Natural Healing With Essential Oils

Natural Healing With Essential Oils Author Perspecty Tube
ISBN-10 9781365124808
Release 2016-08-18
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Essential oils can do much more than just produce lovely smells to make your home or bath smell pretty. Being highly concentrated oils from herbs, spices, and other plants, they hold some amazing healing properties. Essential oils are wonderful because they are completely natural and often do a better job than their synthetic, chemically-laden counterfeits. If you are interested in essential oils but aren’t sure where to start or which ones to buy, then this list is for you. Here are the top 9 essential oils to have on hand.


Aromatherapy Author Valerie Gennari Cooksley
ISBN-10 1941904009
Release 2015-05-04
Pages 552
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Aromatherapy: A Holistic Guide to Natural Healing with Essential Oils is a practical reference that features easy-to-follow 'recipes', close to 250 in all, plus instructions and helpful tips for the reader who wants to know how to use aromatherapy in the safest, simplest, and most straightforward manner in their home, while at work, and while travelling. Covering more than 100 common ailments, it is one of the most complete resource texts on the subject today and is utilized as a classic textbook in aromatherapy training courses in the United States. Written for those individuals interested in natural medicine: parents who want to practice only safe and natural care for their family, avid athletes who need relief from their aching muscles, the environmentally-conscious person who wants to avoid harmful chemicals, or the stressed out business executive who needs to unwind. Among the most remarkable benefits of essential oils are their positive effects on relieving contemporary stress, a major contributing factor in illness today. Aromatherapy has been around for centuries, but only in the last decade has it become recognized as a proven mainstream healing technique. And while current trends show that nearly half of the acute conditions in America are being treated without direct physician intervention, this resource is indispensable. Embraced by a growing desire to take charge of our own health and to be connected to what is real and natural, more and more people are turning to holistic self-care, and seeking simple, safe, and natural alternatives to achieve optimal wellness - which is the heart of this book. Holistic Nurse and best-selling author Valerie Cooksley has researched the healing benefits of essential oils, trained with leading physicians' worldwide, taught hundreds of students, including fellow nurses, and helped start numerous hospital-based aromatherapy programs across the U.S. From more than thirty years of professional practice, Ms. Cooksley shares real life cases and offers a holistic guide to utilizing and blending essential oils for maximum benefit keeping you and your family healthy. Aromatherapy is a hands-on guidebook to preventative self-care offering the reader a holistic education and the tools to practice this integrative therapy first hand, knowing that the body, mind and emotions do affect health. Supporting an intimate connection to nature while providing restorative and potent healing solutions is an integral part of this complete and practical guide -from bath blends and steam treatments to massage lotions and body scrubs; room sprays and diffuser synergies to teas and tonics - all natural, pleasurable to use, inexpensive, self-care practices that work. A few examples of the holistic remedies you will find inside... The ultimate flower-filled elixir for rejuvenating aging skin A cooling mint oil blend that eliminates tension headaches The warm bath soak that creates calm and reduces feelings of anxiety An aromatic natural formula that promotes restful sleep The uplifting herbal inhalation that eases depression Nature, in and of itself, has healing and restorative properties that contribute to wellness. Aromatherapy is connecting us to nature in a very intimate and natural way. Essential oils are as real and down-to-earth as the herbs in your kitchen pantry and the flowers growing in your garden and it is not necessary to have a graduate degree in biochemistry to use them correctly and to enjoy them. Aromatherapy has survived the ages and now is experiencing a reawakening for good reason. What better way to improve our health, appearance, and the environment around us, than through the benefits of essential oil therapy? We have come around full circle, from lab-created drugs and high-tech medicine to returning to our roots and embracing 'nature' medicine (once again) to experience health and wellness."

