Pharmacology Author Gary C. Rosenfeld
ISBN-10 0781780748
Release 2007
Pages 372
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This concise review of medical pharmacology is designed for medical students, dental students, and others in the health care professions. It is intended primarily to help students prepare for licensing examinations such as the USMLE Step 1 or similar examinations. Each chapter presents specific drugs and discusses their general properties, mechanism of action, pharmacologic effects, therapeutic uses, and adverse effects. Drug lists and two-color tables and figures summarize essential drug information in all chapters. Clinically oriented USMLE-style review questions and answers with explanations follow each chapter. A comprehensive examination consisting of USMLE-style questions appears at the end of the book.


Pharmacology Author Michelle A. Clark
ISBN-10 9781451113143
Release 2011-12-15
Pages 608
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Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology, Fifth Edition enables rapid review and assimilation of complex information and focuses on the essentials of medical pharmacology. Clear, sequential pictures present mechanisms of action and actually show, rather than tell, students how drugs work. This book features a signature outline format with more than 500 full-color illustrations and cross-references to other volumes in this bestselling, student-oriented series.


Pharmacology Author Miles Hacker
ISBN-10 0080919227
Release 2009-06-19
Pages 608
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Pharmacology meets the rapidly emerging needs of programs training pharmacologic scientists seeking careers in basic research and drug discovery rather than such applied fields as pharmacy and medicine. While the market is crowded with many clinical and therapeutic pharmacology textbooks, the field of pharmacology is booming with the prospects of discovering new drugs, and virtually no extant textbook meets this need at the student level. The market is so bereft of such approaches that many pharmaceutical companies will adopt Hacker et al. to help train new drug researchers. The boom in pharmacology is driven by the recent decryption of the human genome and enormous progress in controlling genes and synthesizing proteins, making new and even custom drug design possible. This book makes use of these discoveries in presenting its topics, moving logically from drug receptors to the target molecules drug researchers seek, covering such modern topics along the way as side effects, drug resistance, pharmacogenomics, and even nutriceuticals, one in a string of culminating chapters on the drug discovery process. The book is aimed at advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in medical, pharmacy, and graduate schools looking for a solid introduction to the basic science of pharmacology and envisioning careers in drug research. Uses individual drugs to explain molecular actions Full color art program explains molecular and chemical concepts graphically Logical structure reflecting the current state of pharmacology and translational research Covers such intricacies as drug resistance and cell death Consistent format across chapters and pedagogical strategies make this textbook a superior learning tool

Japanese Journal of Medical Sciences

Japanese Journal of Medical Sciences Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015070506129
Release 1929
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Vols. include separately paged sections: Abstracts of pharmacological papers published in Japan; Proceedings of the Japanese Pharmacological Society.

Pharmacology 2 e

Pharmacology  2 e Author Bhattacharya
ISBN-10 8181470095
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 624
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This edition of Pharmacology has been thoroughly revised and updated to conform to the recommendations of the MCI regarding the teaching of pharmacology, and to include the latest developments in pharmacology and drug treatment modalities. Special emphasis has been laid on essential and commonly used drugs . WHO and national government recommendations in the drug treatment of prevalent problematic but preventable and treatable diseases responsible for wide scale morbidity and mortality, common poisonings, addictions and rational use of drugs in special situations, e.g. pregnancy, lactation, infancy and old age and in the presence of hepatic and renal dysfunction. Rational Use of Drugs (RUD) and Essential Drugs Programme (EDP) have been discussed, and their importance has been emphasized. Government of India s Essential Drug List (EDL) has been included. A chapter on Clinical Pharmacology and Prescription Writing has been added. About the Author : - Salil K Bhattacharya MD, PhD, FCAI, FAMS, FIBRO, Emeritus Scientist (ICMR), Department of Pharmacology, Postgraduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Calcutta University, Kolkata, India; Formerly, Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.

Japanese journal of medical sciences

Japanese journal of medical sciences Author Gakujutsu Kenkyū Kaigi (Japan)
ISBN-10 UOM:39015070506335
Release 1941
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Vols. include separately paged sections: Abstracts of pharmacological papers published in Japan; Proceedings of the Japanese Pharmacological Society.

