The Dragon s Path

The Dragon s Path Author Bob Mlynek
ISBN-10 1481821067
Release 2012-12-28
Pages 122
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Gentry was a simple baker who knew there was more to life but did not know what it was or how to get there. One day, a traveler came to town and told Gentry that he is seeking The Destination. However, the traveler provides a warning. The path to The Destination is guarded by dragons that only seek to take travelers off of the path. Armed with a scroll, a shield and a sword, Gentry sets out on his quest. As Gentry heads towards The Destination, he is expecting to face fierce dragons that he heard so many stories about growing up. He pictured himself doing battle with a large scaly beast. But what he found surprised him. The dragons were not the fire breathing animal he expected but much more deceiving. Gentry had to face each dragon before he can travel on towards The Destination or be sent back to the town as a failure. Each dragon, however, has a different name and affect on Gentry. He must use the wisdom he finds in the scroll in order to defeat each of the dragons. As we each travel the journey to success, we are often times side tracked by dragons of our own. Through this book and as you travel with Gentry, you will learn the secrets to defeating many of the common dragons that only seek to hold us back from reaching our destination.

The Dragon s Path

The Dragon s Path Author Daniel Abraham
ISBN-10 9780748126392
Release 2011-04-21
Pages 464
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The dragons are gone, the powerful magics that broke the world diluted to little more than parlour tricks, but the kingdoms of men remain and the great game of thrones goes on. Lords deploy armies and merchant caravans as their weapons, manoeuvring for wealth and influence. But a darker power is rising - an unlikely leader with an ancient ally threatens to unleash again the madness that destroyed the world once already. Only one man knows the truth and, from the shadows, must champion humanity. The world's fate stands on the edge of a Dagger, its future on the toss of a Coin . . .

Leviathan erwacht

Leviathan erwacht Author James Corey
ISBN-10 9783641076313
Release 2012-04-09
Pages 672
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Im Weltall gibt es kein Gesetz ... Die Menschheit hat das Sonnensystem kolonisiert. Auf dem Mond, dem Mars, im Asteroidengürtel und noch darüber hinaus gibt es Raumstationen und werden Rohstoffe abgebaut. Doch die Sterne sind den Menschen bisher verwehrt geblieben. Als der Kapitän eines kleinen Minenschiffs ein havariertes Schiff aufbringt, ahnt er nicht, welch gefährliches Geheimnis er in Händen hält – ein Geheimnis, das die Zukunft der ganzen menschlichen Zivilisation für immer verändern wird.

Path of Dragons

Path of Dragons Author Jason Nelson
ISBN-10 1500651370
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 28
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Dragons are amazing creatures, with an epic legacy throughout myth, legend, and RPGs, but when heroes rise to the heights of mythic power sometimes the dragons in your campaign are the ones running for cover. The mythic rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game offer an amazing toolkit for building exciting and amazing monsters, but the balance of power is still decidedly pro-PC. NO MORE! Path of Dragons from Legendary Games brings you nearly 70 new mythic abilities specially tailored for the scaly suzerains of monsterdom, including a host of abilities suitable for every kind of dragon, from clinging breath to impenetrable scales and from winged tempest to strafing breath. In addition to this array of abilities both offensive and defensive, Path of Dragons also brings you rules for new Dragon Paths: focused clusters of special abilities built around key themes of dragonhood, from a miser dragon's fool's gold, hoard crawlers, and jeweled coat to a tyrant dragon's mythic minion, imperious glare, and cult of the dragon! These Dragon Paths work in concert with existing mythic abilities and can be applied to any mythic dragon of any age, color, or species, because you just might need an cunning green dragon sibilant, a hulking white dragon titan, a brilliant blue dragon arcanius, a stoic silver dragon watcher, or a soaring brass dragon skylord. Good or evil, chromatic or metallic or something else, every dragon in your campaign will find something to smile about in Path of Dragons. Mythic dragons are great, but now it's time to Make Your Dragons Legendary! The Mythic Path series from Legendary Games looks to fill in the niches that are not quite served by the existing mythic paths, providing exciting new options for your mythic heroes and diabolical dirty tricks for your mythic villains, made by the same creative minds that helped build the mythic rules. Whether for heroes or villains, the abilities in these Mythic Paths offer a host of great new options for your mythic game, bringing fabulous flavor and imaginative mechanics with the standard of excellence in design that you've come to expect from Legendary Games. Pick up this 28-page supplement for today and Make Your Game Legendary!