Natural Healing with Essential Oils

Natural Healing with Essential Oils Author Dennis Willmont
ISBN-10 0974125725
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 500
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Natural Healing with Essential Oils explores the world of Aromatherapy from the Chinese herbal and acupuncture perspective for both the layperson and the professional. These perspectives lend great insight into understanding how to create natural healing with essential oils on the levels of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Part I covers basic application techniques as well as various categories for organizing essential oil knowledge including: 1) Essential Oil Chemistry, 2) the Functional Categories of Disease, 3) the Five Phases, 4) the Seven Chakras, and 5) the Twelve Spirit Points of Acupuncture. Part II covers ninety essential oils in depth and includes sections on essential oil contents, properties, functions, uses, blends, contraindications, and discussions of character types and plant signatures. It also covers important Carrier Oils and forty-four Synergies analyzed by function. Part III covers how to use essential oils for health and disease and includes extensive chapters on Psycho-Emotional Disorders; Heart and Circulatory Disease; Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit; Breast Cancer; Prostate Cancer; Children! s Disorders; Respiratory Disorders; Musculo-Skeletal Disorders; as well as a full spectrum of other disease categories from addictions to urinary problems. This book is designed to read either from cover to cover for a greater depth of insight into natural healing issues, or simply as a reference manual. It contains over two hundred fifteen charts, graphs, and figures that make it easy to understand, use, and remember the concepts that are presented in the text as well as over sixty beautiful illustrations of the plants used in the art of aromatherapy.Dennis Willmont has been practicing acupuncture, Taijiquan and Daoist meditation for thirty years. In the early 1980! s he created and directed the first professional program of Shiatsu and Acupressure Therapy in North America. His unique blend of scholarship and intuition has led to the formation of a multi-volume series on the energetics and Body/Mind/Spirit connection in ancient acupuncture. Dennis uses Essential Oils and Chinese herbs in his acupuncture practice in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Aromatherapy for Women

Aromatherapy for Women Author Shirley Price
ISBN-10 184215916X
Release 2004-01-14
Pages 96
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Cleanse the body and balance the mind with this illustrated book. Aromatherapy can be used for the everyday demands in a woman's life, by responding to physical and emotional issues such as stress and depression, boosting health and vitality, treating your hair, nails and body, and alleviating the discomforts of menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Discover the relaxing and invigorating therapeutic treatments which use aromatic essential oils, and draw on the healing properties of plants. Develop your own bath drops and massage oils, ideal for restoring mind-body harmony.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Author Cassandra Slain
ISBN-10 1514291207
Release 2015-06-10
Pages 28
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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy have innumerable benefits and uses. If you're interested in getting started utilizing these all natural solutions, this is the book for you! Take action now to start relieving your stress, extending your vitality, and shaving off those extra pounds! Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn! Aromatherapy Explained Essential Oils Explained Essential Oil Extraction, Distillation, & Storage Multiple Methods of Treatment Alternative Vs Complementary Therapy Most Effective and Commonly Used Essential Oils & Their Benefits Examples Of Uses Explained Much, much more! Download your copy today! Keywords: Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Beginners, Guide, Stress Relief, Weight Loss, Recipes, Health, Natural, Holistic, Scents, Aroma, Vitality, Longevity, Wrinkles, How To, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Candles, Happiness, Sleep, Energy, Ailments, Illness, Skin Care

Essential Oils of the Bible

Essential Oils of the Bible Author Randi Minetor
ISBN-10 1623157382
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 240
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It can be difficult to find the time and means by which we can reinforce our values and practice the principles of our faith. One way of connecting to our spiritual selves or a higher power is through an essential oils practice, by making their soothing and sanctifying properties a part of daily routine. In Biblical times, essential oils were used for everything from holy ceremonies to everyday needs. Today, we can harness the all-natural power of essential oils to calm, purify, and heal our bodies and homes. Essential Oils of the Bible is written at the intersection of science and spirituality, allowing the benefits of both to infuse your spiritual essential oils practice. In Essential Oils of the Bible, you will find: Profiles of 30 essential oils of the Bible, each beautifully illustrated and featuring a verse in which it's mentionedOil profiles that specify medicinal properties and uses, precautions, and complementary or substitute oils 75 common needs for essential oils-from flu and muscle pain to kitchen care-and 150 simple remedies and recipesA handy list of oils in Scripture, noting book, chapter, and verse for each As practical as it is informative, Essential Oils of the Bible will shed new light on the essential oils that God manifested for natural health and wellness.

Step by step Aromatherapy

Step by step Aromatherapy Author Carole McGilvery
ISBN-10 1843097826
Release 2003
Pages 96
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Step by step Aromatherapy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Step by step Aromatherapy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Step by step Aromatherapy book for free.

