The Dangerous Billionaire

The Dangerous Billionaire Author Jackie Ashenden
ISBN-10 9781250122803
Release 2017-05-02
Pages 432
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Money doesn't always change the man in The Dangerous Billionaire, a new standalone romance from Jackie Ashenden. Navy SEAL Sullivan "Van" Tate has been called home to reluctantly inherit an empire and finds himself facing the most difficult mission of all: love. "Sinfully sexy."--Opal Carew on Mine to Take Nothing about Sullivan "Van" Tate is what it seems. A Navy SEAL raised among the New York City elite, Van prefers heart-pounding action over a Wall Street corner office. But when his adoptive father dies and his business rivals move in to overtake his empire, Van must suit up to save the company and protect the one woman most forbidden to him...and the object of Van's most dangerous desires. Chloe Tate is as ambitious as she is gorgeous. With a newfound independence, Chloe is no longer a prisoner on her father’s ranch. But everything changes when losing her father may also mean losing her life. Even with her survival on the line, Chloe can’t deny the burning attraction she feels the moment she locks eyes with Van, her rich, rough and ready, foster brother and the new head of her father’s company. Tall, dark, and muscled, he's the one man who she has no business being with. But how can she resist a Navy Seal Warrior when he’ll do anything to protect her?

The Billionaire s Intern

The Billionaire s Intern Author Jackie Ashenden
ISBN-10 9781250136763
Release 2017-08-01
Pages 200
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An intensely sexy Billionaire Fairy Tales standalone novel by Jackie Ashenden that is billionaire romance meets Sleeping Beauty with a happily ever after. Lorenzo De Santis: Ruthless. Driven. Ambitious. Lorenzo De Santis is the boss. He's an uncompromising hardass, he doesn’t suffer fools, and he doesn’t have time to deal with witless young interns. But when an old friend asks for a favor, Lorenzo can’t refuse. Even if it means taking on the man’s daughter as a project. Kira Constantin: Rich. Party girl...Spy. Kira Constantin feels like she has been half-alive since that one night of partying ended in tragedy. So when her father demands that she go undercover at De Santis Corp as a spy, there’s no way she can refuse. She must redeem herself, even if that means dealing with a boss like of Lorenzo De Santis. Except neither of them counts on the forbidden heat that flares between them. As Kira and Lorenzo draw closer, spying on him becomes harder and harder. And then Kira discovers that the real villain might be closer to her than she thinks... Don't miss these standalone Billionaire Fairy Tales: The Billionaire's Virgin (Cinderella) The Billionaire Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

The Billionaire and the Mechanic

The Billionaire and the Mechanic Author Julian Guthrie
ISBN-10 9780802193315
Release 2013-06-04
Pages 304
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A Forbes Best Book of the Year The America’s Cup, first awarded in 1851, is the oldest trophy in international sports, and one of the most hotly contested. In 2000, Larry Ellison, co-founder and billionaire CEO of Oracle Corporation, decided to run for the coveted prize and found an unlikely partner in Norbert Bajurin, a car radiator mechanic who had recently been named Commodore of the blue collar Golden Gate Yacht Club. Julian Guthrie’s The Billionaire and the Mechanic tells the incredible story of the partnership between Larry and Norbert, their unsuccessful runs for the Cup in 2003 and 2007, and their victory in 2010. With unparalleled access to Ellison and his team, Guthrie takes readers inside the design and building process of these astonishing boats, and the management of the passionate athletes who race them. She traces the bitter rivalries between Oracle and their competitors, including Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli’s Team Alinghi, and throws readers into exhilarating races from Australia and New Zealand to Valencia, Spain. The Billionaire and the Mechanic is a must-read for anyone interested in the race or this remarkable story.

A Billionaire s Pleasure Detained A Dangerous Arrangement Mixing Business With Pleasure

