Narwhal Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 9781101918265
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 64
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Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky narwhal. Jelly is a no-nonsense jellyfish. The two might not have a lot in common, but they do they love waffles, parties and adventures. Join Narwhal and Jelly as they discover the whole wide ocean together. A wonderfully silly early graphic novel series featuring three stories. In the first, Jelly learns that Narwhal is a really good friend. Then Narwhal and Jelly form their own pod of awesomeness with their ocean friends. And finally, Narwhal and Jelly read the best book ever -- even though it doesn't have any words...or pictures! Ben Clanton showcases the joys of friendship, the benefits of working together and the power of imagination in the delightful Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea.


Narwhal Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 1101918276
Release 2016
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Narwhal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Narwhal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Narwhal book for free.

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 1101919191
Release 2017-05-02
Pages 64
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Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt book for free.

Not Quite Narwhal

Not Quite Narwhal Author Jessie Sima
ISBN-10 9781481469098
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 40
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Born deep in the ocean, Kelp is not like the other narwhals and one day, when he spies a creature on land that looks like him, he learns why.


Narwhals Author Todd McLeish
ISBN-10 9780295804699
Release 2013-06-18
Pages 216
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Among all the large whales on Earth, the most unusual and least studied is the narwhal, the northernmost whale on the planet and the one most threatened by global warming. Narwhals thrive in the fjords and inlets of northern Canada and Greenland. These elusive whales, whose long tusks were the stuff of medieval European myths and Inuit legends, are uniquely adapted to the Arctic ecosystem and are able to dive below thick sheets of ice to depths of up to 1,500 meters in search of their prey-halibut, cod, and squid. Join Todd McLeish as he travels high above the Arctic circle to meet: Teams of scientific researchers studying the narwhal's life cycle and the mysteries of its tusk Inuit storytellers and hunters Animals that share the narwhals' habitat: walruses, polar bears, bowhead and beluga whales, ivory gulls, and two kinds of seals McLeish consults logbooks kept by whalers and explorers and interviews folklorists and historians to tease out the relationship between the real narwhal and the mythical unicorn. In Colorado, he visits climatologists studying changes in the seasonal cycles of the Arctic ice. From a history of the trade in narwhal tusks to descriptions of narwhals' vocalizations as heard through hydrophones, Narwhals reveals the beauty and thrill of the narwhal and its habitat, and the threat it faces from a rapidly changing world.


Narwhal Author Janet Halfmann
ISBN-10 159249871X
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 32
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Introduces narwhals, discussing their physical characteristics, predators, and migration patterns in the Arctic regions during different seasons.

Mo s Mustache

Mo s Mustache Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 9781101918555
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 26
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Mo is a monster who just got a mustache. A big, black, beautiful mustache. Everybody likes Mo's mustache. Now Knot, Dot, Nib, Tutu, Bob, Bill and Ben all have mustaches too. In fact, soon EVERYBODY has a mustache! Why is everyone copying Mo? And how will he (and his mustache) ever stand out? A wonderfully silly book about style and individuality, sure to grow on readers who don't have facial hair -- and even those who do!

It Came in the Mail

It Came in the Mail Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 9781481403603
Release 2016-06-21
Pages 40
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After Liam writes to his mailbox, asking for more mail, he gets his wish, but soon he realizes that sending mail is even more fun than receiving it.

Snow White

Snow White Author Matt Phelan
ISBN-10 9780763672331
Release 2016-09-01
Pages 216
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Award-winning graphic novelist Matt Phelan delivers a darkly stylized noir Snow White set against the backdrop of Depression-era Manhattan. The scene: New York City. The dazzling lights cast shadows that grow ever darker as the glitzy prosperity of the Roaring Twenties screeches to a halt. Enter a cast of familiar characters: a young girl, Samantha White, returning after being sent away by her cruel stepmother, the Queen of the Follies, years earlier; her father, the King of Wall Street, who survives the stock market crash only to suffer a strange and sudden death; seven street urchins, brave protectors for a girl as pure as snow; and a mysterious stock ticker that holds the stepmother in its thrall, churning out ticker tape imprinted with the wicked words "Another . . . More Beautiful . . . KILL." In a moody, cinematic new telling of a beloved fairy tale, extraordinary graphic novelist Matt Phelan captures the essence of classic film noir on the page—and draws a striking distinction between good and evil.

