Harry the Spider and his friend Charlie

Harry the Spider and his friend Charlie Author Gerald Irwin
ISBN-10 9781477266212
Release 2012-09-13
Pages 28
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Most children are interested in bugs. Harry the Spider is the story of a tiny bug who enters the family of a little boy and girl and some of the adventures he has with his friend Charlie a caterpillar. It is a book to read to your children when they are young and will enjoy reading it themselves when they grow older.

Further Adventures of Harry the Spider and His Friend Charlie

Further Adventures of Harry the Spider and His Friend Charlie Author Gerald Irwin
ISBN-10 9781504964845
Release 2015-12-19
Pages 42
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Most young children are interested in bugs. When my children were very young, I told them bedtime stories I made up about a spider named Harry and his friend Charlie. When they grew up, they asked me to write the stories down so they could read them to their own children. The result was my first book, "Harry the Spider and his Friend Charlie." This book is about the further adventures of these two. This book is to be read to your children when they are young and to be enjoyed when they are old enough to read and will amuse them again.

It s Full of Sandwiches

It s Full of Sandwiches Author Gerald Irwin MD
ISBN-10 9781481758239
Release 2013-06
Pages 110
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The practice of Medicine and hospital care has changed drastically in the sixty three years since doctor Irwin began his career. Things we know now were impossible at that time. Hospitals were run quite differently. We are all aware of Medicare and the proposed complicated changes in the coming medical plans proposed in Congress. This book will take you back to a more simple time and give you a look at how things were sixty plus years ago. Both sad and funny things happened in the hospital and in General practice and are all related in this book.

Boy Mill

 Boy Mill  Author Charles Augustus Rice
ISBN-10 OXFORD:600057506
Release 1876
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Boy Mill has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Boy Mill also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Boy Mill book for free.

Horrible Harry Moves up to the Third Grade

Horrible Harry Moves up to the Third Grade Author Suzy Kline
ISBN-10 9781101076903
Release 2000-07-10
Pages 64
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Third grade brings lots of surprises, but one thing hasn't changed a bit--Harry and Sidney are still sworn enemies. And their relationship only gets worse when Sidney accidentally kills Harry's pet spider. But Harry comes up with a horribly funny way to get revenge during a class trip to a creepy copper mine.

The Glory and the Shame

The Glory and the Shame Author Harry Bowling
ISBN-10 9780755391417
Release 2011-11-24
Pages 343
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Secrets from one harrowing night during the war expose both glory... and shame. The Glory and the Shame, by much-loved author Harry Bowling, is a heart-warming and gripping story of a community in its finest and yet darkest hour, in which most, but not all, behave heroically. Perfect for fans of Pam Evans and Annie Murray. On the night of Saturday 10th May 1941, amidst the horror of the devastation caused by enemy bombers, Joe Carey and Charlie Duggan risked their lives to save people trapped in an air-raid shelter. Despite their efforts, six men and women died. It's now 1947 and the inhabitants of Totterdown Street are trying to rebuild their lives. The post-war years are proving to be difficult and, already faced with a violent factory strike, the close-knit inhabitants of the street must also cope with news which not only exposes the glory of the past but the shame as well. What Amazon readers are saying about The Glory and the Shame: 'I found reading this book engrossing, as with all Harry Bowling books. I would recommend it to anyone who likes being taken back in time' 'I couldn't put this book down - five stars'

Andy The Spider

Andy The Spider Author Samantha Rindfuss
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 120
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*This is the new 2nd edition of the original "Andy The Spider" This book is written for Lower Middle Grade, Ages 7-10* Andy the curious spider, his sister Emily, George the hamster, and all their friends are back for another adventure. This time they must rescue Nina, a young hamster with whom George has fallen hopelessly and hilariously in love, from the clutches of the evil owls, Hope and Hank, who have kidnapped her for their own amusement. Everyone's favorite characters, including Charlie the squirrel, Tami the owl, and even the always-stinky skunk Jack, return for the second installment of Andy's nail-biting escapades in the forest beyond his human owners' yard.