The Healing Art of Essential Oils

The Healing Art of Essential Oils Author Kac Young
ISBN-10 9780738751733
Release 2017-01-08
Pages 384
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Simple and potent, essential oils will transport you into a new world of aromatic awakening, physical healing, and natural delight. The Healing Art of Essential Oils is a comprehensive guide to fifty carefully selected oils, providing a master class in beneficial uses, blending suggestions, spiritual uses, background and history, cautions, names, ruling planet, and corresponding element. Used for their spiritual and curative properties by cultures around the world for thousands of years, the essential oils presented here can help you achieve holistic wellness and personal enrichment. Discover how to use oils for physical and emotional healing. Explore how oils compliment chakra work and astrology. Learn which oils to purchase first and which to avoid. This book also includes recipes for pain remedies, aphrodisiacs, warding off coughs and colds, insect repellant, household cleaners, relaxation and stress relief, skin creams and moisturizers, weight loss rubs, and much more.

Essential Oils for Healing

Essential Oils for Healing Author Vannoy Gentles Fite
ISBN-10 9781250082619
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 304
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All over the world, people are turning toward homeopathic and alternative medicines. Essential Oils for Healing is an easy-to-use guide for anyone who wants to learn how to use essential oils to heal a multitude of ills. Ailments are listed in alphabetical order and are accompanied by hundreds of recipes you can re-create at home using the essential oils at your disposal. Tips on safe handling and usage, contraindications, and storage ensure that even the most novice of essential oils user can get the healing benefits from our planet's natural resources. Did you know that a few drops of lavender oil can be added to your kids' shampoo to protect them from head lice? Or that a drop of clove oil mixed with orange oil can relieve a mind-numbing toothache? Common, everyday problems such as nausea, dry skin, and insect bites to more serious issues like migraines and arthritis are included along with all-natural remedies that are simple and accessible.

Essential Oils Natural Remedies

Essential Oils Natural Remedies Author Althea Press
ISBN-10 1623154243
Release 2015-01-21
Pages 456
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Essential Oils Natural Remedies offers essential oils practitioners of all levels a comprehensive home reference for a lifetime of health-related needs.

Medical Aromatherapy

Medical Aromatherapy Author Kurt Schnaubelt
ISBN-10 9781583948088
Release 2013-07-23
Pages 304
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This distinguished organic chemist shares his in depth knowledge of the particular current value of essential oils, for health on all levels. In an era when Western allopathic medicine has less and less appeal, this self-care method is a potent alternative, with roots going back to ancient times. Dr. Schaubelt has a gift for presenting facts and information in a way that is intriguing and easy to assimilate. In the flood of "coffee table" aromatherapy books currently available, this is a much needed and welcome source for those truly interested in taking responsiblity for their own health.

7 Steps to Healing and Wellness Using Essential Oils with the Kybalion as a Guide

7 Steps to Healing and Wellness   Using Essential Oils  with the Kybalion as a Guide Author Dr Nalani
ISBN-10 9780615176185
Release 2007-12
Pages 300
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In 7 Steps to Healing and Wellness, Dr. Nalani has effectively fused the ancient Kemetic philosophy of the Kybalion, holistic nutrition and the application of Essential Oils into a practical, wonderfully informative, easily understood resource for everyone on the natural healing path.

The Healing Power of Essential Oils

The Healing Power of Essential Oils Author Rodolphe Balz
ISBN-10 8120816129
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 203
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The heart of this book is the index of the essential oils and their properties.