The Dragon s Path

The Dragon s Path Author Donna Ruppert
ISBN-10 0897420144
Release 1979
Pages 58
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Forgetting his grandfather's warning not to stray off the path through the forest, Alexander is beguiled by a sweet smell and the sound of music that he follows to its source - a strange village where everyone seems continually happy.

The Raystone II Guardian of the Dragons

The Raystone II   Guardian of the Dragons Author C.L. Gristwood
ISBN-10 9780955978524
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The Raystone II Guardian of the Dragons has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Raystone II Guardian of the Dragons also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Raystone II Guardian of the Dragons book for free.

Das Lied des Eisdrachen

Das Lied des Eisdrachen Author George R.R. Martin
ISBN-10 9783641201241
Release 2016-06-30
Pages 128
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Ein Drache, der die Herzen der jungen Fantasy-Leser im Sturm erobern wird! Adara ist ein Winterkind, geboren in der eisigsten Nacht seit Menschengedenken. Und Adara ist anders: Sie liebt die Kälte, das Eis, die Stille. Ihr einziger Freund ist ein kristallblauer Drache, der sie winters besucht. Als eines Tages feindliche Drachenkämpfer Adaras Heimat bedrohen, ist es die Freundschaft zwischen Winterkind und Eisdrachen, die das Leben ihrer Familie rettet ... • Vom Großmeister der Fantasy und Schöpfer der preisgekrönten Saga „Das Lied von Eis und Feuer“ • Märchenhaft illustriert • Eine Geschichte über Freundschaft, Loyalität und Tapferkeit Der Titel ist unter dem Namen "Adara und der Eisdrache" bereits im Taschenbuch erschienen.

Lake of Dragons

Lake of Dragons Author Mike Reynolds
ISBN-10 9781463498863
Release 2005-06-09
Pages 360
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On Ouloos, a planet very similar to our own, there lives a young lad who has been trained as a warrior since he was big enough to lift a sword. The lad is Maelich and he is the star of a prophecy that he doesn’t understand. On his twelfth birthday, he and his mentor, Ymitoth, are attacked by a pack of amatilazo and his life is changed forever. He is abandoned and must find his path on his own. Maelich embarks on a journey to find truth. What he discovers is that his training is not complete and he must journey on to one greater than the man he called father. He learns that his natural father was not a man but a lake, the Lake of Dragons, the origin of all evil. He learns of the prophecy and his role. He is taught the art of controlling dragon’s fire and sent on his path to kill the last dragon and fulfill the prophecy. Along the way however, he encounters many that would challenge his beliefs and the true nature of his role on Ouloos. Maelich battles his way to the dragon. By the time he reaches his destination, he is completely unsure of his path. What is truth? Everyone he has encountered has told him to trust his heart but there is too much in his head for his heart to be heard. Still he must choose. One path leads to salvation for Ouloos, the other oblivion. Lake of Dragons is a fast paced adventure fantasy packed with thrills and surprises that will keep you guessing until the end. Fasten your seat belt before you open this book.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons Author Philip Purser
ISBN-10 9780793843619
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 170
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Learn everything you need to know about Bearded Dragons, including detailed information on grooming and handling. This book also contains information on keeping and breeding Lawsons Dragon.


Drachensieg Author Naomi Novik
ISBN-10 9783641199005
Release 2017-03-27
Pages 512
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Ein furchtloser Feuerreiter und sein Drache treten Napoleon entgegen: Die letzte Schlacht um die Freiheit beginnt! Der Russland-Feldzug war für Napoleons Armee vernichtend. Doch auch die Russen und ihre Verbündeten wurden stark geschwächt. Kapitän Will Laurence und sein Drache Temeraire verfolgen die Überreste der französischen Armee zurück nach Westen. Dennoch gelingt es Napoleon, unversehrt nach Paris zurückzukehren. Und es kommt noch Schlimmer für Temeraire, denn die Franzosen haben sein Ei gestohlen! Nun heißt es handeln oder sterben, denn die Freunde müssen nicht nur Temeraires Nachkommen retten, sondern endlich auch Napoleon stoppen ...

