The Blind Rabbit

The Blind Rabbit Author
ISBN-10 9789830688664
Release 2012
Pages 44
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The Blind Rabbit has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Blind Rabbit also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Blind Rabbit book for free.

The Mammoth Book of Jokes 2

The Mammoth Book of Jokes 2 Author Geoff Tibballs
ISBN-10 9781780335377
Release 2012-10-04
Pages 160
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From the man behind the bestselling Mammoth Book of Jokes, an all-new, enormous collection of fantastic jokes - indexed and categorised to help find the right joke for the right occasion, from Bar-Mitzvahs to bar-rooms. Bigger, better, and even bulkier than before, The Mammoth Book of Jokes 2 is the consummate collection, with jokes on every subject under the sun, from lawyers to low-energy light bulbs.

Stolen Treasure

Stolen Treasure Author Lachman Mehta
ISBN-10 9781479714780
Release 2012-10-31
Pages 356
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Stolen Treasure is a book almost 70 years in the writing! Written over the decades since 1946, this collection of observations, quotes, proverbs, witticisms and rules for living have guided the author since his youth growing up in India, through his time in the Indian Navy, and for the bulk of his life since moving to Ireland in 1960. Now in his mid-80s, the author presents a lifetime of humour and words of wisdom for a happy life in this book. A true treasure collection of one-line gems and snip-bits of life s experiences, the book presents an insight into the observations of life over the author s lifetime that so many of us experience but never document. At first, observations from an idealistic young man are presented. This is followed by wisdom learned in early adulthood and gathered as an Officer with the Indian Navy. The observations continue from a happy lifetime in Ireland with a large focus on what the author learned about life as a husband and father, as well as engineer and lecturer, to retiree. These have been collected over the years as the author has experienced them in life or overheard them in social occasions, and carefully recorded by hand. In the decades before the internet and social media, these were the original status updates that tell a story of how life and perception of what matters has changed over almost 70 years. An intriguing read for every person of all ages and all interests.

A Dyslexic Walks Into a Bra

A Dyslexic Walks Into a Bra Author Nick Harris
ISBN-10 9781843177883
Release 2011-10-31
Pages 544
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It's the classic gags that keep people laughing time after time, and Nick Harris has collected together a bumper batch of the best jokes that are guaranteed to have anyone rolling in the aisles. With jokes ranging from the classic subjects (man walks into a bar, an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman, marriage and divorce and more) to laugh-a-minute one-liners and the downright surreal, there is a wealth of hilarious subject matter to keep readers entertained. This is the perfect stocking filler for anyone that loves a good old laugh.

Jacksonville Food Trucks

Jacksonville Food Trucks Author Nancy White
ISBN-10 9781625852991
Release 2015-04-13
Pages 192
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Food trucks in Jacksonville are a smashing success. The early popularity of trucks like Corner Taco and On the Fly set the stage for a mobile dining revolution. Innovators such as Mike Field and Jax Truckies supplied the vision and passionately advocated for the cause. From Beer Cheese Soup to Chicken Madras, the astounding variety of menus, themes and trucks means there's something for all locals to enjoy. Author and "Nourish the Beast" blogger Nancy White includes fascinating stories and mouth-watering recipes as she chronicles the rise of food trucks on Florida's First Coast.

Children s Stories 3

Children s Stories 3 Author Eren Sarı
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 94
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KELOĞLAN AND NASREDDİN HODJA Keloğlan had gone to the town to sell chickens. When he arrived at the market, he started to look for a customer for the two chickens. A man offered to pay a gold coin for the chickens. Keloğlan didn’t accept this. He said that he absolutely wanted two gold coins for the chickens. The man saw that Keloğlan would not sell the chickens for a gold coin: “Keloğlan look, I have a treasure map. I am alone, and I’ve already got old. That’s why I couldn’t look for the treasure. I used to work at Zenginoğlu’s mansion. Zenginoğlu gave me this map. Let me have the two chickens, have the map, look for and find the treasure, be happy all your life” he said. Keloğlan believed the man, and agreed. Keloğlan returned home in the late afternoon. His mother shouted: “Oh my stupid son! Can two chickens be bartered for this piece of paper? You were meant to buy gas and salt after selling the chickens. You have been cheated. Sit in the dark, eat the meals without any salt and make up your mind”.

Kelo lan

Kelo  lan Author Eren Sarı
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 91
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Keloğlan Bald boy got the gold and when he was on his own way he saw a group of people beating up a cat. He said “take this piece of gold and stop beating him”. He rescues the cat and he and cat start to walk again. A while later, he saw couple of people beating up a dog. He again said “stop it, what are you doing?” and he saves the dog as well. And then he continues to walk along with a dog and cat. When he almost has got near by to the town, he saw a crowd again and he saw woodchoppers trying to kill a snake. He could not able to stop himself again and says: “take this piece of gold and let him go.” And he also saves the snake. The snake said: “The son of the Adam, I am the son of the snake emperor. I had argued with my dad and I hide over here. But they found me. I wanted to go back to my dad and if you want you can come along with me. Bald boy decided to go with the snake and soon after they introduce themselves to the snake emperor.

