Pharmacy in World War II

Pharmacy in World War II Author Dennis B Worthen
ISBN-10 0789016265
Release 2004-05-07
Pages 279
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Get an inside look at the lives of military and civilian pharmacists during wartime! Pharmacy in World War II is a comprehensive history of American pharmacy, both in the military and on the home front, from 1941 to 1945. The book provides a unique insight into the profession, the practice, and its practitioners through the memories of those who served as pharmacist mates, corpsmen, or civilian pharmacists. Through accounts recorded in publications, stored in archives, or told first-hand, you’ll learn about the fight to establish an Army Pharmacy Corps, the work of the Selective Service committees to preserve an adequate pool of pharmacists for civilian practice, the bond drives that would buy hospital airplanes and trains, and a great deal more. Pharmacy in World War II also looks at the organizational, economic, educational, professional, and societal issues that molded pharmacy during a watershed in modern American history. Author Dennis B. Worthen, editor-in-chief of Haworth’s Pharmaceutical Heritage book series, compiled a database of more than 11,000 pharmacists, pharmacy students, and veterans in pharmacy school during wartime as part of the “Memories Project” that recalls the activities of the professional, trade, and educational institutions of pharmacy, their goals and development, and their interactions, agreements, and differences. The book examines the fight for an Army Pharmacy Corps, shortages and rationing on the home front, manpower shortages, the impact of the Selective Service, and the prevalent attitude in the military that pharmacy was a business, not a learned profession, and that pharmaceutical services could be learned with 90 days of training. Pharmacy in World War II includes memories of: pharmacy in the pre-World War II years pharmacy education the Selective Service the drugstore’s role in the war effort the Pharmacy Corps returning veterans The book also includes photographs and images as well as appendices listing colleges and schools of pharmacy, Selective Service pharmacy advisory committees, pharmacy organizations and leaders, extracts from Army medical departments supply catalogs, and pharmacists and pharmacy students who died in the war. Pharmacy in World War II is an invaluable document for pharmacy students, practitioners, and educators, and for students of American history.

Der totale Rausch

Der totale Rausch Author Norman Ohler
ISBN-10 9783462315172
Release 2015-09-10
Pages 368
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Drogen im Dritten Reich – »dieses Buch ändert das Gesamtbild« (Hans Mommsen) Über Drogen im Dritten Reich ist bislang wenig bekannt. Norman Ohler geht den Tätern von damals buchstäblich unter die Haut und schaut direkt in ihre Blutbahnen hinein. Arisch rein ging es darin nicht zu, sondern chemisch deutsch – und ziemlich toxisch. Wo die Ideologie für Fanatismus und »Endsieg« nicht mehr ausreichte, wurde hemmungslos nachgeholfen, während man offiziell eine strikte Politik der »Rauschgiftbekämpfung« betrieb. Als Deutschland 1940 Frankreich überfiel, standen die Soldaten der Wehrmacht unter 35 Millionen Dosierungen Pervitin. Das Präparat – heute als Crystal Meth bekannt – war damals in jeder Apotheke erhältlich, machte den Blitzkrieg erst möglich und wurde zur Volksdroge im NS-Staat. Auch der vermeintliche Abstinenzler Hitler griff gerne zur pharmakologischen Stimulanz: Als er im Winter 1944 seine letzte Offensive befehligte, kannte er längst keine nüchternen Tage mehr. Schier pausenlos erhielt er von seinem Leibarzt Theo Morell verschiedenste Dopingmittel, dubiose Hormonpräparate und auch harte Drogen gespritzt. Nur so konnte der Diktator seinen Wahn bis zum Schluss aufrechterhalten. Ohler hat bislang gesperrte Materialien ausgewertet, mit Zeitzeugen, Militärhistorikern und Medizinern gesprochen. Entstanden ist ein erschütterndes, faktengenaues Buch. Der totale Rausch wurde von dem bedeutenden Historiker Hans Mommsen begleitet, der das Nachwort beisteuert. Sein Fazit: »Dieses Buch ändert das Gesamtbild.«