Pharmacology Secrets

Pharmacology Secrets Author Patricia K. Anthony
ISBN-10 1560534702
Release 2002
Pages 305
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This new book from The Secrets Series® covers not only mechanisms of action, uses, and pharmacokinetics of all major drugs and new arrivals, it also includes a clear explanation of the physiology and biochemistry behind the concepts-and it relates this material to clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. Perfect for the current pharmacology curriculum and practical enough for everyday clinical use. Excellent quick refresher for practitioners and nurses Presents coverage of major drugs as well as new arrivals Geared toward use in pharmacology courses Appendix discusses areas in pharmacology that are difficult for students (e.g., cardiac action potential) Concise answers that include the author's pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets" Bulleted lists, algorithms, and illustrations for quick review 50 succinct chapters written by experts their fields All the most important "need-to-know" questions and answers in the proven format of the highly acclaimed Secrets Series® Thorough, highly detailed index


Pharmacology Author George M. Brenner
ISBN-10 9781437722215
Release 2009-01-27
Pages 552
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Pharmacology, by George Brenner, PhD, and Craig Stevens, PhD, is a succinct textbook that allows you to move through pharmacology at an accelerated pace, while showing you how to apply the most important concepts to everyday clinical problem solving and decision making. Online access to Student Consult-featuring convenient chapter-by-chapter summaries...USMLE-style questions...and much more...enhances your study and exponentially boosts your reference power. The all-new, full-color format in the new edition-combined with a consistent chapter organization-makes learning and review efficient, while straightforward and clear illustrations explain difficult concepts and help you with retention of the material. Thorough revisions throughout provide you with the latest information on pharmacology, and all-new review questions at the end of each chapter help you assess your mastery of the subject to prepare you for both course exams and the USMLE Step 1. Provides online access to Student Consult where you’ll find a wealth of resources-that enhance your study and exponentially boosts your reference power. Focuses on “must-know? pharmacology information that fosters an efficient mastery of the subject. Summarizes information in tables throughout for quick reference. Features straightforward and clear full-color illustrations that enhance understanding and retention. Presents integrated material from other basic sciences that show how drugs affect the body. Includes drug classification boxes at the beginning of each chapter that make this important information easy to locate and review. Features an all-new full-color format that offers a more visually appealing layout that makes learning and review more efficient. Presents all new self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter that let you test yourself and prepare for your exams. Includes a case study for each chapter that links basic science with clinical practice. Provides a convenient online chapter-by-chapter summary via Student Consult that makes review easier.


Pharmacology Author Carol T. Walsh
ISBN-10 0203005791
Release 2004-12-22
Pages 561
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Completely revised and updated, this is the seventh edition of Levine's classic pharmacology textbook. Known for it's thorough coverage and intelligent organization, the book covers the basic principles of pharmacological interactions on the human body in a way that is useful for both undergraduate and graduate students. Beginning with historical perspectives, nomenclature and definitions, the topics broaden to include sites and mechanisms of drug actions and travel to sites of action, as well as termination and elimination. The book also includes drug response and time-response relationships, response variability, drug toxicity, drug abuse, drug dependence, and more.

Cancer Clinical Pharmacology

Cancer Clinical Pharmacology Author Jan H. M. Schellens
ISBN-10 0192629662
Release 2005-05-05
Pages 267
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The book considers both the theory and practice of clinical pharmacology where it is relevant to cancer treatment. It covers the basics of clinical pharmacology in oncology and cancer therapeutics, discussing the specific classes of anti-cancer agents in detail. Edited and written by a mix of generalist cancer clinical pharmacologists and sub-specialists within this area, the book allows the reader to develop both general clinical pharmacology skills and specialist knowledge for particular cancer chemotherapy agents.

Pharmacology of Ocular Therapeutics

Pharmacology of Ocular Therapeutics Author Thirumurthy Velpandian
ISBN-10 9783319254982
Release 2016-02-29
Pages 535
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This book comprises an integrated review of ocular therapeutics across all relevant fields. It addresses the real-world requirements of ophthalmologists, pharmacists and optometrists, as observed through working alongside these practitioners for two decades. Knowledge surrounding agents used in ophthalmic practice has, historically, been scattered. The book facilitates understanding of ocular drug therapy by compiling all key aspects of the pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical science, ocular biochemistry and cell biology of these agents. Chapters detail drug transfer across barriers, systemic toxicity of topically applied drugs, autonomic drugs used for diagnostics, as well as anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, glaucoma and antimicrobial therapies, and avenues for the development of new ocular drugs. Applications of extemporaneously prepared formulations are described to inform day-to-day clinical practice. The use of mucoadhesive polymers in tear substitutes, ocular drug delivery systems, stem cell therapy, pharmacogenomics and antiangiogenic ocular chemotherapy are also explored. The book also provides insights from drugs of herbal origin, and a historical perspective on drugs for ocular use. Practicing and resident ophthalmologists, optometrists, pharmacists, nursing professionals, scholars in ocular drug research and students will equally benefit from this comprehensive guide.