Rabbits Too

Rabbits Too Author Jean Elizabeth Ward
ISBN-10 9781435733299
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 114
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Rabbits too is the second in a series of books for children, to be read first by the parent, as some of the poems are for the parents. Prose, and poems, vintage stories to delight. It begins with Bumper The White Rabbit by George E. Walsh. Chapter 2 is Stories About Animals by Francis C. Woodworth. Chapter 3 is Poems About Animals by Jean Elizabeth Ward with illustrations; a delightful collection for children of all ages.

Super Hot Jokes For Cool Kids

Super Hot Jokes For Cool Kids Author Various Authors
ISBN-10 9781780553443
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 263
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"Did you hear the joke about the oak tree? It's acorny one." With over 400 hand-picked jokes in this mega collection, there's plenty to inspire and delight any young comedian. Puns, knock-knock and doctor-doctor jokes abound - but rest assured it's not all corny. Bring out your ghoulish side with a collection of spooky jokes or be blown out of this world by a collection of hilarious astronaut antics. Your friends and family will cry with laughter!

The Best Musicians Jokes

The Best Musicians  Jokes Author BRUNO KASSEL
ISBN-10 9781609745806
Release 2010-10-07
Pages 112
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Contains more than 400 hilarious jokes about all musicians' and their respective genres; foreword written by the famous drummer Pete York.

Choctaw Tales

Choctaw Tales Author Tom Mould
ISBN-10 1578066832
Release 2004
Pages 290
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... gathering of oral traditions from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.


RAMSES IN NIGHTTOWN Author Barry B. Powell
ISBN-10 9781599262444
Release 2005-10-11
Pages 398
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I. The hero is born into an unhappy family; he has nightmares but loves the girl next door; a dog kills his pet duck; he is left alone on the big river, where a man had drowned; he frequents the upholstery repair shop of his grandpa Bill, the home of Bill and Gram, and the great house on the river; he falls into a trance in his father?s room beside the river; he learns to fish and to kill his catch; an evil aunt ruins his sister Tari?s playhouse; he loves little girls too much and too often; he has a vision while fishing for crawdads in the San Lorenzo River; he and his brother Seth learn of their father?s death, smothered in a pyramid of sand. II. Now ten years old, he takes up entomology; his disturbed mother?s pet pigeon is crushed in a door; he learns the truth about his philandering father; in high school he has a new friend in Frankie Lee; he murders prairie dogs with his father?s gun; he meets the mysterious Johnny Martin, a poet, in love with the hero; he faints in class while presenting the story of Leopold and Loeb. III. He wins a prize and meets Eisenhower; he works as forest firefighter and sees a man burn to death; Johnny Martin shows him around Berkeley. IV. At Berkeley he suffers from herpes simplex and meets strange characters; a Los Angelino seduces him; Frankie Lee joins him a sordid apartment; he falls in love and travels to Mexico, where he loses his way; he goes to Harvard but doesn?t like it and flees to Europe, hoping to marry the girl he loves, who is studying in Spain. V. When the girl rejects him, he takes a boat from Barcelona to Athens, where he lives near a whorehouse in Piraeus; he sells his blood to survive; he climbs Mount Olympus in a snow storm; he hitchhikes across Algeria just after the war of independence; he takes drugs in Tangiers. VI. Back in Berkeley, he finds Frankie Lee and visits old friends, including Johnny Martin; he has night visions; he meets Isis; he locates his brother, who has gone mad; he consorts with drug dealers and enjoys their products; the streets are alive with revolution; he insults his professors and he meets a woman who claims to be from another planet; he lives with hippies, some of them mad; he meets a strange man in a bourgeois house; he has a shattering vision in which he turns into light and briefly leaves the world. VII. With Isis he moves to the mountains in Arizona, where he raises a family; he corresponds with Frankie Lee, living in LA; he eats peyote and remembers the day his father died; he climbs in the wilderness and converses about his early youth; he travels in remote areas; with friends he climbs a volcano in the night and slipping on a glacier almost dies; he returns to his hometown to find his grandmother incapacitated, abused, and near death; his grandfather recalls his brother?s madness; he undergoes a minor operation, after which he suspects Isis of infidelity. IX. Ramses and Isis travel to Egypt, where they run up against Egyptian bureaucracy and attendant horrors; a Copt cheats them and takes their money; their hopes to see the mummies of the pharaohs come to naught. XI. Ramses learns of his brother-in-law?s suicide, shot through the heart; going to NYC to investigate, he learns that his sister Tari was with another man that night; living in Greece with his teenage son, Ramses visits Ithaca, where they search for the house of Odysseus; back in the states, Ramses learns of his brother?s whereabouts, missing for forty years; he visits him in a halfway house, a house of horror. XIII. Ramses feels intense pains in his abdomen and goes to the emergency room, where his colon bursts; they operate, but after terrible suffering he dies, remembering the vision of light he saw in his youth.

