Television Is the New Television

Television Is the New Television Author Michael Wolff
ISBN-10 9780698405523
Release 2015-06-23
Pages 224
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"The closer the new media future gets, the further victory appears." --Michael Wolff This is a book about what happens when the smartest people in the room decide something is inevitable, and yet it doesn’t come to pass. What happens when omens have been misread, tea leaves misinterpreted, gurus embarrassed? Twenty years after the Netscape IPO, ten years after the birth of YouTube, and five years after the first iPad, the Internet has still not destroyed the giants of old media. CBS, News Corp, Disney, Comcast, Time Warner, and their peers are still alive, kicking, and making big bucks. The New York Times still earns far more from print ads than from digital ads. Super Bowl commercials are more valuable than ever. Banner ad space on Yahoo can be bought for a relative pittance. Sure, the darlings of new media—Buzzfeed, HuffPo, Politico, and many more—keep attracting ever more traffic, in some cases truly phenomenal traffic. But as Michael Wolff shows in this fascinating and sure-to-be-controversial book, their buzz and venture financing rounds are based on assumptions that were wrong from the start, and become more wrong with each passing year. The consequences of this folly are far reaching for anyone who cares about good journalism, enjoys bingeing on Netflix, works with advertising, or plans to have a role in the future of the Internet. Wolff set out to write an honest guide to the changing media landscape, based on a clear-eyed evaluation of who really makes money and how. His conclusion: the Web, social media, and various mobile platforms are not the new television. Television is the new television. We all know that Google and Facebook are thriving by selling online ads—but they’re aggregators, not content creators. As major brands conclude that banner ads next to text basically don’t work, the value of digital traffic to content-driven sites has plummeted, while the value of a television audience continues to rise. Even if millions now watch television on their phones via their Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO apps, that doesn’t change the balance of power. Television by any other name is the game everybody is trying to win—including outlets like The Wall Street Journal that never used to play the game at all. Drawing on his unparalleled sources in corner offices from Rockefeller Center to Beverly Hills, Wolff tells us what’s really going on, which emperors have no clothes, and which supposed geniuses are due for a major fall. Whether he riles you or makes you cheer, his book will change how you think about media, technology, and the way we live now. From the Hardcover edition.

The new television technologies

The new television technologies Author Lynne S. Gross
ISBN-10 UVA:X001848434
Release 1990
Pages 252
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The new television technologies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The new television technologies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The new television technologies book for free.

Die Seelen der Nacht

Die Seelen der Nacht Author Deborah Harkness
ISBN-10 9783641093389
Release 2012-07-18
Pages 832
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Eine Liebe, stärker als das Leben selbst ... Diana Bishop ist Historikerin mit Leib und Seele. Dass in ihr zudem das Blut eines uralten Hexengeschlechts fließt, versucht sie im Alltag mit aller Kraft zu ignorieren. Doch als Diana in der altehrwürdigen Bodleian-Bibliothek in Oxford ein magisches Manuskript in die Hände fällt, kann sie ihre Herkunft nicht länger verleugnen: Hexen, Dämonen und Vampire heften sich an ihre Fersen, um ihr das geheime Wissen zu entlocken – wenn nötig mit Gewalt. Hilfe erfährt Diana ausgerechnet von Matthew Clairmont, Naturwissenschaftler, 1500 Jahre alter Vampir – und der Mann, der Diana bald schon mehr bedeuten wird als ihr eigenes Leben ... Ein mitreißender, wundervoll erzählter Roman über Magie, Abenteuer und Romantik.

The New Television in Europe

The New Television in Europe Author Alessandro Silj
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105043448583
Release 1992
Pages 629
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The New Television in Europe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The New Television in Europe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The New Television in Europe book for free.

Below the Line

Below the Line Author Vicki Mayer
ISBN-10 9780822350071
Release 2011-05-16
Pages 241
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Below the Line illuminates the hidden labor of people who not only produce things that the television industry needs, such as a bit of content or a policy sound bite, but also produce themselves in the service of capital expansion. Vicki Mayer considers the work of television set assemblers, soft-core cameramen, reality-program casters, and public-access and cable commissioners in relation to the globalized economy of the television industry. She shows that these workers are increasingly engaged in professional and creative work, unsettling the industry’s mythological account of itself as a business driven by auteurs, manned by an executive class, and created by the talented few. As Mayer demonstrates, the new television economy casts a wide net to exploit those excluded from these hierarchies. Meanwhile, television set assemblers in Brazil devise creative solutions to the problems of material production. Soft-core videographers, who sell televised content, develop their own modes of professionalism. Everyday people become casters, who commodify suitable participants for reality programs, or volunteers, who administer local cable television policies. These sponsors and regulators boost media industries’ profits when they commodify and discipline their colleagues, their neighbors, and themselves. Mayer proposes that studies of production acknowledge the changing dynamics of labor to include production workers who identify themselves and their labor with the industry, even as their work remains undervalued or invisible.