Read On Speculative Fiction for Teens

Read On   Speculative Fiction for Teens Author Jamie Kallio
ISBN-10 9781598846539
Release 2012
Pages 126
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This guide offers exciting new reading paths for students who enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal themes. With over 350 titles organized into their primary appeal characteristics and scores of thematic lists, librarians and educators will benefit from lists of contemporary selections specifically written for teens. * A plethora of reading lists organized by theme, topic, and popularity * Bibliographic information and concise descriptions for each title

Did we see him The timely adventures of Charles Palmerston 1

Did we see him   The timely adventures of Charles Palmerston   1 Author Alan Place
ISBN-10 9781498977241
Release 2014-02-03
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This story is partially factual as the mystery reained unsolved.My book uses one of the popular theories of the time -- and my favourite theory -- to try and explain the circumstances.

Police on Screen

Police on Screen Author M. Ray Lott
ISBN-10 9781476609409
Release 2006-05-12
Pages 222
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From the Roman Praetorian Guard to the English shire-reeve to the U.S. marshals, lawmen have a long and varied history. At first, such groups were often corrupt, guilty of advancing a political agenda rather than protecting citizens. It was about the turn of the twentieth century that police officers as we know them came into being. At this time, a number of police reforms such as civil service and police unions were developed. Citizen committees were formed to oversee police function. About this same time, the technology of motion pictures was being advanced. Movies evolved from silent films with a limited budget and short running time to films with sound whose budget was ever rising and whose audience demanded longer, more complex story lines. From the infancy of moviemaking, lawmen of various types were popular subjects. Bounty hunters, sheriffs, private eyes, detectives and street officers--often portrayed by some of Hollywood's biggest names--have been depicted in every conceivable way. Compiled from a comprehensive examination of the material in question, this volume provides a critical-historical analysis of law enforcement in American cinema. From High Noon to The Empire Strikes Back, it examines the police in their many incarnations with emphasis on the ways in which lawmen are portrayed and how this portrayal changes over time. Each film discussed reveals something about society, subtly commenting on social conditions, racial issues and government interventions. Major historical events such as the Great Depression, World War II and the McCarthy trials find their way into many of these films. Significant film genres from science fiction to spaghetti western are represented. Films examined include Easy Street (1917), a nominal comedy starring Charlie Chaplin; Star Packer, a 1934 John Wayne film; The Maltese Falcon (1941) with Humphrey Bogart; Dirty Harry, a 1971 Clint Eastwood classic; Leslie Nielsen's spoof Naked Gun (1988); and 1993's Tombstone featuring Kurt Russell. The filmography contains a synopsis along with information on director, screenplay, starring actors and year of production. Photographs and an index are also included.

Public Face Private Vice

Public Face Private Vice Author Keith Wainman
ISBN-10 9781784629915
Release 2015-08-28
Pages 200
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A gripping crime novel and the second in the series of books featuring charismatic Chief Super Charlie Smith. Charlie Smith, of the Murder and Serious Crime Squad, finds that his team have landed a case where everyone seems to have something to hide. The death of a BBC presenter leads them to the heart of the broadcasting establishment in their search for the killer. But how is it that the culprit is always one step ahead of them..? Keith Wainman’s first book, Why Was She Killed? introduced us to Chief Superintendent Charlie Smith, a policeman with few friends in high places. Public Face Private Vice takes us back into his world in a bid to outsmart the killer.

Beyond the Beanstalk

Beyond the Beanstalk Author Lynn Rubright
ISBN-10 UOM:49015002485671
Release 1996
Pages 176
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Lynn Rubright demonstrates how K-6 teachers can use storytelling and the expressive arts as motivational tools to develop students' skills.

The Founding Flies

The Founding Flies Author Mike Valla
ISBN-10 9780811708333
Release 2013
Pages 312
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43 American fly-tying masters, including Mary Orvis Marbury, Thaddeus Norris, and Theodore Gordon.