Dictionary of Pharmacy

Dictionary of Pharmacy Author Dennis Worthen
ISBN-10 0789023288
Release 2004-07-20
Pages 528
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An ideal study/practice companion! The Dictionary of Pharmacy is the only English-language reference currently available that provides a comprehensive list of terms of special importance to pharmacy students, educators, and practitioners. This reliable, time-saving volume will serve anyone working in or studying the pharmaceutical sciences. The Dictionary of Pharmacy is a valuable, handy resource that you’ll refer to again and again. Compiled by a cast of educators from leading pharmacy schools headed by Dennis B. Worthen (author of Pharmacy in World War II, co-author of Pharmaceutical Education in the Queen City: 150 Years of Service 1850-2000, and former Director of Pharmacy Affairs for Procter & Gamble), this well-organized guide defines all of the jargon surrounding this ever-evolving field. In addition to a complete A-Z listing of definitions, you’ll find: abbreviations Latin terms weights and measures practice standards the periodic table the American Pharmacists Association’s Code of Ethics and Principles of Practice for Pharmaceutical Care the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’s Pledge of Professionalism and Pharmacist’s Oath lists of professional associations and organizations lists of colleges of pharmacy in the United States and schools of pharmacy (and their faculties) in Canada From a- and a priori to zwitterion and zymogen, the Dictionary of Pharmacy covers the bases. With this one-of-a-kind study/practice companion, you—and your students—need never be stymied by pharmaceutical terminology again.

Operation Zombie

Operation Zombie Author Max Brooks
ISBN-10 9783641082475
Release 2012-02-28
Pages 448
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Der Nachfolger des Klassikers „Der Zombie Survival Guide“ In seiner erschütternden Berichterstattung beschreibt der renommierte Zombie-Experte Max Brooks die größte Katastrophe der Menschheit seit den beiden Weltkriegen: den Krieg der Zombies gegen die Menschheit. Ergebnis ist dieses umfassende Standardwerk. In zahlreichen Berichten, Tonbandmitschnitten von Überlebenden und Interviews mit Experten geht er den Ursachen auf den Grund, lässt Augenzeugen zu Wort kommen und gibt wertvolle Tipps zur Prävention und Verteidigung.

On Distant Shores Wings of the Nightingale Book 2

On Distant Shores  Wings of the Nightingale Book  2 Author Sarah Sundin
ISBN-10 9781441242976
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 432
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Lt. Georgiana Taylor has everything she could want. A comfortable boyfriend back home, a loving family, and a challenging job as a flight nurse. But in July 1943, Georgie's cozy life gets decidedly more complicated when she meets pharmacist Sgt. John Hutchinson. Hutch resents the lack of respect he gets as a noncommissioned serviceman and hates how the war keeps him from his fiancée. While Georgie and Hutch share a love of the starry night skies over Sicily, their lives back home are falling apart. Can they weather the hurt and betrayal? Or will the pressures of war destroy the fragile connection they've made? With her signature attention to detail and her talent for bringing characters together, Sarah Sundin pens another exciting tale in her series featuring WWII flight nurses. Fans new and old will find in On Distant Shores the perfect combination of emotion, action, and romance.

UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association Newsletter

UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association Newsletter Author
ISBN-10 UCSF:31378008373030
Release 1989
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UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association Newsletter has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association Newsletter also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association Newsletter book for free.


Pharmacy Author William N. Kelly
ISBN-10 0849372461
Release 2006-12-13
Pages 512
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The health care and pharmacy environments have changed substantially since the first edition of this book. Developments include the new Medicare prescription benefit, a growing emphasis on medication safety, and the dynamic technology driving safety in organized health care settings. Exploring these recent modifications, Pharmacy: What It Is and How It Works, Second Edition encompasses all aspects of pharmacy, from the various roles of pharmacists to particular health care-related events to career-planning information. The book first focuses on the core of pharmacy, providing an overview of the field and a chapter dedicated to pharmacists. After an examination of how drug products are developed, used, and priced, it discusses the important topics of pharmacy technicians, information technology, pharmacy automation, and pharmaceutical care. Subsequent chapters cover the various areas where pharmacists work, including in community, hospital, home health care, and government pharmacies. The book concludes with chapters on the pharmaceutical industry and career planning. Each chapter features learning objectives, summaries, discussion questions, exercises, Web sites of interest, and references. Pharmacies have evolved from the corner drugstores of old. To help navigate the modern field of pharmacy, this text provides a well-written, organized introduction for new pharmacy students, pharmacy technician trainees, and practitioners.


Newsletter Author
ISBN-10 UCSF:31378008372495
Release 1967
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Newsletter has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Newsletter also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Newsletter book for free.