Essential Oils The Ultimate Guide To Essential Oils

Essential Oils  The Ultimate Guide To Essential Oils Author Summer Accardo, RN
ISBN-10 9788827509814
Release 2017-11-02
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From bestselling author and registered nurse, Summer Accardo, RN, comes this ultimate guide to essential oils and aromatherapy. The extraordinary healing powers of essential oils and aromatherapy are endless, but it's difficult to know what to do or where to start if you're inexperienced. With The Essential Oils Ultimate Guide, you can practice holistic and natural healing without the cost, struggles, or complications of consulting practitioners or taking medications that may cause side effects. The Essential Oils Ultimate Guide Contains Every Conceivable Use For Essential Oils And Aromatherapy That You'll Need In Your Everyday Life! Learn How Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Can Manage Everything From Basic First Aid To Treating Chronic Health Conditions. Refreshing Essential Oils And Aromatherapy are your answers to holistically relieving just about any ailment under the sun. This Ultimate Guide To Aromatherapy Will Show You: How essential oils and aromatherapy can ease depression, sadness, worry and anxiety. Which essential oils relieve migraine headaches and back pain. How essential oils and aromatherapy can help you sleep like a baby. Why essential oils and aromatherapy may work better than medications to heal your ailments. How essential oils and aromatherapy can help you with your weight loss struggles. How essential oils and aromatherapy can even benefit your pets. This book discusses aromatherapy and essential oils in terms that are easy to understand and practical.Learn how to unlock the healing powers of aromatherapy and essential oils today! Unleash the therapeutic health and healing benefits with The Essential Oils Ultimate Guide. Buy Now! Keywords: essential oils, essential oils and aromatherapy, aromatherapy, essential oils book, essential oils for pets, essential oils for dogs, essential oils for anxiety, essential oils for weight loss, anxiety relief, anxiety workbook, anxiety and depression, mood disorders, anxiety, holistic healing, alternative therapies, holistic health, health books, medical books, alternative medicine books, herbal remedies, natural remedies, home remedies, healthy living, happiness books, self help books, diabetes books, natural healing, essential oils, essential oils and aromatherapy, aromatherapy books, aromatherapy, essential oils books, alternative medicine, mindfulness meditation, holistic healing, herbal medicine, happiness books, motivational books, menoopause symptoms, menopause, arthritis, asthma, anxiety and depression, massage, apple cider vinegar, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, paleo diet, weight loss after 50, high blood pressure, pregnancy books, natural healing, natural remedies, homeopathic medicine, high cholesterol, lower cholesterol naturally, belly fat diet, how to lose belly fat, health books, health book, massage, mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, acupressure, acid reflux, relaxation, motivation, motivational books, medical books, self-help books, happiness books, happiness. parenting, parenting books, lower blood pressure naturally, diffuser essential oils aromatherapy, diet programs, diet program, ketogenic diet, anti inflammatory diet, paleo diet, smoothie recipes, low carb recipes, yoga, massage oils, meditation, massage, Reiki, tantric massage, herbal remedies, anxiety, self improvement, time management, confidence, pregnancy guides, DIY beauty recipes, productivity, lifehacks, life hacks, personal transformation, organic skin care, carrier for essential oils, essential oils for panic attacks

Essential Oils Aromatherapy An Introductory Guide More Than 300 Recipes for Health Home and Beauty

Essential Oils   Aromatherapy  An Introductory Guide  More Than 300 Recipes for Health  Home and Beauty Author Sonoma Press
ISBN-10 9781942411147
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 328
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Your Personal Guide to the World of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and other healing plants are likely right at your fingertips, or just beyond at a nearby garden. Now unlocking their healing powers is, too. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: An Introductory Guide offers all the techniques, tools, and tips you need to start creating natural, toxic-free medicine and everyday household products from the comfort of your home. Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Essential Oils • Enjoy Your Personal Apothecary, which includes profiles of more than 60 essential oils • Learn to measure, dispense, and blend essential oils like a seasoned aromatherapist • Discover the 25 most effective essential oils for natural healing • Master techniques for massage, acupressure, inhalation, and more • Study safety tips for pregnant women, children, babies, and pets Over 300 Natural Recipes for Every Household • Apply everyday remedies for common ailments such as acne, migraines, nausea, and stress • Use toxic-free household items, from lavender laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner to air fresheners • Enjoy calming beauty treatments, including face masks, body butter, and soothing bath salts

Natural Healing with Aromatherapy

Natural Healing with Aromatherapy Author Gisela Bulla
ISBN-10 0806942215
Release 1998-12-31
Pages 96
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Here is step-by-step guidance in a modern approach to an ancient means of healing. Readers will learn the basics of how natural scents work on the respiratory system, muscles, joints, and internal organs, as well as their effects on the conscious and unconscious mind.

The Pet Lover s Guide to Natural Healing for Cats Dogs

The Pet Lover s Guide to Natural Healing for Cats   Dogs Author Barbara Fougère
ISBN-10 9781416029861
Release 2006
Pages 628
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Presenting detailed information on alternative therapies for both dogs and cats, this book is divided into three main parts: diet and natural therapies; recommendations for specific health conditions, such as skin problems or digestive tract problems; and an overview of health maintenance and preventive health, including information about vaccinations, weight control, and caring for the aging pet.