Jihad Beyond Islam

Jihad Beyond Islam Author Gabriele Marranci
ISBN-10 9781845201586
Release 2006-08-07
Pages 184
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By observing the current crisis of identity among ordinary Muslims, this book explores why, and in what circumstances Muslims speak of jihad. In the end, jihad is what Muslims say it is. Marranci offers us a nuanced and anthropolitical understanding of Muslims' lives beyond the predictable clichés.

Beyond Jihad

Beyond Jihad Author Kim Ezra Shienbaum
ISBN-10 9781933146195
Release 2006
Pages 296
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Non Western Muslim intellectuals discuss nature and purpose of Jihadi terrorism and the battle for Islam's future.

Beyond Jihad

Beyond Jihad Author Lamin O. Sanneh
ISBN-10 9780199351619
Release 2016-09-01
Pages 400
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Over the course of the last 1400 years, Islam has grown from a small band of followers on the Arabian peninsula into a global religion of over a billion believers. How did this happen? The usual answer is that Islam spread by the sword - that believers waged jihad against rival tribes andkingdoms and forced them to convert. Lamin Sanneh argues that this is far from the case. Beyond Jihad examines the origin and evolution of the Muslim African pacifist tradition, beginning with an inquiry into Islam's beginnings and expansion in North Africa and its transmission across trans-Saharantrade routes to West Africa. The book focuses on the ways in which, without jihad, the religion spread and took hold, and what that assimilation process means for understanding the nature of religious and social change.At the heart of this process were clerics who used educational, religious, and legal scholarship to promote Islam. Once this clerical class emerged it offered continuity and stability in the midst of political changes and cultural shifts; it helped inhibit the spread of radicalism, and otherwisechallenged it in specific jihad outbreaks. With its roots in the Mali Empire and its policy of religious and inter-ethnic accommodation, and going beyond routes and kingdoms, pacifist teaching tracked a cumulative pathway for Islam in remote districts of the Mali Empire by instilling a patient,Sufi-inspired, and jihad-negating impulse into religious life and practice. Islam was successful in Africa, the book argues, not because of military might but because it was made African by Africans who adapted it to a variety of contexts.

Religious Ideology and the Roots of the Global Jihad

Religious Ideology and the Roots of the Global Jihad Author J. Turner
ISBN-10 9781137409577
Release 2014-08-26
Pages 209
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The events of 9/11 prompted questions as to the origins, nature and purpose of international jihadist organisations. In particular, why had they chosen to target the US and the West in general? Turner's book provides a unique, holistic insight into these debates, taking into account historical perceptions and ideology as key factors.

Beyond Secularism and Jihad

Beyond Secularism and Jihad Author Peter D. Beaulieu
ISBN-10 9780761858386
Release 2012-07-13
Pages 514
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Peter D. Beaulieu examines the challenge posed by—and to—modernity and historic Islam as they encounter one another. He compares the Western separation of Church and state with the unitary Islamic State, and explores the proposed cultural and societal principles of the Second Vatican Council as potentially influencing long-term events in both arenas. Beaulieu’s research is comprehensive and richly documented, yet offers an accessible triangular inquiry into the mosque, the manger, and modernity. By restoring a place at the table for Trinitarian Christianity alongside the engulfing monotheism of Islam and the alternative skepticism of Western rationalism, this inquiry broadens the pallet of inter-religious and intercultural contact points. Beyond Secularism and Jihad? provides balanced attention to the differences as well as the similarities between Christianity, Islam, and modernity. An emerging theme is natural law, which is universal and intrinsic to all mankind and not confined to competing theologies. Neglected in the West that it helped create, natural law might contribute to the needed “grammar” for dialogue between the citizens in the West and the followers of Islam.

Twenty First Century Jihad

Twenty First Century Jihad Author Elisabeth Kendall
ISBN-10 9780857737175
Release 2015-06-04
Pages 376
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The term ‘jihad’ has come to be used as a byword for fanaticism and Islam’s allegedly implacable hostility towards the West. But, like other religious and political concepts, jihad has multiple resonances and associations, its meaning shifting over time and from place to place. Jihad has referred to movements of internal reform, spiritual struggle and self-defence as much as to ‘holy war’. And among Muslim intellectuals, the meaning and significance of jihad remain subject to debate and controversy. With this in mind, Twenty-First Century Jihad examines the ways in which the concept of jihad has changed, from its roots in the Qur’an to its usage in current debate. This book explores familiar modern political angles, and touches on far less commonly analysed instances of jihad, incorporating issues of law, society, literature and military action. As this key concept is ever-more important for international politics and security studies, Twenty-First Century Jihad contains vital analysis for those researching the role of religion in the modern world.