The Life Experiences of a World War II Korea and Vietnam Black American Army Veteran

The Life Experiences of a World War II  Korea  and Vietnam Black American Army Veteran Author Q. Jarone Batson
ISBN-10 9781479763580
Release 2013-01
Pages 208
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I gave considerable thought as to what the title of my autobiography should be. There was never any question that a portion of the title would read, "The Life Experiences of a World War II, Korea, and Vietnam ______? American Army Veteran", but how would I be described in view of the many "race" descriptions the U.S. Census has used for the black citizens since the first census in 1790? Should I be described as a Colored, Black, Mulatto, Quadroon, Octoroon, African American, or Negro American Army Veterans? I chose BLACK as being the most descriptive term and, as James Brown said, I'm black and I'm proud! My life experiences include a few race-related incidents that occurred before, during and after my military service. Each incident could have greatly influenced my overall attitude towards life, in general, and in an adverse manner, but fortunately did not. Q. Jarone Batson

Well Satisfied with My Position

Well Satisfied with My Position Author Spencer Bonsall
ISBN-10 0809327708
Release 2007-10-31
Pages 140
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Well Satisfied with My Position offers a first-person account of army life during the Civil War’ s Peninsula Campaign and Battle of Fredericksburg. Spencer Bonsall, who joined the 81st Pennsylvania Infantry as a hospital steward, kept a journal from March 1862 until March 1863, when he abruptly ceased writing. Editors Michael A. Flannery and Katherine H. Oomens place his experiences in the context of the field of Civil War medicine and continue his story in an epilogue. Trained as a druggist when he was in his early twenties, Bonsall traveled the world, spent eight years on a tea plantation in India, and settled in Philadelphia, where he worked in the city surveyor’ s office. But in March 1862, when he was in his mid-forties, the lure of serving his country on the battlefield led Bonsall to join the 81st Pennsylvania Infantry as a hospital steward. Bonsall enjoyed his life with the Union army at first, comparing bivouacking in the woods to merely picnicking on a grand scale. “ We are about as jolly a set of old bachelors as can be found in Virginia,” Bonsall wrote. But his first taste of the aftermath of battle at Fair Oaks and the Seven Days’ Battles in Virginia changed his mind about the joys of soldiering— though he never lost his zeal for the Union cause. Bonsall details the camp life of a soldier from firsthand experience, outlines the engagements of the 81st, and traces the Battle of Fredericksburg and the Peninsula Campaign. He records facts not available elsewhere about camp conditions, attitudes toward Union generals and Confederate soldiers, and troop movements. From the end of June to late October 1862, Bonsall’ s illness kept him from writing in his journal. He picked up the record again in December 1862, just before the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, in which the Union suffered a staggering 10,200 casualties and the 81st Pennsylvania lost more than half its men. He vividly describes the bloody aftermath. Bonsall’ s horse was shot out from underneath him at the battle of Gettysburg, injuring him seriously and ending his military career. Although he was listed as “ sick in hospital” on the regiment’ s muster rolls, he was labeled a deserter in the U.S. Army records. Indeed, after recovery from his injuries, Bonsall walked away from the army to resume life in Philadelphia with his wife and child. Published for the first time, Bonsall’ s journal offers an unusually personal glimpse into the circumstances and motives of a man physically ruined by the war. Seventeen illustrations, including some drawn by Bonsall himself, help bring this narrative to life.


Arlington Author Eagle Creek Historical Organization
ISBN-10 9781439619155
Release 2008-06-09
Pages 128
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In 1834, Robert Hurd and his family settled on a parcel of land in what is now present-day Arlington. A devout Presbyterian, Hurd named the town after his favorite church hymn. In the late 1800s, the small town of Arlington saw progress in the form of two railroads. The mid-1930s were especially prosperous, as the town enjoyed a bustling business center that included six grocery stores. The famous Arlington Homecoming Festival began in 1946 and ran for 50 years. In the 1990s, George Herbert Bush and William Jefferson Clinton made presidential campaign stops here, making history in this quiet, small town. The heart of this town can be found in its citizens, their churches, schools, and businesses, and their community park. Current and former residents alike share fond memories of their small-town lifestyle and are proud to be Arlingtonians.

Essentials of Pharmacy Law

Essentials of Pharmacy Law Author Douglas J. Pisano
ISBN-10 1420012762
Release 2002-07-29
Pages 136
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This book examines the laws and regulations relating to the practice of pharmacy, and the regulation and control of drugs cosmetics, and medical devices. Most available pharmacy law texts thus far have been written by lawyers and present heavy, dense, legalistic reading that focuses on legal theory. Essentials of Pharmacy Law is written by a practicing pharmacist in clear, accessible, contemporary prose that concentrates on application. This user-friendly text is a compilation and commentary of selected federal laws and regulations pertaining to the general practice of pharmacy in the United States. It covers topics in a simple and concise format. Furthermore, case studies and review questions and a bulleted summary of key points make for easy reading and aid in comprehension. Essentials of Pharmacy Law will be extremely useful to senior pharmacy students preparing for the Multi-State Jurisprudence Exam (NABLEX MJPE). as well as the voluntary Pharmacist Competency Exam offered to practicing pharmacists. It alsoalso serves as a valuable reference for pharmacy students, practicing pharmacists seeking licensure by reciprocity and/or preparing for the MJPE, pharmacy technicians who are in need of a comprehensive update, and other interested healthcare professionals.