A Billionaire s Pleasure Detained A Dangerous Arrangement Mixing Business With Pleasure Author Ainslie Paton
ISBN-10 9781489220059
Release 2016-08-05
Pages 650
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Detained — Ainslie Paton From one of Australia's hottest new authors comes a story about an international scandal, a billionaire, and a fearless reporter who might just save the day... Confined in a cold, dull room in the depths of a Shanghai airport, a journalist chasing a career break and a businessman with a shadowy past play a game of truth or dare — deliberately not exchanging names. They tell each other their most painful secrets and burning desires. One dare leads to a kiss and a wild night of illicit passion, setting off a dangerous sequence of events, bringing exposure and disgrace. Only the brutal truth can save them. But it will also rip them apart. And it will take more than daring before they can build a new truth together. A Dangerous Arrangement — Lee Christine Kicking off a brand new romantic suspense series from Lee Christine is A Dangerous Arrangement: a violinist with a secret, a billionaire with a problem and a race against time set on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. When violinist Marina Wentworth arrives in Venice en route to a cruise ship for a short working holiday, the last thing she expects is to be confronted by a handsome stranger demanding answers. After going to great lengths to keep her real reasons for the trip a secret, Marina refuses to let her immediate attraction to Dean Logan derail her plans. Desperate to recover his latest superyacht designs, Dean doesn’t want to believe the lovely violinist is involved in the devastating cyber-attack that threatens to destroy his yacht-building empire. However his growing feelings for Marina fail to extinguish the nagging suspicion that she is hiding something. Set against the backdrop of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Dean and Marina must navigate the dangerous waters of secrecy, attraction and the fusion of two very different worlds. Will their lives remain discordant, or will they take the chance at true harmony? Mixing Business With Pleasure — Bronwyn Stuart What’s a girl to do when she finds herself naked except for her stilettos and backed up against a cold mirror, stuck between a rock and a very hard man? Alison Marcum loves her baby brother and would do anything for him—until the day his loan sharks arrive on her doorstep and demand she pay them ten thousand dollars or else. With no way to repay the money, and not wanting to find out what they’re capable of, Alison transforms herself from boring social worker to smoking hot model—but getting work isn’t going to be the hard part for a woman who’d promised herself she’d never step in front of a camera again. Sam Mason is overseeing a jewellery advertising campaign, and after spending ten minutes in the boardroom with a nearly naked Alison, he decides he might actually enjoy the job. Strictly business, though. Sam’s been burned by a model before and no matter how attracted he is, there’s no way he’s getting involved. As the lies begin to unravel and the loan sharks get impatient, will they both risk it all to be together or lose it all in a bid not to repeat the past?

The Tycoon s Misunderstood Bride

The Tycoon s Misunderstood Bride Author Elizabeth Lennox
ISBN-10 9781940134185
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 149
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Emotionally abused all her life by a domineering father, Emma thought she might have a shot at happiness after his death. But then she heard the terms of his will! She must marry Jason Montenegro and give birth to a son. Only then would he give her the location of her mother – a woman who Emma thought had abandoned her at the age of five, only to find out that she had been fighting for custody all these years. Jason was livid that Emma’s father had information about his past and wouldn’t divulge the answer until he married Emma – a woman whose reputation was worse than his own. And he had to produce a child with this woman? So be it! He’d do anything to get that information, even marry a woman who had apparently slept with any man that crossed her path. But as he got to know the gentle beauty, he discovered that she was nothing like her father. She was kind and sweet, generous to a fault. And he was falling in love with his enemy’s daughter!

Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss Mills Boon Modern The Tenacious Tycoons Book 1

Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss  Mills   Boon Modern   The Tenacious Tycoons  Book 1 Author Jennifer Hayward
ISBN-10 9781472098719
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 192
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The ultimate forbidden attraction Francesca Masseria is mortified. On her first day working for renowned tycoon Harrison Grant, she accidentally hits the panic button and watches in horror as security puts her boss in handcuffs! Normally poised and efficient, Harrison’s enigmatic presence leaves Francesca flustered.

Dangerous Waters Complete Series

Dangerous Waters Complete Series Author Michelle Love
ISBN-10 1535520027
Release 2016-07-25
Pages 364
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A Billionaire Romance Boxed Set The Dangerous Waters Complete Series Channing Michaels, thirty-five-year-old billionaire, inherited a million dollars from his paternal grandfather, a man he never even knew. Channing grew up without a father, and his mother never told him who his father was. It came as a complete surprise when he was sent a letter from an attorney when he was twenty that he had inherited the money from the man who claimed to be his paternal grandfather. Channing's real father was not pleased with what his father had done. He wasn't about to claim Channing and the fact his father went behind his back and gave the young man some of his fortune was a thing that left Morgan Riley more than mad at his late father. . BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!