Something Extraordinary

Something Extraordinary Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 9781481403580
Release 2015-06-16
Pages 40
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"A little boy wants his wishes to come true"--

Mal and Chad The Biggest Bestest Time Ever

Mal and Chad  The Biggest  Bestest Time Ever Author Stephen McCranie
ISBN-10 9781101579770
Release 2011-05-12
Pages 224
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In the tradition of Calvin and Hobbes, MAL AND CHAD is a funny comic-strip graphic novel that makes a perfect first chapter book! Mal is a super kid genius and Chad is a talking dog, but no one knows it. What's it like to be so extraordinary and yet so invisible? Not even Megan, Mal's secret crush, has any idea that Mal is anything more than a dork. Fortunately, Mal and Chad are best friends with a penchant for adventure . . . even if the time-traveling does get them grounded by Mal's mom. Introducing the first in a series of illustrated chapter books by talented newcomer Stephen McCranie that are laugh-inducing, clever, and full of heart. Give this to any kid who's a reluctant reader or is just leaving picture books and be prepared to answer the question: "When can I read the next one?" From the Trade Paperback edition.


Narwhal Author Katie Marsico
ISBN-10 9781432953393
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 24
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Looks at a typical day and night in the life of a narwhal while presenting information about their behavior, what threatens them, and their body parts.

CatStronauts Mission Moon

CatStronauts  Mission Moon Author Drew Brockington
ISBN-10 9780316307468
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 160
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CatStronauts, you are needed! When the world is thrust into darkness due to a global energy shortage, the Worlds Best Scientist comes up with a bold plan to set up a solar power plant on the moon. But someone has to go up there to set it up, and that adventure falls to the CatStronauts, the best space cats on the planet! Meet the fearless commander Major Meowser, brave-but-hungry pilot Waffles, genius technician and inventor Blanket, and quick thinking science officer Pom Pom on their most important mission yet! In this graphic novel, debut author and illustrator Drew Brockington breathes life into a world populated entirely by cats, brimming with jokes, charm, science, and enough big boxes and tuna sandwiches for everyone!

Rex Wrecks It

Rex Wrecks It Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 9780763693084
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 32
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Look out! Here comes Rex! Children who love to construct and those who love to destroy will relate to this kid-pleasing tale that builds to a smashing finale. Gizmo, Sprinkles, and Wild are fed up. Every time they build something with their blocks, Rex wrecks it! Whether it's an out-of-this-world rocket, a magical heart, or the biggest, strongest, most awesomerific castle ever, Rex sends it crashing down with a ""Rawr!" "(and sometimes a sheepish""Rawry!"?"). Isn't there "any "way to make playtime fun for "everyone"? With Rex-size humor, Ben Clanton explores the challenges of friendship, the benefits of working together, and the joys of destruction.

Drawn to Color

Drawn to Color Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 9781632171092
Release 2017-08-22
Pages 64
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Color with critically acclaimed and up-and-coming artists in this unique Pacific Northwest-themed coloring book that features original art from over 20 children's book illustrators. With over 50 pages to color of subjects ranging from farmers' markets to food carts and coffee culture, to otters, wolves, and bears, to sea serpents, UFOs, and the Space Needle, this coloring book will appeal to both children and adults. The variety of art ranges from simple to highly detailed, offering a range of coloring challenges. Illustrators include: Alison Farrell Amy Hevron Aaron Bagley Andy Musser Ben Clanton Brandon Dorman Carolyn Conahan Carrie O'Neill Claudia McGehee Corey Tabor Dana Arnim Doug Keith Erik Brooks Frida Clements Jessixa Bagley Julie Kim Justin Hillgrove Kate Endle Liz Wong Richard Jesse Watson Sean David Williams Steven Henry

Vote for Me

Vote for Me Author Ben Clanton
ISBN-10 9781554538225
Release 2012
Pages 38
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A satire of American politics finds a donkey and an elephant resorting to just about anything to garner votes, and after all the mud-slinging is done and the votes are tallied, they are both quite surprised by the results.

Stuart s Cape

Stuart s Cape Author Sara Pennypacker
ISBN-10 0439301807
Release 2002
Pages 55
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A quick, inventive chapter book featuring an unusual hero--an eight-year-old worrier. We meet Stuart pressed against a rainy window, worried and bored. Worried, because hundreds of things could go wrong in a new house, a new town, a new school. Bored, because he has no one to play with and because his collection of Valuable Things disappeared during the move. He really needs an adventure. In one fateful moment, it all becomes clear: Stuart realizes that in order to have adventure, he needs a cape! After all, don't all those superheroes have capes? Each day the cape brings a different and unexpected adventure. He entertains a gorilla, a horse, and a dinosaur in his bedroom.