The Spider Shepherd Collection 8 10

The Spider Shepherd Collection 8 10 Author Stephen Leather
ISBN-10 9781473627284
Release 2015-07-16
Pages 1456
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'Let Spider draw you into his web - you won't regret it' Sun The 8th, 9th and 10th thrillers in Stephen Leather's bestselling Spider Shepherd series, available in one all-action collection, including FAIR GAME, FALSE FRIENDS and TRUE COLOURS. Fair Game When Somali pirates seize the crew of a yacht off the coast of Africa, they bite off more than they can chew. One of the hostages has friends in high places and Spider Shepherd is put on the case. But as Shepherd closes in on his quarry he realises that there's much more at stake than the lives of the hostages and that the pirates are involved in a terrorist plot that will strike at the heart of London. False Friends The most wanted man in the world is dead. Now those loyal to him seek revenge. When Navy Seals track down and kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, al-Qaeda realise they have a traitor in their midst. After the false friends are revealed to be two British students, Malik and Chaudhry, Dan 'Spider' Shepherd must teach the pair how to survive undercover. True Colours The Russian oligarchs are the world's new elite. They treat the world as their plaything, travelling without borders and living lives of unimaginable luxury without fear or restraint. But when an assassin starts killing off some of the world's richest men, an oligarch with friends in high places seeks the protection of MI5. And Spider Shepherd is placed in the firing line.

Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors Author Jenny Nimmo
ISBN-10 9781780312057
Release 2012-03-05
Pages 368
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Classic magic and mystery from one of Britain’s best-loved authors of fantasy adventure. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Eva Ibbotson, Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart and Shane Hegarty’s Darkmouth. An Academy for magic and special talents. A destiny unfulfilled. A secret legacy. The fourth instalment of the international best-selling series from Jenny Nimmo starring Charlie Bone. Charlie and his friends are back in danger, and the balance of power between the Children of the Red King has never been more dangerous. Billy finally gets his longed-for parents, but he soon wishes he hadn't when the oaths he's forced to sign come flying through the air at him. Even with the power of Tancred's storms and Lysander's ancestors, Charlie Bone is running short of allies - just when he needs them most. Have you collected all of the Charlie Bone series? Midnight for Charlie Bone Charlie Bone and the Time Twister Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors Charlie Bone and the Hidden King Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock Charlie Bone and the Red Knight Also look out for The Snow Spider trilogy. ‘Dark, funny, crackling with magic’ – author Artemis Cooper on Midnight for Charlie Bone ‘A fast moving, dialogue driven romp with plenty of cliff-hangers for those first hooked into reading by Harry Potter’ – Bookseller on Midnight for Charlie Bone Jenny Nimmo is the acclaimed author of the Charlie Bone series. She has won several significant awards for her children’s fiction, including the Nestle Smarties Book Prize and the Tir na n-Og Welsh Arts Council award for The Snow Spider. She lives in Wales with her husband, David.

Who Do You Think You re Kidding

Who Do You Think You re Kidding Author Lina Ashar
ISBN-10 9788184003628
Release 2012-11-16
Pages 302
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The twenty-first century is a tough place for a child. The competition is razor-edged, the temptations myriad. Gone are the days when children played catch in the neighbourhood, ate what they were given, and went to bed by 9. Now it’s all about staying ahead of the game, being in the know, having the latest gizmos. How does one then raise a happy and well-rounded child amid the pressures of this new age? In Who Do You Think You’re Kidding? acclaimed educationist Lina Ashar shows you how to: • prepare your child for a competitive new world by choosing what they want to study • shift focus from book-based studying to creative higher education • deal with adolescence • discover your child’s true potential. Based on her experiences and research, as a parent and teacher, this book will equip Indian parents with the right tools to guide their children on the right path.


Afi Author Patricia King Hanson
ISBN-10 0520215214
Release 1999
Pages 1115
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A descriptive listing of the films produced during this decade is presented together with credit and subject indices