Dragons of the Smoking Mountain

Dragons of the Smoking Mountain Author Donna Louise
ISBN-10 9781491706985
Release 2013-09-23
Pages 300
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In a world where dragons rule the skies while people claim the land, the dragon population is dwindling fast, thanks to hunters. Inside the safety of nesting caves, where magic spells keep strangers away, eggs hold dragons who will one day hatch, grow, and make the long journey to Smoking Mountain to join the dragon society. Odessa, a little bronze dragon, grows quickly while practicing his flying skills—until the day he unwittingly endangers the rest of the dragons. He is asked to leave immediately and reluctantly heads south. But he becomes lost and decides to return home and hide deep within a nesting cave. As he remains concealed for years, Odessa comes to accept his solitary existence without any idea that the dragons, fearing extinction, have decided to trust people with the fate of their young. Three teens are chosen to accompany the latest hatchlings to Smoking Mountain to protect them from hunters. This sets in motion a chain of events that prompts Odessa to reveal himself and embark on a dangerous quest with a young dragon friend to find fairies who disappeared hundreds of years ago. In this charming fantasy, two dragons must rely on their ingenuity and instincts to find the fairies before the nets come down and change their lives forever.

Guide to the Dragons

Guide to the Dragons Author Cordelia Evans
ISBN-10 9781481425681
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 24
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Provides a guide to ten of the dragons in Hiccup's world, through individual profiles with information about speed, wingspan, size, and other attributes, including the glowing flightmare and the quick speed stinger.

The Path of The Red Dragon

The Path of The Red Dragon Author Theresa M. Moore
ISBN-10 9781938752360
Release 2017-03-22
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A novel of martial arts adventure, science fiction and alien vampires. In 1984, a reporter's assignment to cover the war between the dragon tongs in Chinatown leads him on a journey to hell when he discovers that nothing is as it appears. When he investigates the murder of a loved one, he must forge an uneasy alliance with the Red Dragon tong and learns that he is more than human. But the tide of fortune turns against him when he is captured by the leader of the Black Dragons. In order to win his freedom, he must fight in the arena to save the woman he loves. The Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series is the epic saga of the Xosan, alien vampires from the planet Antellus; who were once human but were transformed by a dragon's blood millions of years ago. The Xosan had visited Earth several times in history, their influence on humanity giving rise to the vampire legend. Over time some of them were marooned on Earth and made their lives in secret among the humans, changing the lives of those who were fated to become heroes in their own time. Each stand alone novel is epic adventure, science fiction, myth and history, romance, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the common theme of the vampire as hero.


Dragons Author Jim Razzi
ISBN-10 0553152424
Release 1984
Pages 54
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An adventure story of dragon hunting with choices to be made by the readers.

The Dragons Mantle

The Dragons  Mantle Author Tracy Doherty
ISBN-10 9781462874187
Release 2011-05-19
Pages 56
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Into our world comes a much-needed story. Our world is such, that all of our futures depend on all of the children in it. In this world, the fear and hate of the past are the biggest stumbling blocks to a future that we can’t yet see. Here comes a story that shows that by choosing life over death, and trust over fear we can create a new future that we all can live in together. A little girl and a purple dragon come to realize that the future is alive and that the past is dead. To survive, they will have to trust in each other. This story is for all those in our world who know that only by choosing life for everyone will there be a future for anyone.

Colton s Pocket Dragon

Colton s Pocket Dragon Author Rebecca Massey
ISBN-10 9781481776851
Release 2013-07
Pages 40
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Colton is a ten-year-old boy who finds an egg that he keeps safe and warm until one day it hatches, revealing a baby dragon. Join Colton and his pocket dragon as they go off on flying adventures. Together they will find and save Iggy the bigfoot, Skylar the dinosaur, Tansy the abdominal snowman, meeting Santa Claus and Bernie the orangutan. They will explore a haunted house and encounter the Master Dragon. Together they will find tree monsters, snow monsters, gargoyles, wolves, snakegons, ghosts, and a gigantic mole. Come tag along with Colton and his pocket dragon on their adventures.

13 Day War

13 Day War Author Richard S. Tuttle
Release 2008
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Massive Federation armies invade Alcea through magical portals seeking to devastate the entire continent. Out-numbered four to one, the Alceans grimly prepare for the bloody conflict, but victory on the battlefield is not good enough for young King Arik. Knowing that the Great Demon has initiated the war between the two countries solely to provide a million tears to fulfill an ancient prophecy, King Arik demands that the Knights of Alcea spare as many of the enemy soldiers as they can. While defeat on the battlefield means death for the Alceans, a victory that allows the Great Demon to fulfill the ancient prophecy will mean eternal servitude to Alutar.