New Television Old Politics

New Television  Old Politics Author Hernan Galperin
ISBN-10 1139451731
Release 2004-05-24
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This book examines the economic, political, and technological forces that are shaping the future of broadcasting in advanced industrialized nations by comparing the transition from analog to digital TV in the US and Britain. Digital TV involves a major reordering of the broadcast sector that requires governments to rethink governance tools for the digital media era. By looking at how the transition is unfolding in these nations, the book uncovers the political underpinnings of the emerging governance regime for digital communications and explores the implications of the transition for the development of the Information Society in the US and Europe. The findings challenge much conventional wisdom about media deregulation and the globalization of communications. The transition to digital TV has not weakened but rather reinforced government control over broadcasting. Moreover, contrary to what many globalization theories would predict, it has reinforced preexisting differences in the organization of media across nations.

The New Television Handbook

The New Television Handbook Author Patricia Holland
ISBN-10 9781317532149
Release 2017-01-20
Pages 346
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The New Television Handbook?provides an exploration of the theory and practice of television at a time when the medium is undergoing radical changes. The book looks at television from the perspective of someone new to the industry, and explores the place of the medium within a?constantly changing digital landscape. This title discusses key skills involved in television production, including: producing, production management, directing, camera, sound, editing and visual effects. Each of these activities is placed within a wider context as it traces the production process from commissioning to post-production. The book outlines the broad political and economic context of the television industry. It gives an account of television genres, in particular narrative, factual programmes and news, and it considers the academic discipline of media studies and the ways in which theorists have analysed and tried to understand the medium. It points to the interplay of theory and practice as it draws on the history of the medium and observes the ways in which the past continues to influence and invigorate the present. The New Television Handbook?includes: contributions from practitioners ranging from established producers to new entrants; a comprehensive list of key texts and television programmes; a revised glossary of specialist terms; a section on training and ways of getting into the industry. By combining theory, real-world advice and a detailed overview of the industry and its history,?The New Television Handbook?is an ideal guide for students of media and television studies and young professionals entering the television industry.

New Television

New Television Author Martin Shuster
ISBN-10 9780226503950
Release 2017-11-24
Pages 277
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In New Television: The Aesthetics and Politics of a Genre, Martin Shuster dives deep into the smartest shows of the past twenty-five years, from Twin Peaks to Orange Is the New Black, explaining how they are aesthetically and politically significant. Shuster focuses on three popular and critically acclaimed series, HBO's The Wire, FX's Justified, and Showtime's Weeds, to show how "new television" presents the contemporary world as entirely devoid of normative authority, with one exception: family. Though often portrayed in radically non-traditional ways, it is the family, with its many permutations and imperfections, that becomes the center of an otherwise destabilized world. Shuster takes it that these shows are implicitly, and at times explicitly, concerned with the current political moment, where public trust in US institutions is at an all-time low and where the promise of America is shown to be in danger of disappearing. The family is explored as a site for potential political renewal, but the parameters of the family stay amorphous or empty, suggesting that the best hope to be found in such an environment, politically, if not ethically and aesthetically, is the cultivation and maintenance of a conceptual space for newness. Readers interested in new "quality" television will find much of use in Shuster's work to help them think through what gives these shows their power and ability to lead the viewer to a new self-knowledge.

New Television Globalisation and the East Asian Cultural Imagination

New Television  Globalisation  and the East Asian Cultural Imagination Author Michael Keane
ISBN-10 9789622098206
Release 2007-02-01
Pages 228
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Challenging assumptions that have underpinned critiques of globalisation and combining cultural theory with media industry analysis, Keane, Fung and Moran give a groundbreaking account of the evolution of television in the post-broadcasting era, and how programming ideas are creatively redeveloped and franchised in East Asia. In this first comprehensive study of television program adaptation across cultures, the authors argue that adaptation, transfer, and recycling of content are multiplying to the point of marginalising other economic and cultural practices. They also show that significant re-modelling of local TV production practices occur when adaptation is genuinely responsive to local values. Examples of East Asian format adaptations include Survivor, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, The Weakest Link, Coronation Street, and Idol.

Television and New Media Audiences

Television and New Media Audiences Author Ellen Seiter
ISBN-10 0191584290
Release 1998-12-17
Pages 168
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Why is talk about television forbidden at certain schools? Why does a mother feel guilty about watching Star Trek in front of her four-year-old child? Why would retired men turn to daytime soap operas for entertainment? Cliches about television mask the complexity of our relationship to media technologies. Through case studies, the author explains what audience research tells us about the uses of technologies in the domestic sphere and the classroom, the relationship between gender and genre, and the varied interpretation of media technologies and media forms. Television and New Media Audiences reviews the most important research on television audiences and recommends the use of ethnographic, longitudinal methods for the study of media consumption and computer use at home as well as in the workplace. The book discusses reactions of audiences to many internationally known television programmes including The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Street Fighter, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, X-Men, Sesame Street, Dallas, Star Trek, The Cosby Show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, National Geographic, etc.

