appeal and success, principally in America but gaining wider audience through the 1980s and 1990s, is chiefly as a result of underground publishing and the internet. This book deals with immensely popular subject matter: Jediism developed from George Lucas' Star Wars films; the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, founded by 26-year-old student Bobby Henderson in 2005 as a protest against the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools; Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius which retain strong followings and participation rates among college students. The Church of All Worlds' focus on Gaia theology and environmental issues makes it a popular focus of attention. The continued success of these groups of Invented Religions provide a unique opportunity to explore the nature of late/post-modern religious forms, including the use of fiction as part of a bricolage for spirituality, identity-formation, and personal orientation.

Hadassa Im Schatten Roms

Hadassa   Im Schatten Roms Author Francine Rivers
ISBN-10 9783961221745
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 480
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Römische Legionäre zerstören 70 n. Chr. Jerusalem. Die junge Judenchristin Hadassa überlebt als Einzige und wird als Sklavin nach Rom verschleppt. Sie landet in der reichen Familie der Valerianer. Als Dienerin der verwöhnten Julia lernt sie die römische Gesellschaft mit ihrem Luxus, ihren Intrigen und ihrer Hoffnungslosigkeit kennen. Doch sie findet auch Liebe und Anerkennung bei ihren neuen Herren - besonders bei Marcus, dem Sohn des Hauses. Und sie stößt auf andere Christen, die sich heimlich im Untergrund treffen. Hadassa schließt sich ihnen an - und bringt sich damit in höchste Gefahr ... Die sprachlich überarbeitete und erweiterte Neuauflage des Bestsellers von Francine Rivers.

Faith in Fiction

Faith in Fiction Author Justin Neuman
ISBN-10 0549723129
Release 2008
Pages 516
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"Faith in Fiction: Postsecular Critique and the Global Novel" attends to the ways post-war novels mediate between and within secular and religious sensibilities and argues that this mediation is a formative characteristic of literature's global horizons. My argument advances along two trajectories: one is social, addressing the individual, the collective, and the global; the other is thematic, engaging fidelity and commitment, suffering and death, sexuality and the body, time and memory. Each chapter analyzes a specific textual articulation of the sacred/secular nexus: within the fragile "we" of religious cosmopolitanism in Rushdie's novels, at the level of individual, corporeal subjectivity in Coetzee's explorations of radical asceticism and erotic charity, and in messianic encounters with the past that structure temporality in Michaels, Murakami, and Pamuk. I frame these readings within comparative genealogies of spiritual engagement to claim the literary as an essential site of ethical and spiritual thought.

A Matter of Faith

A Matter of Faith Author Robert J. Sullivan
ISBN-10 0313298718
Release 1996
Pages 137
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This is the most extensive account of Moore's fiction to date that considers his many works from the early stories to the recent novel, No Other Life. Moore, who was born in Ireland but is a Canadian citizen and resides predominantly in the United States, has earned an international reputation as an important novelist. This book sets out to demonstrate a discernible pattern of concerns that cut across Moore's fictive output over the last 40 years. It argues that the concerns of love and faith (and the interplay between them) form the backbone of Moore's oeuvre. Sullivan draws from interviews with Moore and presents a study that convincingly demonstrates how Moore's fictions, from first to last, take their place in a larger thematic and formal masternarrative.

Of Fiction and Faith

Of Fiction and Faith Author W. Dale Brown
ISBN-10 9780802843135
Release 1997
Pages 269
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"Conducted over a five-year period by W. Dale Brown, these interviews provide a window into the personal and literary lives of a company of writers whose work continues to defy categorization. These writers talk candidly about their careers, their audiences, their approaches to writing, and their attitudes toward issues of faith. Taken together, the interviews provide a perceptive analysis of contemporary literature and a challenge to the practice of labeling books as "Christian" or "secular."" "The volume also includes photographs, a brief introduction to each of the writers, and a chronological listing of their work."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Nourishing Faith Through Fiction

Nourishing Faith Through Fiction Author John R. May
ISBN-10 1580511066
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 138
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An examination of how the films we see and the books we read affect our faith and our view of the world. With the Apostles' Creed as his foundation, author May interprets popular works such as The Grapes of Wrath, Cool Hand Luke, Slaughterhouse-Five, and Saving Private Ryan through the lens of religious faith.