Dod and Va Pharmacy

Dod and Va Pharmacy Author Dan Brier
ISBN-10 0756715423
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 53
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In FY2000, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) & the Dept. of Defense (DoD) together spent about $3.2 billion on prescription drugs for beneficiaries. Reflecting national trends, VA & DoD drug expenditures are rising significantly, consuming an increasing percentage of their health care budgets. Since the early 1980s, the Congress has urged VA & DoD to achieve greater efficiencies through increased collaboration. This report provides information on (1) VAs & DoDs efforts to increase joint pharmaceutical procurement, (2) challenges cited by VA & DoD in doing so, & (3) the status of their efforts to pilot test consolidated mail outpatient pharmacy (CMOP) use at DoD. Charts & tables.

Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice

Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice Author Laetitia Hattingh
ISBN-10 9780729581431
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 312
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A new edition of this excellent pharmacy law text, fully updated and unique to the Australian marketplace. Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice 2nd edition is the key law and ethics resource for pharmacists and students. Fully revised and updated, this new edition provides an introduction to contemporary pharmacy practice in Australia, looking at the various laws, policies and standards that govern the profession. Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice 2nd edition features excerpts of the relevant legislation, addressing all the pharmacy laws and regulations Australia’s pharmacists need to know. This updated pharmacy law text also includes a wealth of new content, such as pharmacy-specific case scenarios. Plus, all chapters are clearly mapped to the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists 2010, which cover aspects of medicine regulation and pharmacy practice. An essential resource in the ever-changing area of pharmacy practice, this new edition of Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice is ideal for both pharmacy students wanting to understand the legal and regulatory implications of pharmacy practice and practicing pharmacists seeking clarification of their position in relation to the state and national legislation and regulation under which they practice. End-of-chapter questions and activities Further reading lists in every chapter State-specific and up-to-date legislation Clear, easy-to-follow layout Additional case study resources on Elsevier’s Evolve portal Case scenarios incorporated throughout chapters. Listing of National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists 2010 covered in each chapter.

Houston County Tennessee

Houston County  Tennessee Author
ISBN-10 9781563111945
Release 1995-06-15
Pages 176
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Houston County Tennessee has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Houston County Tennessee also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Houston County Tennessee book for free.

Strauss Pharmacy Law and Examination Review Fifth Edition

Strauss  Pharmacy Law and Examination Review  Fifth Edition Author Steven Strauss
ISBN-10 1566769787
Release 2000-03-22
Pages 442
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This revised fifth edition maintains and enhances the features that made the previous four best-selling and highly acclaimed editions (formerly entitled Strauss's Pharmacy Law and Examination Review) so popular among pharmacy law faculty, students, and candidates for pharmacist licensing examinations. The book's extensive editorial contents and multiple-choice review questions accurately mirror the subjects and format of the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence ExaminationTM (MPJETM) and state law pharmacist licensing examinations. The editorial matter reflects the need for new and expanded information to keep abreast of legal and regulatory developments. Further, the addition of new and revised graphics and tabulations are intended to focus on important facets of law and retention of the topic.

Pharmaceutical Education in the Queen City

Pharmaceutical Education in the Queen City Author Michael A Flannery
ISBN-10 0789011328
Release 2001-02-20
Pages 235
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Trace the development of a pioneering college of pharmacy! This fascinating book recounts the history of the first college of pharmacy west of the Alleghenies. Pharmaceutical Education in the Queen City tells the tale from its beginnings as the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy in 1850 to its status as a college of the University of Cincinnati and into the twenty-first century. Through the specific history of the school, its founders, and its dedicated faculty and students, the remarkable progress of pharmacy as a profession is mirrored here. In the mid-nineteenth century, most aspiring pharmacists in the United States had to apprentice themselves to practicing druggists. Though a formal school had already been established in Philadelphia, followed by schools in the other large eastern cities, young men in the West who wanted to learn the profession faced great difficulties. Few pharmacists had any formal training in chemistry, anatomy, or other sciences, and they could not teach what they did not themselves know. Pharmaceutical Education in the Queen City discusses the fascinating facts of pharmacy history, including: the influence of German settlers on pharmacy standards the reasons nineteenth-century women faced less opposition in becoming pharmacists than in becoming doctors how admissions standards changed as high school diplomas and college degrees became more widespread how colleges of pharmacy met the emergency demands of World War I and World War II the effects of high technology on pharmacy education Pharmaceutical Education in the Queen City offers a fresh look at the history of pharmacy education in the United States as well as in Cincinnati. Well researched and entertainingly written, this book will help you appreciate the rapid changes in the profession of pharmacy.