The Billionaire s Virgin

The Billionaire s Virgin Author Jackie Ashenden
ISBN-10 9781250136749
Release 2017-01-10
Pages 200
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An intensely sexy Billionaire Fairy Tales standalone romance by Jackie Ashenden where a billionaire, bad boy Prince Charming meets the woman who will rock his world. Xavier De Santis: Charming. Disgraced. Playboy. The headlines are always shouting about the excesses of the so-called Prince Charming of the De Santis family. Problem is, Xavier is everything they say he is. But now he’s gone too far, and he has has been ordered to clean up his image. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, Xavier sees a bright light amidst all the bleakness. An angel whose luminous face and tragic beauty call to him in ways he can’t explain. Mia: Homeless. Vulnerable. Virgin. When the shelter Mia calls home closes, she is left with nowhere to go. Nowhere except the luxurious, glorious palace of a home where Xavier De Santis has invited her to stay. This too-handsome billionaire is dark, dangerous...and also too good to be true. Surely Mia can indulge in her fantasies and escape the hardness of her daily life for just one night? As one night turns into two, Mia knows that eventually, the magic will end. She can't keep the beautiful clothes. She can't keep the soft bed. And most of all, she can't keep the hard, handsome man who makes her crave his touch with every breath she takes. Mia doesn't belong in his world. But as Xavier tempts his rags-to-riches heroine with exquisite pleasure and heady desire, Mia may have no choice but to surrender to him completely. Jackie Ashenden’s novels have been described as “Dark, explosive, and gritty, with a splash of dominance.” (Publishers Weekly, starred review on In Bed with the Billionaire) and The Billionaire’s Virgin delivers even more of that delicious combination. *An incredibly sexy billionaire romance meets a Cinderella retelling with an HEA. Don’t miss The Billionaire Beast.

Arrangement with a Billionaire

Arrangement with a Billionaire Author Mandy Rosko
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 361
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Payback. Power Struggles. Lust. Love? Isla King's family business was taken over by Calendri Corp, leaving her family in shambles. Now she's in Arturo Calendri's high rise office to beg for some mercy since he's the new CEO. His reputation as a bad boy doesn't scare her. Not much, anyway. When face to face with him, however, he reminds her of one tiny little detail that she might've forgotten. That time she told him off in her family's boutique. Oops... Arturo is holding all the cards and incredibly happy about it, and if Isla wants the family business back, she's going to have to agree to a little arrangement. Spend four weeks with him in his lonely mansion, being owned and claimed by him, or go home with nothing.

Billionaire Bear Part 3

Billionaire Bear Part 3 Author Cynthia Mendoza
ISBN-10 9781508068716
Release 2017-03-16
Pages 34
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A secret agent vacation to Italy gone wrong... The nail-biting conclusion to an exhilarating 4 Part the Prologue, Part 1, and Part 2 first to catch up on all the action! Things aren’t looking good for CIA agent Blair Eubanks after being captured by the Italian Werebear Mafia. Her only hope is that Alexei Azarov, the son of the leader of the Russian werebears and last she saw him, he was back with his gang and out of her life forever. But things get shaken up a bit when the Russians come to save the day after all. Will Alex end up getting killed in the crossfire? And even if he doesn’t, what will become of the two lovers now that their secrets are finally revealed to one another? There’s nothing more alpha than a powerful Russian billionaire bear shifter. Are you ready to try something a little more “alpha” than you’re used to?Grab your copy today!

No Regrets

No Regrets Author Liliana Rhodes
Release 2015-04-05
Pages 280
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That first day I saw you changed everything for me Life hasn't been easy for Deborah Hansen. With a pile of debt and college loans coming due, the twenty-five year old takes a job as a tailor in a fine department store. When tall, dark, and handsome "Mr. Sexy" walks into her department, Deborah decides to follow her new motto of living with no regrets. But William King isn't just any sexy man. Tortured by the dangerous secrets in his past, the elusive billionaire has rejected every relationship. But no matter how much he fights, he finds himself unable to resist Deborah’s charms. Will his secrets bring them closer or push Deborah away? CANYON COVE Playing Games (Cassie & Gabriel) FREE No Regrets (Deborah & Will) Second Chance (Tara & Mason) Hearts Collide (Jackie & Brent) Perfect Together (Becca & Gideon) billionaire romance, free romance, MMA romance, BBW romance

Christmas in the Billionaire s Bed

Christmas in the Billionaire s Bed Author Janice Maynard
ISBN-10 9781460343609
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 192
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'Tis the season for a steamy reunion from USA TODAY bestselling author Janice Maynard… Whatever possessed Emma Braithwaite to move to Silver Glen? She had no illusions that being in Aidan Kavanagh's hometown would reignite their love. But now that Aidan's returned for his brother's Christmas wedding, it's clear her explosive attraction to him has lost none of its power. She is the cool English beauty whose betrayal once shattered his heart. So Aidan's not looking for reconciliation—all he wants is Emma in his bed! Needless to say, Emma has other ideas; she's not settling for anything less than commitment this time… Be sure to read other scandalous stories from The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen series by Janice Maynard, only from Harlequin® Desire! A NOT-SO-INNNOCENT SEDUCTION BABY FOR KEEPS