Feather Bower Spirit

Feather Bower Spirit Author Jenny Dixon
ISBN-10 9781452509839
Release 2013-05-24
Pages 150
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There is a moment in Miss Jay’s life when she stops looking at the world and starts truly seeing it. She begins to notice strange and miraculous things—gifts from the universe to one who would embrace them as an absolute truth. Birds and animals appear at significant moments, sharing wisdom and messages and allowing Miss Jay to understand how all life is connected. She forms special friendships with three very special birds: Bindi, a rainbow lorikeet with a feathered dot on her forehead; Kooky, a kookaburra with great spiritual insight; and Master Zen, the Magpie who holds shamanic energy and is connected to spiritual elders. Soon, the birds and animals reveal answers about truth, happiness, purpose, meaning, and even God. Miss Jay’s travels take her to the Red Centre of Australia to meet with the Grand Mother Rainbow Serpent at Uluru and to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. There, she discovers a Crystal Light City and makes a new friend—Hira the great humpback whale. Wise souls know that there is a need to balance the elements of earth, air, water, fire, and ether within our own Chakra systems, as well as around us. Isis, Osiris, and Horus appear and bring through words of encouragement and guidance. Why do all the animals seem to know about Miss Jay? What is her sacred mission? Who is Vargo? Friendships are rediscovered and bonds secured as they all work together to help Miss Jay find the answers to the biggest questions she’s ever asked.

The Trouble with Plants Tales of Trivia and Tribulation from an English Garden

The Trouble with Plants  Tales of Trivia and Tribulation from an English Garden Author Ian Shenton
ISBN-10 9781411685659
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 231
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The Trouble with Plants is unique. Out has gone the traditional recipe for a garden plant guide, plant directory or plant encyclopaedia of compiling a plant's cultural details into a dry and dusty list, decorating with a stock colour photograph, and repeating for 10,000 plants. Instead here's a book that pioneers a radical new recipe for each of maybe 200 popular plants from 100 or so genera. To a simple base of cultural details add the author's personal experience of growing them. Stir in a generous measure of trivia, either directly or peripherally connected to the name, folklore, history and usage of the genus. Spice with a dash of the author's own wry perspective, and serve in digestible portions. The result is destined to please the palate of most gardeners, and perhaps even some non-gardeners too.

Native American Tales and Legends

Native American Tales and Legends Author Allan A. Macfarlan
ISBN-10 9780486114316
Release 2012-03-05
Pages 176
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More than 30 stories, including creation myths, hero tales, trickster stories, as well as tales of little people, giants, and monsters, and of magic, enchantment, sorcery, and the spirit world.


Sambolt Author Joshua Rios
ISBN-10 9781622126170
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 108
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Sambolt is a special rabbit whose birth was not an ordinary one, nor is the life he leads or the place he calls home. In the wilderness of Sonochi, life and love are all that matters. Perhaps even more so, when death is so frequent and near. When Sambolt is chased far away from his home and tribe by hungry predators, he finds himself in a strange and unfamiliar place. Fortunately, he is found by another rabbit, Siindy, who becomes his beloved. While Sambolt lives with Siindy and her tribe in the forest, his family on the hill believe him dead. Meanwhile, unrest comes upon Sonochi, and Sambolt must return home to save the rabbits from destruction. He returns just in time to save his family, and also leads Siindy's tribe to the fabled land of their dreams. But before all can be well, hunters come, and Sambolt must risk it all to save his tribe. Sambolt is not only a story to be read and enjoyed, but a tribute to the wildlife and the gentler animals that must survive day in and day out in a vicious world. Joshua Rios was born in Hanford, California. As an only child, he sought imaginative ways to keep himself entertained.When he became older, he geared his imagination into writing, art, and music. His first novel expresses his love for nature and animals in the wild. He also contributes his faith in God into the story. Publisher's website: http: //

The Five Realms The Gift of Dark Hollow

The Five Realms  The Gift of Dark Hollow Author Kieran Larwood
ISBN-10 9780571328437
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 320
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The second book in this extraordinary series, in which Podkin discovers a skill for moonstriding - jumping in and out of the shadows with his new Gift - and makes new friends and allegiances on the way to becoming leader of rabbits. Simply unmissable.