Future Esoteric

Future Esoteric Author Brad Olsen
ISBN-10 9781888729467
Release 2013
Pages 416
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Examining the flaws of mainstream society, this collection of conspiracy theory, esoteric knowledge, and fringe subjects seeks to present solutions to current social, economic, and environmental world issues. This book encourages the exploration and integration of modern science with ancient wisdom, which will lead modern society towards advancement and enlightenment. Topics discussed include religious mythos, government manipulation, technological advances, and potentially a utopia for humanity.

Future Esoteric

Future Esoteric Author Brad Olsen
ISBN-10 1888279478
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Future Esoteric has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Future Esoteric also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Future Esoteric book for free.

A Different Future An Introduction to an Esoteric Form of Raja Yoga

A Different Future   An Introduction to an Esoteric Form of Raja Yoga Author Robert Martin Duff
ISBN-10 9781411673991
Release 2006-02-01
Pages 300
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An introduction to an esoteric form of raja yoga which defines yoga as the science and art of developing human consciousness. It combines techniques for the body, mind and feeling and adds healing techniques to developmental ones. Apart from a new synthesis of traditional ideas original material addresses: why permanent Liberation is so difficult and presents a major development in Harmonic Matrix Cosmology based on Triads and Octaves. Also the appendix contains a detailed presentation of Non-Thing Theory - a model for the application and implementation of a radical discovery concerning the true nature of negative phenomena. This discovery validates the 'all-positives' observations of states of ecstasy while reconciling them with the common-sense observations of negatives.

Modern Esoteric

Modern Esoteric Author Brad Olsen
ISBN-10 9781888729504
Release 2017-08-02
Pages 480
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Examining a vast array of esoteric subjects from the earliest times until this current era, Modern Esoteric takes a radically different perspective on the social, scientific and economic issues of our day. Reality is not what it appears. A number of disciplines and practices ranging from ancient Vedic literature to quantum physics, from meditation and prayer to intentional manifestation, to name a few, are coming together around concepts that are beginning to link actual physical reality to our thoughts and consciousness in a feedback loop where our consciousness is not merely influenced by reality as we perceive it, but reality is, in turn, influenced by our thoughts. Organized into three sections (Lifeology, Control and Thrive), Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses by World Explorer magazine editor Brad Olsen (CCC Publishing, March 2014) examines the flaws in modern history and looks at how ancient esoteric teachings, coupled with accelerated scientific advancements, can be used to reverse the dead-end course the world is heading towards.. The Lifeology section explores the long and storied “alternative narrative” of life on this planet. In the Control section, author Brad Olsen examines how Big Brother is here in the form of the New World Order, and how they keep the knowledge of humankind’s true nature from the mass population. Finally, the Thrive section looks at all the ways humans are evolving to achieve their full potential. Indeed, the revolution is consciousness. Through exploration and the integration of cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom, Olsen believes the dawn of our new society is faced on the one hand with global tyranny, or we can overcome the oppression and advance towards universal abundance and enlightenment. Without government and media manipulation this can be possible, and the Golden Age will be attained with the rapid advancement of human consciousness.

A Study Companion to An Outline of Esoteric Science

A Study Companion to An Outline of Esoteric Science Author Clopper Almon
ISBN-10 0880104538
Release 1998
Pages 127
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With the commentary in A Study Companion keyed by paragraph number to the text of An Outline of Esoteric Science, Clopper Almon takes the reader step-by-step through one of Rudolf Steiner s most difficult texts. Each chapter is considered for themes, or brief summaries of the main points, review questions, discussion questions, and Almon s own observations of the text This study companion will be a great help to readers of every level, vastly enriching their reading of one of Steiner s most important written works."

Black Nostradamus Prophecies of America s Future

Black Nostradamus Prophecies of America s Future Author Lewis Jerome Armstrong
ISBN-10 9781449038472
Release 2009-11
Pages 132
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BLACK NOSTRADAMUS PROPHECIES OF AMERICA'S FUTURE This is the book every home, school, church, social group, and others should have a copy of. This book shows one hundred and twenty two prophecies of future events that will occur in America. This book will show you twenty-one years, from 2000 to 2021, of good, bad, and grievously bad years that are to affect America, through economic problems, wars, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. It points to a time of judgment that will affect all Americans in the years to come. This book gives you insight into myths, the Holy Bible, and it points to America and its past, present, and future history. This is a much-needed book at this time.

An Outline of Esoteric Science

An Outline of Esoteric Science Author Rudolf Steiner
ISBN-10 9780880108393
Release 1997-10-01
Pages 188
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Outline of the processes of cosmic evolution, including detailed exercises for attaining higher conscious states.