The Billionaire Boyfriend Bargain

The Billionaire Boyfriend Bargain Author Kendra Little
Release 2015-01-30
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Sophie Mason needs money and she needs it fast. When both her jobs suddenly end and the thug her father owes money to demands payment, she turns to the one person who offered her a lifeline. The one person she's been avoiding ever since finding out he's a member of the family that screwed up her father's life. Ash Kavanagh, billionaire CEO and all round nice guy, needs a fake fiancée to help seal a contract, and he's asked Sophie to be the one. He's offering her big money and a wardrobe to die for. Hating that she's desperate enough to accept the bargain, and hating that she's falling for a Kavanagh, she tries her hardest to resist the even-tempered Ash. She must also keep their families' connection from being aired. But Ash doesn't turn out to be so nice when he learns what she's been keeping from him. By then it's too late. Sophie is in love with him and she's in way over her head.

Dangerous Secrets The Series

Dangerous Secrets   The Series Author Jessica Kelly
ISBN-10 9781508070528
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 269
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He’s a sexy billionaire. She’s the love of his life. But they’re about to uncover some very dangerous secrets that could destroy them both. When Kyle Montgomery gave up his pressure-packed billionaire businessman lifestyle, he thought everything was going to be perfect — including having the perfect woman in his bed. But little does he know that all of his billions have made him a target for evil people who will stop at nothing to get their way. This sexy billionaire’s dream life is about to turn into an action-packed adventure, with danger lurking around every corner — and the stakes get higher with every ugly secret that’s dragged out into the open. Kyle’s money won’t be able to save him from a landslide of suspense and surprises. Can he and his new love overcome it all? Or will these dangerous secrets destroy their lives forever? Dangerous Secrets - The Series will take you on a wild ride through three sexy suspense novels that reviewers say will “keep you reading and wanting more”. Get your copy of this thrilling box set today, and prepare for shocking twists and turns! All of the sexy books in this box set contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best for readers who are 18+. The Dangerous Secrets Series is one of several sexy suspense stories that revolve around Jessica Kelly’s hot family of billionaire bad boys, the Montgomerys. If you’re looking for more steamy Montgomery action, you’ll find it in: Billionaire Bad Boys - The Montgomerys A Sexy Mystery Series - The Box Set Steamy Island Romance - The Series Box Set Playing Dirty - The Series Dare Not - A Sexy Whodunit Mystery Game On - A Sexy Sports Scandal

Billionaire s Jet Set Babies The Nanny Bombshell

Billionaire s Jet Set Babies   The Nanny Bombshell Author Catherine Mann
ISBN-10 9781460383933
Release 2015-03-16
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Two fan-favorite stories of powerful men…wrapped around their babies' little fingers Billionaire's Jet Set Babies by Catherine Mann While cleaning a jet for entrepreneur Seth Jansen, Alexa Randall finds the strangest items: his one-year-old twins! Seth needs a temporary nanny; Alexa needs time for a one-on-one business pitch. So she says yes to an intimate stay on a lush Florida island—and yes to the man whose passion makes her question the choices she's made. The Nanny Bombshell by Michelle Celmer When Sierra Evans gave her twins up for adoption, she didn't expect tragedy to leave them in the care of their uncle, Coop Landon—a notorious playboy. Now Sierra will stop at nothing to protect her children—even if it means going undercover as the perfect nanny. But she doesn't expect the sizzling attraction that develops between her and Coop!

Having the Billionaire s Baby

Having the Billionaire s Baby Author Sandra Hyatt
ISBN-10 1426835663
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 192
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That business card couldn't be right. Callie Jamieson had just spent one impulsive, passionate night in the arms of the hottest, most irresistible stranger she'd ever met. And morning's light revealed her lover to be new PR client, billionaire Nick Brunicadi…. One sizzling night of passion, then she was gone. Undaunted, Nick was determined to find and have his fill of his mysterious seductress…a seductress, he discovered, who was carrying his heir!

Taken Over by the Billionaire

Taken Over by the Billionaire Author Miranda Lee
ISBN-10 9781460343500
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 192
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Driven to distraction… Hotshot entrepreneur Benjamin Da Silva is used to being in the driver's seat, but when he finds himself in need of a chauffeur, beautiful, straight-talking Jess Murphy proves that sometimes taking his foot off the pedal can be equally pleasurable! Jess isn't impressed by his wealth, but each glimpse in the rearview mirror has her aching to climb into the backseat and submit to Benjamin's every command. His recent takeover cost her her job, and she knows she should steer clear—so why can't she get off the collision course leading right toward Benjamin?