Theologie der Gewalt

Theologie der Gewalt Author Rüdiger Lohlker
ISBN-10 9783825246488
Release 2016-05-09
Pages 206
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Rüdiger Lohlker schöpft in seiner Darstellung aktuellen dschihadistischen Denkens hauptsächlich aus arabischen Originalquellen. Die Besonderheit seiner Analyse des schriftlichen und audiovisuellen, vor allem im Internet verbreiteten Propagandamaterials liegt darin, dass der religiöse Anspruch des IS ernst genommen wird, ohne ihn als Ausdruck des Islams im Allgemeinen zu nehmen. Damit bietet er notwendiges Wissen, um das Phänomen IS in seinem Kern zu verstehen.

Islam Jihad

Islam   Jihad Author Abdul Gafoor Abdul Majeed Noorani
ISBN-10 1842772716
Release 2002
Pages 162
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A.G. Noorani provides non-Muslims with the history and understanding of certain basic concepts needed to counteract the recent upsurge of ill-informed prejudice against Muslims not only in the West but also some Third World countries; and for Muslims to see through any tendency to romanticize the crude and un-islamic brutalities of fundamentalists whom he sees as imposters who are misusing the faith as a political weapon.

Homeland Security Organization in Defence Against Terrorism

Homeland Security Organization in Defence Against Terrorism Author J. P. I. A. G. Charvat
ISBN-10 9781614990468
Release 2012
Pages 215
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This book presents the proceedings of the NATO Centre of Excellence - Defence Against Terrorism (COE-DAT) Advanced Research Workshop entitled Homeland Security Organization in Defence Against Terrorism, held in Ankara, Turkey, in November 2009. The workshop brought together participants from some 13 countries and consisted of five sessions: current threats to homeland security from terrorism; homeland security organization; legal and security responses to terrorism in homeland security; the challenge of international terrorism; other threats; and countering radicalization and the psychology of terrorism. During these sessions, presentations by thirteen expert speakers from eight countries were followed by a debate. The workshop concluded with a final discussion of all the topics reflected in the individual papers presented.

Islam and Warfare

Islam and Warfare Author Onder Bakircioglu
ISBN-10 9781134091638
Release 2014-10-30
Pages 220
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The question of how Islamic law regulates the notions of just recourse to and just conduct in war has long been the topic of heated controversy, and is often subject to oversimplification in scholarship and journalism. This book traces the rationale for aggression within the Islamic tradition, and assesses the meaning and evolution of the contentious concept of jihad. The book reveals that there has never been a unified position on what Islamic warfare tangibly entails, due to the complexity of relevant sources and discordant historical dynamics that have shaped the contours of jihad. Onder Bakircioglu advocates a dynamic reading of Islamic law and military tradition; one which prioritises the demands of contemporary international relations and considers the meaning and application of jihad as contingent on the socio-political forces of each historical epoch. This book will be of great interest to scholars and students of international law, Islamic law, war and security studies, and the law of armed conflict.

The Anthropology of Islam

The Anthropology of Islam Author Gabriele Marranci
ISBN-10 9781847886200
Release 2008-03-01
Pages 224
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An increasing number of people have questions about Islam and Muslims. But how can we approach and study Islam after September 11th? Which is the best methodology to understand an Islam that is changing in a globalized world? The Anthropology of Islam argues that Islam today needs to be studied as a living religion through the observation of everyday Muslim life. Drawing on extensive original fieldwork, Marranci provides provocative analyses of Islam and its relation to issues such as identities, politics, culture, power and gender. The Anthropology of Islam is unprecedented in its innovative and challenging discussion about fieldwork among Muslims, and its ethnographically based interpretations of contemporary aspects of Islam in a post-September 11th society. The book will appeal to those in anthropology and beyond who see and are interested in investigating the unsettled place of Islam in our multicultural society.

Religion and Violence

Religion and Violence Author Dominic Arcamone
ISBN-10 9781498206945
Release 2015-08-17
Pages 294
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The aim of Religion and Violence is to engage dialectically key symbols of religiously motivated violence through the insights of Bernard Lonergan. Sociologists and psychologists argue the link between religion and violence. Religion is viewed more as part of the problem and not part of the solution to violence. Bernard Lonergan's insights have helped the author arrive at a number of conclusions regarding the link between religion and violence. He argues that there is a difference between distorted religion and genuine religion, between authenticity and inauthenticity of the subject. Distorted religion has the capacity to shape traditions in ways that justify violence, while genuine religion heals persons, helps them make different moral decisions when confronted with situations of conflict, and aims to explore new ways of understanding themselves as shaping history toward progress. Further, Religion and Violence, while arguing from within the Catholic Christian tradition, nevertheless seeks to provide a number of categories that will speak to people from other cultural traditions. Since many of the examples of religious violence cited by commentators come out of the Islamic tradition, the author has evidenced and explored more authentic aspects of the Islamic tradition that would help provide a solution to violence.