Modern Pharmacology with Clinical Applications

Modern Pharmacology with Clinical Applications Author Charles R. Craig
ISBN-10 0781737621
Release 2004
Pages 824
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Building on the strengths of previous editions, the Sixth Edition of Modern Pharmacology with Clinical Applications continues to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive textbook for students of pharmacology. Focusing on the clinical application of drugs within a context of the major principles of pharmacology, this text supplies both students and faculty with an introduction to modern pharmacotherapeutics.

Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology

Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology Author Jill E. Maddison
ISBN-10 9780702028588
Release 2008
Pages 589
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Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology is a practical, clinically-oriented pharmacology text designed to provide the veterinary student and practitioner with all the relevant information needed when designing drug treatment regimens for pets in small animal veterinary practice. Comprehensively updated and revised, the second edition of this core text covers essential new information on drugs used in the management of a range of presenting conditions including heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias. For the second edition new authors, superb new illustrations and a second colour have all been introduced. With its unique approach combining a thorough understanding of the pharmacological action of drugs with a basic understanding of the relevant physiology and pathophysiology of systems and tissues affected, Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology continues to be an indispensable book for all veterinary students and practitioners. Organised by drug class in a uniform and detailed structure which means it is easy to locate key information on dose rates, routes of administration, drug interactions and special considerations at a glance Key chapters based around treatment of disorders of particular body systems, eg cardiovascular and thyroid disorders Essential introductory chapters covering pharmacokinetics, general pharmacological principles and adverse reactions for a thorough basic grounding in the subject All authors are experienced clinicians and recognised experts in their field who bring a down to earth and practical approach to the text

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics Author RS Satoskar
ISBN-10 9788131243718
Release 2015-07-27
Pages 1170
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A classic Pharmacology book trusted equally by students and practicing physicians for its up-to-date, accurate and reliable text, which has always placed before the readers an integrated approach intertwining current knowledge of pathophysiology of the disease, pharmacology of available drugs and strategies for medical management of diseases. • Trusted Pharmacology book with emphasis on pathophysiology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, presenting information in integrated manner. • Up-to-date information supplemented with tables and diagrams, having: - therapy of important diseases presented in boxes. - current guidelines to support therapeutic decisions - tips for practising physicians. • Uses integrated approach intertwining current knowledge of pathophysiology of the disease, pharmacology of available drugs and strategies for medical management of diseases. • Balances the complexity and simplicity of scientific content to provide students of medicine and/or pharmacy an insight into rational therapeutics.

Textbook Of Pharmacology

Textbook Of Pharmacology Author Seth
ISBN-10 8131211584
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 1000
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About the Author : - SD Seth is currently Chair in Clinical Pharmacology at the ICMR and an honorary Advisor to the Clinical Trials Registry India. He has served as a faculty in AIIMS for 29 years. He is the founder member of the National Poisons Information Centre at AIIMS. Professor Seth is a member of several prestigious Committees like the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, Geneva, Drugs Technical Advisory Board, Investigational New Drug Committee, National Pharmacovigilance Steering Committee, and other committees of ICMR, CSIR, DST, DBT and Ministry of Health.Vimlesh Seth has a teaching experience of 30 years at the Department of Paediatrics, AIIMS. She has been a recipient of the award James Flett Gold Medal for her work in growth and development of children. In addition, research work guided by her has been awarded the President's medal for the Indian Rheumatic Association, Dr Vaishnav Award and PV Sukhatam Award.


Pharmacology Author Amit Kishor Srivastava
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 114
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This text book is designed to provide the fundamentals of pharmacology to students of pharmacy and other health sciences. An important goal of this book is to enhance student’s perception of the relevance of pharmacology to pharmacy practice. This book includes important concept described in sufficient detail so that the students integrate and understand these principles and then be able to apply them in subsequent course work in pharmacology and therapeutics. The book begins with an overview of the fundamental aspects of medicine. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the Hormonal therapy, Antibiotics & Naturopathy. The book then continues with the basic pharmacology of the Antibiotics drugs. Emphasis has been given to describe treatment of different diseases and in depth presentation of various mechanism of action, adverse drug reaction, drug interaction as well as its uses. An attempt has been made to cover all the topics in a balanced manner neither skip essential details nor overloading with unnecessary details. My major objective to write this book is to present the information in a lucid, condensed and cohesive form to cover specifically the needs of pharmacy students. I hope that this book will serve the possible needs in better understanding of all the aspect for the knowledge of special pharmacology topics. For further improvement of this book, any suggestion and critics from students, teachers will be greatly appreciated-Amit K.Srivastava

Drug Benefits and Risks

Drug Benefits and Risks Author Christoffel Jos van Boxtel
ISBN-10 9781586038809
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 821
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Explores the scientific basis and practice of drug therapy. This book examines the practice of clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy in the developing as well as the developed world. It covers general clinical pharmacology, pharmacology of various drug groups and the treatments specific to various diseases.