The Esoteric Significance of Spiritual Work in Anthroposophical Groups

The Esoteric Significance of Spiritual Work in Anthroposophical Groups Author Sergei O. Prokofieff
ISBN-10 9781902636832
Release 2007
Pages 56
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The anthroposophical community seeks to lift human souls into supersensible realms so that they may enter the company of Angels. - Rudolf Steiner. Prokofieff traces the three stages of heavenly preparation of anthroposophy: the 'spiritual thunderstorm', the Michael School in the Sun sphere, and the 'imagination-based cultus' in the spiritual word nearest to the Earth. These events involved the nine spiritual hierarchies, associating them with the karma of the anthroposophical movement. Prokofieff elaborates the tasks of the Anthroposophical Society and indicates how these are connected with the spiritual hierarchies, the Michael movement, the Grail mysteries, the work of new Group Souls, and the Foundation Stone Meditation. He shows that the General Anthroposophical Society was, in an esoteric sense, created in order that human beings might learn to work with the Gods themselves. This is a vital booklet for anybody who cares deeply about the future of the Anthroposophical Society, or the future of mankind itself.

On the Edge of the Future

On the Edge of the Future Author Jeffrey John Kripal
ISBN-10 0253345561
Release 2005
Pages 323
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"Esalen is on the edge. Located in Big Sur, California, just off Highway 1, Esalen is, geographically speaking, a literal cliff, hanging rather precariously over the Pacific Ocean. The Esselen Indians used the hot mineral springs here as healing baths for centuries before the European settlers arrived.... Today the place is adorned with a host of lush organic gardens; mountain streams; a cliffside swimming pool; an occasional Buddha or garden goddess; the same hot springs now embedded in a striking multimillion-dollar stone, cement, and steel spa; and a small collection of meditation huts tucked away in the trees. These are grounds that both constitute the very edge of the American frontier and look due west to see the East...." —from the Introduction The renowned Esalen Institute, founded in 1962 by Stanford graduates Michael Murphy and Richard Price, was created as a place "where the body can manifest the glories of the spirit." It offered guests a heady mixture of world mythology, hypnosis and psychic research, spiritual healing, sport mysticism, and Tantric eroticism. Among the notables who have spent time at the Institute are Abraham Maslow, Timothy Leary, Paul Tillich, Carlos Castaneda, B. F. Skinner, and former California governor Jerry Brown. Despite its cultural significance, remarkably little has been written about Esalen itself. In On the Edge of the Future: Esalen and the Evolution of American Culture, 11 original essays, plus an afterword by co-founder Murphy, examine the Institute's roots, the place of its beliefs in American religious history, and its influence. This lively volume will fascinate anyone interested in the history of American religion as well as those who regard this remarkable place as the epicenter of the human potential movement. The contributors are Catherine L. Albanese, Erik Erickson, Robert Fuller, Marion S. Goldman, Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Don Hanlon Johnson, Jeffrey J. Kripal, Timothy Miller, Michael Murphy, Glenn W. Shuck, Ann Taves, and Gordon Wheeler.

Contesting Earth s Future

Contesting Earth s Future Author Michael E. Zimmerman
ISBN-10 052091922X
Release 1994-09-15
Pages 447
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Radical ecology typically brings to mind media images of ecological activists standing before loggers' saws, staging anti-nuclear marches, and confronting polluters on the high seas. Yet for more than twenty years, the activities of organizations such as the Greens and Earth First! have been influenced by a diverse, less-publicized group of radical ecological philosophers. It is their work—the philosophical underpinnings of the radical ecological movement—that is the subject of Contesting Earth's Future. The book offers a much-needed, balanced appraisal of radical ecology's principles, goals, and limitations. Michael Zimmerman critically examines the movement's three major branches—deep ecology, social ecology, and ecofeminism. He also situates radical ecology within the complex cultural and political terrain of the late twentieth century, showing its relation to Martin Heidegger's anti-technological thought, 1960s counterculturalism, and contemporary theories of poststructuralism and postmodernity. An early and influential ecological thinker, Zimmerman is uniquely qualified to provide a broad overview of radical environmentalism and delineate its various schools of thought. He clearly describes their defining arguments and internecine disputes, among them the charge that deep ecology is an anti-modern, proto-fascist ideology. Reflecting both the movement's promise and its dangers, this book is essential reading for all those concerned with the worldwide ecological crisis.

Knowledge and the Future of the Curriculum

Knowledge and the Future of the Curriculum Author B. Barrett
ISBN-10 9781137429261
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 238
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This collection explores why powerful knowledge matters for social justice and discusses its implications for curriculum and pedagogy. The contributors argue that the purpose of education is to provide all students with access to powerful knowledge so that they acquire the means to move beyond their experiences and enhance their lives.