Faith Ideology and Fear

Faith  Ideology and Fear Author Gabriele Marranci
ISBN-10 9781441131447
Release 2011-10-20
Pages 192
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Based on four years anthropological research within prisons and Muslim communities in the UK, this book offers a unique discussion of the relationship between the experience of prison among Muslims and the formation of religious identity. Gabriele Marranci thoroughly examines Muslim religious life in prison, the work of Muslim chaplains and imams (and the overall impact that they have on Muslim prisoners), providing an analysis of the current prison policies aiming to prevent radicalisation, and discusses the counterproductive results of an increasing young Muslim presence in prisons, as well as the reaction of the Muslim communities to this increase. Marranci suggests that the prison environment, and increasing restrictions therein, are linked to the fear of radicalization, and are facilitating identity processes in which Islam turns into an ideology. This important study goes on to make a thorough examination of the lives of former Muslim prisoners, showing how they are particularly vulnerable to extremists' recruitment, and explaining the dynamics which have led, in certain cases, to their recommitting offences, or embarking on a path of radicalization.

Global Political Islam

Global Political Islam Author Peter Mandaville
ISBN-10 9781134341368
Release 2010-07-02
Pages 408
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An accessible and comprehensive account of the global dimensions of political Islam in the twenty-first century, explaining political Islam, nationalism and globalization and providing a detailed account of Al Qaeda.

Islam and Politics

Islam and Politics Author Peter Mandaville
ISBN-10 9781317805502
Release 2014-06-20
Pages 456
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This book is an accessible and comprehensive account of political Islam in the twenty-first century. Drawing on insights from comparative politics and Islamic studies, it explains the complex interaction between Islam, society, the state, and processes of globalization. The book demonstrates that political Islam, far from being a monolithic phenomenon, varies considerably from country to country depending on its position in relation to society, the state, and the broader political environment. The book provides a portrait of Islam and politics through a combination of detailed case studies and country overviews that span the globe from the Middle East to Central and South Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe and North America—as well as a detailed account of the global jihadist movement. Engaging the debate on "post-Islamism" and the aftermath of Arab Uprisings, the book also provides a roadmap of possible futures for Islam and politics. Subjects covered include: • history of Islam and politics and an overview of key concepts • how political Islam interacts with the nation-state and the global economy • a wide variety of global case studies • profiles of key movements and individuals Fully illustrated throughout, featuring maps, a glossary and suggestions for further reading, this is the ideal introduction to the crucial role of political Islam in the contemporary world.

The Truth About Islam and Jihad

The Truth About Islam and Jihad Author John Ankerberg
ISBN-10 0736933719
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 80
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Emir Caner, converted Sunni Muslim and coauthor of the bestselling "Unveiling Islam," joins apologist John Ankerberg, host of the powerhouse "John Ankerberg Show," to tackle a topic crucial to twenty-first-century Christianity. Caner's immersion in the Islamic worldview, from growing up the son of a devout mosque leader, gives readers an authentic picture of Islam and "jihad--""holy war." He and Ankerberg go beyond the hopeful but often ignorant pronouncements of politicians and religious leaders, considering... the Qu'ran's contradictory declarations regarding conflict and tolerance the facts that Muhammad was a warrior and Islam is a religion of battle the deceptiveness of calling Islam a "religion of peace" the decisive role of "imams--"teachers--in radicalizing adherents the false impressions of Islam gained by considering only North American Muslims An invaluable tool for understanding this key issue and discussing it with Muslim and non-Muslim friends and acquaintances.

Nur wenn du allein kommst

Nur wenn du allein kommst Author Souad Mekhennet
ISBN-10 9783406711688
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 384
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Was passiert hinter den Fronten des Jihad? Wie ticken Warlords und jugendliche Attentäter? Spannend wie in einem Krimi berichtet Souad Mekhennet von ihren teils lebensgefährlichen Recherchen in den No-go-Areas des Terrors, allein, ohne Handy, bekleidet mit einer schwarzen Abaya. Die Journalistin Souad Mekhennet verfügt über ungewöhnliche Verbindungen zu den Most Wanted des Jihad – und über ein einzigartiges investigatives Talent. Sie deckte die Entführung und Folterung des Deutsch-Libanesen Khaled al-Masri durch die CIA auf, interviewte den Führer von al-Qaida im Maghreb, obwohl ihr die Geheimdienste auf den Fersen waren, lernte ein ägyptisches Foltergefängnis unfreiwillig von innen kennen, enttarnte den berüchtigten IS-Henker "Jihadi John" und wusste nach den Pariser Anschlägen schon vor der Polizei, wer der in Saint Denis erschossene Attentäter war. Ihre meisterhaften Nahaufnahmen lassen uns die Kämpfe und Wünsche der islamischen Welt besser verstehen und führen uns heilsam vor Augen, dass sich der Clash zwischen Islam und Westen in Wirklichkeit nur in den Köpfen abspielt.