Game Plan for Life

Game Plan for Life Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 1414341008
Release 2011-11-04
Pages 336
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Shows readers how to live a balanced, God-centered, purpose-filled life, using examples of Coach Gibbs's own storied championship careers as a backdrop.

Game Plan for Life

Game Plan for Life Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 1414333196
Release 2011-01-24
Pages 321
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Advises readers on what the Bible teaches about various modern-world topics of relevance, from faith and relationships to finances and health.

Game Plan for Life

Game Plan for Life Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 1414329792
Release 2009
Pages 268
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Advises readers on what the Bible teaches about various modern-world topics of relevance, from faith and relationships to finances and health.

A Teen s Game Plan for Life

A Teen s Game Plan for Life Author Lou Holtz
ISBN-10 1893732568
Release 2003-03
Pages 125
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The highly successful Notre Dame football coach, Lou Holtz, provides a game plan for today's teenagers to deal with the many choices and decisions they must make which have adult consequences.

A Game Plan for Life

A Game Plan for Life Author Don Yaeger
ISBN-10 9781608192687
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 208
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The UCLA Bruins coach pays tribute to the individuals who helped foster the values that shaped his career, and shares interviews with people he mentored throughout the years, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton.

Game Plan for Life CHALK TALKS

Game Plan for Life CHALK TALKS Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 9780310415282
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 160
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A companion to Game Plan for Life NIV Bible, Game Plan for Life Chalk Talks offers forty readings written by three-time Super Bowl Champion Coach and three-time NASCAR Champion Team Owner Joe Gibbs that will inspire and encourage sports fans and “regular Joes.” Most men want to know what it takes to be a success in life. Not just with wealth and awards, but to be truly great as a husband, father, son, and neighbor. Coach Gibbs knows both success and failure, but he has learned that no matter how much you plan for your life, it’s God’s plan that will bring you happiness. Game Plan for Life Chalk Talks includes inspiring stories, practical application, a Scripture verse, and prayer.

Home Run

Home Run Author Kevin Myers
ISBN-10 9781455577200
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 192
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You are invited to live life to the fullest. For five hard years Christian leader Kevin Myers struggled personally and professionally. But it was during that time that God pointed out where he was going wrong and showed him the biblical pattern for living. It proceeded to transform his life, leadership, ministry, and relationships. During that time John Maxwell also became his mentor. Together, using a baseball diamond as an analogy for following God's plan for life, Myers and Maxwell provide a clear path forward while helping you keep your priorities in order and your eyes on the prize. What is that pattern? Connection with God: Winning Dependence Character: Winning Within Community: Winning with Others Competence: Winning Results Challenging, heart-felt, and insightful, Myers' story will connect with anyone who feels their life is falling short of God's promises. The hard-won lessons Myers learned, along with insightful comments and on-point application from Maxwell, will make it possible for you to win in this performance-based culture without losing your soul. There are no shortcuts or steals in the spiritual journey of life. HOME RUN is a guidebook for living life and learning how to succeed God's way.

On Point

On Point Author Pam Borton
ISBN-10 9781683500223
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 268
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On Point gives you a seat on the bench with one of the nation’s top women’s basketball coaches. Distilling a 27-year coaching career into crucial lessons, On Point drives home the essence of effective leadership under pressure, stress and times of chaos. On Point delivers the practical knowledge and skills leaders need to achieve success in life and business, using stories from business, the courts, locker rooms, and press conferences. From leading a Big 10 basketball program to coaching high-performing teams in business, leader-focused chapters provide a holistic view of attributes crucial for On Point leadership. On Point leaders will learn to: Master the Front Court – establish the fundamentals that set leaders on the path to winning Build A Strong Bench – develop a team with the right attitude, skills, and strength Dominate At Center Court – integrate the core values of On Point leadership Leverage the Locker Room – influence and motivate individual success Defend Your Back Court – finish strong in your life and your work

Niv Game Plan for Life Bible

Niv Game Plan for Life Bible Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 0310949912
Release 2012-09-24
Pages 1394
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The Game Plan for Life Bible will reveal God s perspective in a practical, engaging way. Joe Gibbs writes realistic, accessible notes about God s perspective on the everyday life issues men struggle with most. This hardcover NIV Bible gives you the tools you need to build a solid, God-honoring game plan for your life."


Victory Author Charles R. Swindoll
ISBN-10 0849904420
Release 1984
Pages 70
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Victory has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Victory also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Victory book for free.

Game Plan for Life Member Book

Game Plan for Life  Member Book Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 1415869820
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 128
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This study is applicable to every man, regardless of age and background. This study leads men through key areas of modern-day life, to equip them to live victorious lives based on the ultimate playbook—the Bible. It is also ideal for small groups. 6 sessions.

God s Playbook

God s Playbook Author Reggie White
ISBN-10 WISC:89069287654
Release 1998
Pages 189
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A well-known Christian athlete with a positive message speaks out about his faith and offers daily encouragement for facing the game of life and becoming a serious player for God. His "In The Trenches" has sold over 100,000 copies.