New Materia Medica Volume II Further key remedies for the future of Homoeopathy

New Materia Medica Volume II  Further key remedies for the future of Homoeopathy Author Colin Griffith
ISBN-10 9781780282077
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 509
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The New Materia Medica Volume II is a sourcebook of information on 30 new crystal, botanical and animal remedies now in use by practitioners of the Guild of Homoeopaths, who proved them through the practice of meditation. These remedies, which have quickly established a reputation for remarkable success, are extraordinary for their depth of action, reaching far into the patient's psyche and history. The entry on each remedy gives a description of the original substance, plant or animal in its natural state and an outline of its history, including medicinal uses, and traditional applications of the plants and crystal essence remedies where applicable. It also provides an esoteric explanation of the remedies' affinities for the chakras and the associated glands and organs plus a description of the general symptoms of each remedy and detailed descriptions of the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that affect individual parts of the body. It includes summarised case notes to show clinical evidence of efficacy and to illustrate the day-to-day use of each remedy; and a list of related remedies to show affinities, comparisons and relationships.

The Full Moons Topical Letters In Esoteric Astrology

The Full Moons  Topical Letters In Esoteric Astrology Author Malvin Artley
ISBN-10 9781456622275
Release 2014-06-12
Pages 517
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The Full Moons is an exploration of the Sun the Moon, the Truth and their interrelation, and it is the culmination of over ten years of letters the author has written on esoteric astrology. A compendium of topics in esoteric astrology, it explores the emerging universal spirituality, gradually unfolding through the current decades as seen from the perspective of topical world events, even though the principles investigated therein are timeless. The twelve astrological signs each give a unique insight into various aspects of spirituality, and each one has its own story to tell on the great evolutionary path of the soul. Because the soul is so dear to us, even though the subject matter of the book is esoteric in its presentation, there is something in its pages for everyone, whether or not you have an astrological background. Ultimately, this book can be used as reference material for the times of the full moon each month and for specified times in between. The book is extensively indexed for ease of reference and it contains abundant reference material in the appendices, along with a glossary of esoteric terminology.

The Voudon Gnostic Workbook

The Voudon Gnostic Workbook Author Michael Bertiaux
ISBN-10 1578633397
Release 2007-07-01
Pages 672
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A long-awaited new edition of the seminal text on the spiritual system that is a convergence of Gnosticism and Haitian voodoo, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook is a singular sacred work that is comprehensive in scope -- from "how to be a lucky Hoodoo" to how magick and voodoo intersect energetically, to esoteric time travel. Complete with charts and graphs and instructive interdimensional physics, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook is an "object of desire" among students of the occult. Weiser's long-anticipated republication of this rare text will be an event in the annals of esoteric publishing, as the book itself is somewhat of an "unholy grail." There are listservers devoted to it and much discussion of the mysteries held within its pages. While The Voudon Gnostic Workbook has remained a controversial book considered important for masters of metaphysics, it recently came into popular culture and renewed popularity when Grant Morrison revealed it had been the inspiration for his cult comics The Invisibles, using the cribbed time travel from Bertiaux' s masterwork. Voodoo is not an evil religion and is much misunderstood. It derives from the Dahomean Gods called the "Loa." Esoteric voodoo is actually a highly practical procedure for leading us into making contact with the deepest levels of our being and most ancient modes of consciousness. Michael Bertiaux's Voudon Gnostic Workbook is the most comprehensive and illuminating contemporary book on the subject. Launched out of a correspondence course and series of classes for students and followers of Voudon Gnosticism and the OTO, this seminal text is at once one of the most mysterious and magnificent of all esoteric books.

Rudolf Steiner s Endowment

Rudolf Steiner s Endowment Author Virginia Sease
ISBN-10 9781906999407
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 102
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The author's reflections emphasize especially three considerations. First, that the Endowment impulse would allow us to experience the art of interpreting in the Rosicrucian way. Second, that the best initiativeeven one undertaken by a great individualityis doomed to failure if the participants are unable to overcome their personal ambitions. And third, that we may live with the fact that, despite the passage of time, the latent seeds in Rudolf Steiners attempt still have the possibility to reach fruition in the future.

The Esoteric Collection Book VII

The Esoteric Collection Book VII Author Vashist Vaid
ISBN-10 9781312526259
Release 2014-09-16
Pages 266
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This 17th book named as "The Esoteric Collections - The Magical Wisdom of Solomon - Book VII" is an important book, which contain some of the evolutionary wisdom long forgotten upon this planet earth, which still exists in the ''Universal Ethereal library'', which includes the divine wisdom of the Great Prophet King Solomon. This book contain various outlines and glimpses of the valuable information, which has been previously unknown to many, and are mostly related to the unrevealed history of the human Root races, as well their sub and branch races, who for eons are evolving upon this planet earth as the incarnated members of various casts and creeds, for their gradual conscious expansion according to the evolutionary plan, which is based upon the universal law of ''will to do good''.

Planting the Future

Planting the Future Author Rosemary Gladstar
ISBN-10 0892818948
Release 2000-09-01
Pages 310
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Planting the Future shows how land stewardship, habitat protection, and sustainable cultivation are of critical importance to ensure an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for future generations.