Der Report der Magd

Der Report der Magd Author Margaret Atwood
ISBN-10 9783492970594
Release 2017-04-03
Pages 400
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Die provozierende Vision eines totalitären Staats, in dem Frauen keine Rechte haben: Die Dienerin Desfred besitzt etwas, was ihr alle Machthaber, Wächter und Spione nicht nehmen können, nämlich ihre Hoffnung auf ein Entkommen, auf Liebe, auf Leben ... Margaret Atwoods »Report der Magd« wurde zum Kultbuch einer ganzen Generation und von Volker Schlöndorff unter dem Titel »Die Geschichte der Dienerin« verfilmt.

Producing for TV and New Media

Producing for TV and New Media Author Cathrine Kellison
ISBN-10 9780240818979
Release 2013
Pages 391
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Gain a thorough understanding of the nuanced and multidimensional role producers play in television and new media today. Harness the creative, technical, interpersonal, and financial skills essential for success in this vibrant and challenging field. Producing for TV and New Media third edition is your guide to avoiding the obstacles and pitfalls commonly encountered by new and aspiring producers. New to this edition: * "Focus on New Media" sections that highlight emerging media, web video, and mobile/small format media * New sample production forms and contracts * New review questions accompanying each interview and chapter * All new interviews with industry professionals offer practical insight into cutting edge developments in television and new media production * Fresh analysis of new media technology * A revised and revamped companion website with all the sample forms and contracts in the book, updated web link resources, and much more Written especially for new and aspiring producers, with insight that simply cannot be found in any other books, this new edition is an indispensable guide for anyone looking to find success as a new media or TV producer.

Remote Control

Remote Control Author Shoma Munshi
ISBN-10 9788184757552
Release 2012-12-15
Pages 392
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What do the TV shows we’re watching tell us about ourselves? Television is the single most powerful and dynamic agent of change in India today. It is also the country’s most popular and accessible form of entertainment. Remote Control examines three kinds of programming—24x7 news, soap operas and reality shows—that have changed Indian television forever, and analyzes how these three genres, while drawing on different sources, are hybridized, indigenized and manage to ultimately project a distinctively Indian identity. Shoma Munshi’s book shows us how everyday reality in India in the twenty-first century shapes television; and how television, in turn, shapes us.

The Business of High Definition and New Television Systems

The Business of High Definition and New Television Systems Author John Chittock
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924072755626
Release 1992
Pages 101
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The Business of High Definition and New Television Systems has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Business of High Definition and New Television Systems also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Business of High Definition and New Television Systems book for free.

Television and New Media

Television and New Media Author Jennifer Gillan
ISBN-10 9781135965662
Release 2010-10-18
Pages 328
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We watch TV on computers, phones, and other mobile devices; television is now online as much as it is "on air." Television and New Media introduces readers to the ways that new media technologies have transformed contemporary broadcast television production, scheduling, distribution, and reception practices. Drawing upon recent examples including Lost, 24, and Heroes, this book examines the ways that television programming has changed—transforming nearly every TV series into a franchise, whose on-air, online, and on-mobile elements are created simultaneously and held together through a combination of transmedia marketing and storytelling. Television studios strive to keep their audiences in constant interaction with elements of the show franchise in between airings not only to boost ratings, but also to move viewers through the different divisions of a media conglomerate. Organized around key industrial terms—platforming, networking, tracking, timeshifting, placeshifting, schedule-shifting, micro-segmenting, and channel branding this book is essential for understanding how creative and industrial forces have worked together to transform the way we watch TV.

A Companion to Television

A Companion to Television Author Janet Wasko
ISBN-10 9781405198776
Release 2009-12-21
Pages 648
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A Companion to Television is a magisterial collection of 31 original essays that charter the field of television studies over the past century Explores a diverse range of topics and theories that have led to television s current incarnation, and predict its likely future Covers technology and aesthetics, television s relationship to the state, televisual commerce; texts, representation, genre, internationalism, and audience reception and effects Essays are by an international group of first–rate scholars For information, news, and content from Blackwell′s reference publishing program please visit

HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting

HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting Author Philip J. Cianci
ISBN-10 9781136032899
Release 2012-07-26
Pages 232
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HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting bridges the gap between non-technical personnel (management and creative) and technical by giving you a working knowledge of digital television technology, a clear understanding of the challenges of HDTV and digital broadcasting, and a scope of the ramifications of HDTV in the consumer space. Topics include methodologies and issues in HD production and distribution, as well as HDTV's impact on the future of the media business. This book contains sidebars and system diagrams that illustrate examples of broadcaster implementation of HD and HD equipment. Additionally, future trends including the integration of broadcast engineering and IT, control and descriptive metadata, DTV interactivity and personalization are explored.