Winning Every Day

Winning Every Day Author Lou Holtz
ISBN-10 9780061757594
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 240
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"Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it."-- Lou Holtz Meet Lou Holtz, the motivational miracle worker who revitalized the Notre Dame football program by leading the legendary Fighting Irish to nine bowl games and a national championship. During his twenty-seven years as a head football coach, Holtz garnered a 216-95-7 career record. Each new assignment brought a different team with different players, but, invariably, the same result--success. How did he do it? By designing a game plan for his players that minimized obstacles while maximizing opportunities. Now he wants to pass his game plan on to you. In Winning Every Day, you'll discover ten strategies that will drive you to the top of your professional and personal life. Coach Holtz will reveal how you can acquire the focus and commitment it takes to be a champion. It won't be easy; it takes sacrifice to be the best. But now you'll have a proven winner alongside you in the trenches. Winning Every Day demonstrates how you can elevate your performance while raising the standards of everyone around you. Follow Coach's strategies and winning becomes habitual. You will learn to welcome sacrifice as you dedicate yourself to excellence. He will show you how to clearly define your short-term and long-term goals, to develop an unwavering sense of purpose without compromising flexibility. Through it all, Coach Holtz will help you discover the courage you need to live a life of unremitting triumph. You couldn't have a better guide. He will provide you with the strategies he has shared with Fortune 500 companies, groups, and organizations. Voted the top motivational speaker two years running by a survey of speakers' bureaus, Coach is going to present you with all the Xs and Os, the basics of his game plan for success in life and business.

Another Shot

Another Shot Author Dave Martin
ISBN-10 9781943127047
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 208
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Failure and Setbacks are only final if we fail to get back on our feet and try again. It’s time for you to get back in the game where you belong. Another Shot is for anyone who has failed to reach a goal or dream the first time around. It is written for people needing encouragement and for those seeking practical advice on rebounding in life. Another Shot highlights the parallels between the game of basketball and life and provides practical coaching to reinforce the attributes and qualities a person needs to rebound. You will never lose if you get back up. You may need to make adjustments along the way, and you may need to realign yourself. But you must constantly come back. Very often success is not achieved on the first attempt. You must always take another shot. Do you need to get back into the championship game of life? You are holding the turnaround book.

Winning Character

Winning Character Author Tommy Bowden
ISBN-10 9781433678608
Release 2012
Pages 197
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With a spiritual emphasis, renowned college football coach Tommy Bowden guides men toward success in every facet of life in a discussion of character qualities that include commitment, accountability, responsibility, discipline, and sacrifice.

The Power of Being Yourself

The Power of Being Yourself Author Joe Plumeri
ISBN-10 9780738218304
Release 2015-04-14
Pages 240
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Everyone imagines top CEOs as larger–than–life figures who do things no one else could. But deep down, a good business leader is an everyman who combines vision and high energy with the ability to connect with and learn from all types of people. In The Power of Being Yourself, renowned business leader Joe Plumeri offers simple yet profound guidance on how to stay positive, motivate yourself and others, and achieve success in your life and work. Plumeri's Game Plan for Success features eight key principles, from Everyone Has the Same Plumbing, in which his fish-out-of-water experience as CEO and chairman of a London-based company reveals how cultural differences can be overcome as people everywhere respond to authenticity, to You Gotta Have Purpose!, which explores the transformative ingredient that leads to tangible progress. And because this book is meant to be revisited and consulted whenever you need fresh inspiration or practical advice, The Power of Being Yourself also features a final section—Applying the Principles—imparting further guidance and checklists. By sharing his own experiences—and candidly exploring high-stakes business decisions along with many personal triumphs and tragedies—Plumeri explains that the secret to success is found not in boardroom strategy or corporate philosophy, but rather in allowing passion, purpose, and true emotions to inform your approach and guide your relationships. His book is a timely wake-up call in a world where heartless electronic communication too often takes precedence over genuine connection. Plumeri reveals that if we can live in the moment and be honest and true in our emotions, the effect carries over into how we live all facets of our lives.

Game Plan for Life Vol 1 Joe Gibbs

Game Plan for Life  Vol  1  Joe Gibbs Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 1415868379
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 126
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Joe Gibbs and his team of experts tackle the most important issues facing men today. This six-week study is ideal for men of all ages. Three-time Super Bowl winner, NFL Hall of Fame coach, and three-time NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs has assembled a team of experts to tackle the key areas of life a man needs in order to lead a victorious life. Based on a national survey, the Gibbs team has identified the most important issues facing men today. This study leads men through key areas of modern-day life, to equip them to live victorious lives based on the ultimate playbook the Bible. (6 sessions) Topics include: God. You are being scouted. The Bible. The ultimate playbook. Salvation. Making the team. Creation. The enemy s game plan. Finances. The signing bonus. Sin & Addiction. Playing hurt. Features: Easily understandable and applicable to every man s life Each session includes video segments featuring Joe and a noteworthy expert on that week s topic Videos shot in HD with a behind-the-scenes look at Joe Gibbs Racing Joe s team of experts includes Ken Boa, Josh McDowell, Chuck Colson, John Lennox, Ron Blue, and Ravi Zacharias Sports magazine design Short and engaging personal study sections Daily devotionals About the Author: Only a fortunate few can rise to the top in an elite, highly competitive profession. Joe Gibbs has done it twice in two dramatically different sports: football and stock-car racing. He was the coach of the Washington Redskins during their decade of dominance in the 1980s (and again from 2004-2008). He s also the owner of Joe Gibbs Racing, another dominant presence in NASCAR. But Joe is keenly aware that his legacy is not about what he does but Who he knows. And his passion is to lead other men to the Source of his life s victories Jesus Christ."